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I wish I had *normal* parents. Instead I have these strange people that apparently I'm related to.

I was meant to meet them for dinner tonight at a local club to celebrate my mother's birthday tomorrow. We were meant to meet at 6. So I turn up at three minutes past six, and wait. And wait. And wait. Half past six comes round and I get this phone call from a mystery mobile. It's my mother. They've been at the club waiting since quarter past five. So she comes down and I sign into the club. But as it turns out, they've not only been there for well over an hour, but they've also started their meal. This was too much for me. Who in their right mind starts a meal at a restaurant without all the guests, when they know they're coming? And then, rather than coming with me to order my meal, she just says "go get your meal, we're on table 42". OK well this was the last straw. I may have been talked into staying until then, but as it was, I felt like I'd been abandoned, and I certainly didn't want to share a meal with these people, I was too upset.

See, now any *normal* person would have called to let me know they'd arrived early at the club (I wasn't far away, I could have been there shortly afterwards). Any *normal* person would have come to meet me at the agreed time in the only place we've ever met before. Any *normal* person would have waited for their guests to arrive before going and ordering their meal.

I am so pissed off >:( Two hours of my life wasted. What a suck way to end the weekend. And a pity because generally the rest of it was great. Even saw me little brother's new house down the 'Gong.

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Just trying to traceroute to as they left a rather rude message in my blog. Doesn't seem to want to go though.

Got home late.. v.tired.. too much stoopid support mail
had a thoroughly suck day with notes, windoze, central server issues..
1 minute of today left to go

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