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Nightfest in Pictures

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So last night we met up with Nat and Andrew and went to Floriade Nightfest.

I've never been before so I didn't know what to expect.  I imagined more of a light show, with flowers being light up by coloured lights or fairy lights or something.  So in that sense I was a little disappointed, as there wasn't really much of that.  But there were some pretty things and we ended up staying til after 10pm.  

Of course the first problem was getting in.  The tickets said 6:30pm, so that's when we arrived.  As did everyone else who had a ticket.  So all these people started crowding around and it was all a bit unorganised cause people didn't know if there were two different queues for people with or without tickets or what.  Took about twenty minutes to get through the gates.  I think if we were going to do it again we'd turn up at 7pm and be done with it.  But don't really think it was worth the $20 to do it again.

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Japan Day 4

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If anyone's interested I've put photos up for Day 4 of our Japan trip.

Mt Rogers walk

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Saw quite a few birds, and plenty of very green scenery, but the best part was almost treading on a bearded dragon.  Not the treading on bit.  But seeing one.  Cause it was just very cool :)

Belconnen from Mt Rogers

View from Mt Rogers

Little birds

Little bird

Little bird

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragon



Quick Snap - Up

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Looking UP through our cherry blossom tree yesterday

Quick Snap - Up
As seen at Fiona's.  See others.

Spring has Sprung

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Ok so this first photo was actually taken in winter... Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games!!

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games!
It was such a glorious day I made Stu go for a walk with me..

Captured a magpie taking off
Magpie in flight
Some wattle up close
Some cherry? plum? blossoms.. I dunno, one of those stone fruits :)

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