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Pretty sure this is a White Plumed Honeyeater - cute huh?

White Plumed Honeyeater

Altho really most of them were all on the one day..

First up, we have the Immigration Red Nose..

Immigration red nose
Before going to see Harry Potter (since it was a 9:30 movie and we weren't going to spend all that time having dinner), we dropped into the Wig and Pen to try some of their winter beers.  On the left is the Russian Imperial Stout, and on the right the Spies'd

Wig and Pen beers
Next it was off to Shogun Japanese restaurant for dinner.  It was pretty good!

Shogun dinner
Then we went for a wander around Civic

Civic trees
Civic UFO
And back to the Canberra Centre

Canberra Centre
Stu contemplating the gym..? :)
Stu contemplating the gym
Captured some ghosts outside the Dendy

Dendy ghosts
Dendy ghosts
This kid had a broomstick.. although perhaps not your traditional broomstick!

This morning Mt Ainslie was missing for a good chunk of the morning..

Mt Ainslie is missing!
And finally the fondue candle and Hedwig

Hedwig candle

Tonight Windy and I went on a mission to photograph Black Mountain Tower in different colours.  We mostly succeeded.  Windy was more successful than me tho... oh well.... 

Blue tower Pink tower
Green tower Red tower
I took some photos of stars too, here's the Southern Cross (on its side :) )
Sideways Southern Cross
And then we went up Mt Ainslie
View from Mt Ainslie at night
View from Mt Ainslie at night
View from Mt Ainslie at night

We were going to get up close to the tower next, but of course we didn't realise that the lights all turn off at 10pm - doh!  So just came home.

More macro!

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This arvo I had another play with the macro lenses, this time being a little more systematic and writing everything down as I went.

Took fourteen rounds of photos of four objects using some of the different combinations of macro lenses and zoom settings on my camera.  I've just included the extremes here.

The first round shown here is about the best my camera can do with macro photos by itself.  Photos are simply resized to show how much of the frame they fill.  The zoom is about "50mm" (equivalent).

Macro Macro Macro Macro
The next four are the far extreme - the macro lens, the 4+, the 2+ and the 1+, and zoomed to about 100mm equivalent.  The depth of field here is about as shallow as you can get, and the camera had to be within a certain distance range or it just wouldn't focus at all.  Again, just resized for comparison.

Macro Macro Macro Macro
And here's a cropped version of a couple of them, actual pixel size...
Macro Macro
Because of the distortion with all the additional lenses attached, I think I'd just use the "macro" and "4+" ones in combination if I was going to do general macro photography.  You don't get a whole lot extra by adding the other two, and it does weigh the camera down somewhat.

Fun fun :)


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The other day on a whim, I bought a set of macro lenses for my camera.  This morning I finally got around to having a play.  Of course I should have written down which lenses I used for each shot, for future reference and all .. But anyways, here's some of the results:

Pretty funky!  
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