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13 hour day..

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It ended up being a 13 hour day.. not fun.. and still didn't get anywhere near enough done :(

And then I get home very late and just want to go to bed.  But instead I compiled some photos...

A water lily at Nat and Andrew's..


La Trappe Quadrupel beer that Stu got the other week.  It was really nice.

La Trappe Quadrupel

The salad and lasagna the Nattos made on Sunday..

Nattos' salad

Nattos' lasagna

And finally, sunrise this morning..

Canberra sunrise

Other photos I found

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Here's a few more from 2007..

The Hogwarts logo mosaic in pieces.  If anyone actually cares I'll publish the counts of all the pieces I used..

Hogwarts in bits

A spider that terrorised me by just being..

Laser spider

A penny farthing at church..

Penny farthing

Front Mushrooms

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I found this photo of mushrooms in my "to be uploaded" folder for my blog.  And couldn't remember taking it, or what the "front" could be - as we don't have bark like that out the front of here.  So was looking through December photos trying to find it.

Then realised it was December 2007.



Abstract Art

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Abstract art

Abstract art

Abstract art

Abstract art

Abstract art

Abstract art

Abstract art

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