Day 13 - Friday 21 December - Transatlantic Crossing Day 6

Woke up early, as per usual, but didn't bother to get up and continue documenting the ship. Just lay there not sleeping. Yay.

At 7:30 (when the laundrette "opens") I went to see about putting on some washing, but of course all the machines were in use already weren't they?

Blogged, breakfast.

Sunrise from our balcony
Sunrise from our balcony

Sunrise from our balcony
Sunrise from our balcony

Did a bit of the new jigsaw (of Polperro).

At 10:00 was Seth Gopin's last talk on skyscrapers - The Chic New York Skyscrapers of Today: Green and Lean.

Did the jigsaw some more.

At 12:15 was a talk by a journalist Bryher Scudamore about con artists and scams, which was ok but nothing really new.

Found the sweetie and had some lunch.

At 14:00 was Bill Miller's last talk - Gateway to the World: The Great Port of New York. The silly thing is a lot of it mirrored Seth Gopin's talks on New York skyscrapers hehe.

<<Jetlag-induced ranty paragraph about people snipped>>


At 16:30 we watched Ready Player One, which was a bit of fun. I got plenty of the pop culture references, but I'm sure there was heaps I didn't. Be fun to read the IMDB entry for its references. Some of them are there for only fractions of seconds (eg a gremlin!).

The sweetie didn't want to go to fancy dinner, so we ended up going to the pub for beer and trivia and had a light dinner in Kings Court.

Stu in the Golden Lion Pub
Stu in the Golden Lion Pub