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Australia Lego Mosaic

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Well after three nights we have it... my latest Lego creation..

Australia Lego Mosaic

It used up pretty much all of my blue pieces.  That was why I put the whale and the compass rose there - to try and fill up the space with something other than blue.  I was going to put something in the top right corner but nothing worked.

The picture of Australia was from Google Earth.  The whale and the compass rose were heavily modified from Google image searches - it's tricky working with so few pixels!

Bigger version on conspiracy.


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Half the reason I'm back into Lego mosaicing at the moment is because of Eric Harshbarger (whose site I recently visited again from a link I have on one of my homepages).  Seriously, the dude is my hero. 

He's also the reason I discovered Mazaika.  The last time I used Mazaika I only had 11000 photos that I gave it to index.  Five years later and I could easily give it nearly 100000 photos!  (although some of those would be repeats due to resizing). 

So anyway it's busy indexing.

Worked some more on the Lego mosaic tonight, and may have finished the bulk of the coloured bit, but Grant and Jen came over to pick up the work phone, so Grant and Stu went and had cigars out the back. 
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