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12 Kilos

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Can I just say right now, that Dave rocks. Without him, this 12 kilos of Lego would have cost me $150AUD more than it did...

12 kilos

Can't wait til the weekend.... ;)

My going away present for my last job was some cash to put towards some Lego. One of the Lego things I got was the the third Hogwarts Castle. I finally had some time today to put it together.

Lego Hogwarts Castle version 3

Lego Hogwarts Castle version 3

There were a couple of funky new things. One of them was a Speckled Black-Silver Halberd (I've not seen that colour pattern before), and a "Wave Angular (Electric Zig Zag, Castle Magic Spark) with Marbled Trans-Purple Pattern", which is new this year to Lego.

New Lego stuff

And another new thing is minifig hands with fingers!! Apparently only on the Hagrid minifig, but cool nonetheless.

Hagrid's Lego minifig fingers

Umbridge up close..

Lego Umbridge

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