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A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have all my Harry Potter lego out, with the logo mosaic, so I could photograph it and put it all away again. Well yesterday I finished building them all, but needed somewhere to lay it all out. Last night I finished clearing my study floor.

Study floor cleared

This morning I vacuumed, and laid out the train tracks. I connected the tracks up to mains and with a bit of fiddling managed to get the train moving. I've never had an electric set before, and even with this set, I'd never gotten it going the first time around because I bought the set from Germany and it had a European power plug. I didn't get a converter until after I'd already put it away the first time.

There are actually three copies of the Hogwarts Express. Only the third one is motorised and designed for tracks. The wheels on the other sets are fixed and so don't work on the curvy rails. So I got some wheels and mountings for them off Bricklink and so now I have an engine with three carriages - very cool!

Hogwarts Express in motion

Then I brought in the rest of the sets from the living room where I'd dumped them while i was building them.

And laid the whole lot out.....

Harry Potter lego collection

These are the "London end" sets -

London end

These are the castle sets -

Hogwarts sets

And the grounds/lake/Hogsmeade sets -

Grounds and Hogsmeade

Then I had fun with some closeups....

Hagrid in his hut




Snape! Snape! ohhhh it's a Snape...

Harry riding Buckbeak

The next time Stu is in town, I'll get him to help me move the mosaic and photograph the whole lot together (will post an update then)

All my Harry Potter lego, with the Hogwarts logo lego mosaic

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