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Birthday present

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The sweetie (after a couple of hints and a reminder) got me this for me birthday .. 

Then he found this .. because it's actually really hard!!

And prolly doing some wandering soon


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Inception Friday night went with the sweetie to see Inception.

The 6:30 session had "few" so got tickets for the 9:30 one.  And then went and spent $300 at JB Hifi on memory sticks and the like (got a $50 discount by asking - win!!).  Then had a couple of pints at The Phoenix, and had Sizzle Bento for dinner, but it was quite late (about 8:45) so the hot dishes were mostly cold - doh!


I had absolutely no clue what Inception was about, other than it had Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in it, and it was complicated enough for someone to create this graphic..

So generally I could keep up with it, although had to get clarification on a few points from Stu at the end ;)

So yeah, very well done, quite enjoyed it.  It's like two and a half hours long, and I was a little worried about my bladder (note to self: leave a big enough gap between two pints of beer and going to see a movie!), but didn't feel the need to look at my watch.. :)
Have had a bit too much life going on this week to be up to blogging much .. things are not likely to settle down for a little while yet either!
Friday night, somewhat later than usual (7pm), we headed down to the coast.  Stopped in at the Scottish Restaurant for dessert (maltesers sundaes - yummm).  The place was bogan central though ..

Maltesers Sundae
Arrived at the house probably a bit before 10pm.  I was almost asleep at this point, have spent the better half of the afternoon drinking at a work party.  But Dave arrived we decided to heat up the spa, so had a couple of beers while playing Flight Control HD!! I really need a lot more practise at that game!  And no, I'm not going to spend ~$700 on one! Spa'ed til quite late.

Saturday morning I had a long sleepin (til 10:30!!) and had a leftover slice of pizza for breakfast.  Started one of the house's 750-piece jigsaws while enjoying the view.  (and Dave put on Queen at Wembley so was singing along to that :):) )

View from the house
Went for a walk down to the shops to get a paper.

Malua Bay
In the afternoon we experimented putting up a couple of Dave's tents to see which one he thought would be better to take away on his next bike trip.  He decided this one (even though it's bigger and a bit better) is too much of a pain for one person to put up and take down.

Later on, Stu and I went for a walk by ourselves along the cliffs and back along the rocks.

Stu taking a video
Waves splashing
The sweetie
Mother of Pearl shell
Came back and we opened the Stone's Green Ginger Wine (which Dave had decided he should get me to try on a previous trip), and I finished off the jigsaw.  Also had a go at hooking up the camera to the Eee PC, but was quite frustrated that the computer wouldn't see it :(

Stone's Green Ginger Wine
Then we headed into Batemans Bay to find some dinner.  We liked the look of Barkala Tapas bar, so went in there.  We got the $35 banquet which was five courses, as well as some champagne (as you do).  There was some foccacia style bread and a dip, then a tartare (salmon) dish, then a duck salad (which was pretty awesome), then beef cheek (sooo tender!) and a mushroom dish (probably my favourite - soo tasty!).  Yum yum yum :)  Enjoyed it :)

Barkala Kitchen and Bar
Then stayed in the spa the latest I've ever stayed in.. oops.. :)  Love that spa :)  Even though I was well and truly a prune at the end of it heh.

This morning had another long sleep in.  Had a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast and sat with binoculars looking out at the ocean.  

Had a go at connecting the camera to Stu's laptop and that worked, and then suddenly realised that the Eee PC has an SD card reader! Win!!

Spent quite a bit of time on the crosswords, then tidied up and came home..

Rain and clouds
All in all, apart from probably a little too much alcohol last night, had a very relaxing weekend away :)
Just a few photos that were floating around waiting to be blogged..

3mm thick ice on the pool
3mm thick ice on the pool
The breakfast gang
Breakfast gang
Mt Rogers view
Mount Rogers view
Kookaburra on a lamp post
Kookaburra on a lamp post
Galahs having a shower in the rain
Galahs having a shower


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So we went into town yesterday to have brunch, get Stu a haircut, buy me some replacement ratchet straps for my roller blades.

And we accidently bought ourselves new toys.

That is to say, we had intended to get Stu a video camera.  I hadn't quite intended to buy a camera for myself.  That is, I'd been thinking about it, but hadn't fully decided what to get.  So it wasn't as fully researched as I'd have liked it to have been.  

So the new toy.  A Canon 500D with an 18-135mm lens (28-200mm equivalent) - which is pretty much what I had with the Sony.  The idea of having to continually change lenses while travelling still puts me right off - one of the big reasons I went with the Sony last time.  So this lens is a decent compromise. 

Canon 500D

If anything the focus is a little soft, but still possibly clearer than the Sony.  Certainly the colours are better and less chromatic aberration.  I gave it a bit of a workout today at the Lego Brick Expo at Woden.  Generally did fairly well.  

One disadvantage of using a real viewfinder is that it doesn't give you a guestimate of the exposure.  With the Sony you could get a pretty good idea of how the photo would turn out even before you took it.  No such luxury with the Canon (except maybe with the live view thingie).. gonna be a bit of trial and error methinks.

The image stablising is pretty nifty though and seems to work fairly well.

So this is the fifth real camera I have owned.

My first was a Ricoh film camera I got for Christmas in 1991.  It was a great little camera and took quite decent pictures.  Unfortunately it was stolen along with my bag in 1996, along with half a roll of undeveloped film that included such events as my birthday outing to Phantom of the Opera.

First photo on my Ricoh
My second camera was a Hyundai.  Yes I know.  I was in an altered mental state the day I bought it, having been told off by someone previously.  So I wasn't thinking clearly and was sucked in by the sales guy on the day.  Stoopid stoopid stoopid.  This camera was very average, but I used it up until I got my first digital camera.  Pretty sure the first photo on it was of my brand new second hand (and first) car.  Ended up giving it away on Freecycle some years ago.

First photo on my Hyundai
My third camera was my first digital camera - an Olympus C-900 zoom.  My Uncle Graham bought it for me in Singapore for ~$1500.  This was a fantastic camera.  1.3 megapix, 3x optical zoom.  I used it for five years and was totally happy with it.  The main problem with it was not having any control over exposure settings, so it didn't do well with the colouring in sunsets etc.  Loved this camera, still have it stored away.

First photo on my Olympus
My fourth camera was my Sony DSC-F828.  OK I really *really* loved this camera.  ~58500 photos taken on it.  Three overseas holidays.  8 megapix, which was ahead of its time (I got it in 2004 and it was several years before 8mp camera became the norm).  One of the best features of this camera was its ability to bend the camera body, which made taking photos from waist height, and over the head, extremelly easy.  I am going to miss that sorely.  Really the only reason I'm upgrading at all is for better photos in low light.

First photo on my Sony
Technically "random camera" is Stu's camera.  I bought it for him for Christmas in 2005.  It's also a great little camera, that's pretty easy to hold onto and take photos of "random" stuff when just walking around - it was used in Japan a lot this way.

First photo on Stu's Sony
Not sure if the iPhone counts as a camera, but I do take quite a lot of photos on it (it somehow seems more socially acceptable to pull out a phone than a thumping big black camera).

First photo on my iPhone
And finally the 500D.  Still only about a third of the way through reading the manual.  Still have a lot to figure out how it actually works and how I can get the best results out of it....

First photo on my Canon

65 years

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Hiroshima, 65 years on

Europe panoramas

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Tonight I blogged my Europe honeymoon panoramas - check them out!

I think these three are my favourites :)

Austrian Alps
Austrian Alps

F├╝ssen area from Tegelberg

German and Austrian Alps from Tegelberg
German and Austrian Alps from Tegelberg

Painter panorama

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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Microsoft Image Composite Editor?

Mt Painter Panorama
(went for a drive and a walk at lunch time today)


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Continuing our UK planning.  Have Japan and first half of London hotels and car hire booked.

Looked up a few bits and pieces tonight.

Hardest bit now will be deciding what we'll need to cut out, cause we won't have time for everything.

I so want to do this (but probably not all on one day).

Wet weekend

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Did absolutely no UK planning this weekend.  The closest I came to UK planning was trying to watch Harry Potter (1) to take screen shots of places I want to go to next month.  Except my computer won't play commercial DVDs anymore.  I'm guessing it's some kind of Winblows 7 failness that's blocking commercial DVDs (I can play DVDs I've burnt myself without any problems).  So got quite depressed about the whole thing last night.

Other than that.  Went and saw Not the Messiah yesterday.  Created panoramas.  Did a big tidy up of the piles of paper on top of our filing cabinet.  Panicked because I thought we'd poisoned the neighbour's goat yesterday.  Sorted out the previous house owner's mail that we still get (some SPAM to be RTS, some to take direct to outlets to change addresses, some to drop off at their new house).  Did our food shopping.  Vacuumed behind the bed (1.5 years of accumulated dust - ewwwwww!!).  Cooked a beef stroganoff.  

So sitting here waiting for dinner to be ready and enjoying the shiraz we needed for the stroganoff.  

Also enjoying our lovely cosy house on such a wet and miserable Sunday (which I should point out started off absolutely gloriously!!) :)
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