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My Sunday

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So Sunday the little brother was here in the morning.  We did a Bunnings run and picked up some bits and pieces, including some hooks to hang my Lego mosaics.  Have I ever mentioned my little brother rocks?

Lego hanging
Although he did want to take a pic of me being excited.. :)

Kazza excited
After David left we went for lunch at Fortune Box, then on to Scott and Kerry's to drop off a battery recharger.  And just hung out there for a while.  

Then did our shopping on the way home including some stuff to roast.  When Nat saw my tweet about dinner she said nom nom nom, so invited them over :)  It was indeed epic nom (roast lamb, potato bake and veggie roast).  

Then they played with my bucky magnets for ages.

Bucky magnets
Bucky magnets

And then we played all 32 Mario Kart races, and Nat did a round of mirror mode.  

Very late night though.. oops..

Bit too late

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Bit too late to post tonight, will post today tomorrow.

My Saturday

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So the little brother turned up late last night, and we stayed up well into the morning doing a jigsaw.  Finished it today.

Gummy guppies jigsaw
Then while Stu went out for a swim, I put up the Christmas tree and lights

Christmas tree, 2009
I also called Hardly Normal to see if they had the Claremont buffet on special.  On the occasions we've been there before they had it for sale for $1399.  Their price today?  $1350.  Sorry, not worth a trip to Fyshwick for that.  When it's under $1000 we'll talk.  

The sweetie cooked some pasta for dinner while I watched Ratatouille.  And I ate most of the rest of the parmesan cheese, cause it's so nommm :)  

Was amused to see the star out in the cherry tree..

Cherry star light
11pm.  The little brother is on the booze train to Tarago tonight.  We might see him later.  Although the sweetie is staying up to watch Slaughterhouse Five, so I might wander off to bed...


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So watching Die Hard 4.0 tonight, which I've not seen before.  And they're at the FBI building.  And I'm all .. hey I was there this Black Friday .. nine years ago! :)  It wasn't open because of the Thanksgiving Day long weekend, so I didn't get to have a tour.  Oh well..

Blah x2

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ok I think I've had more than my fair share of blah this week.  Just worn out.  Didn't even feel like drinking much tonight.  Maybe I'll just declare this week a failure and do something fun but unimportant tomorrow...

Inspired by XKCD..

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Crazy to think a game dated 1991 still works in Windows 7 :)

But there is no escape.. you can outrun the first one, but another will come along and grab you anyway..


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Epic blah.

Can I go home now?

Dinners and stuff

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Last night Libby came over for drinks, Europe photos, a good long swim, and dinner.  Was a very pleasant evening.  Discovered that our small wine glasses float very nicely in the pool :)

Tonight I cooked a potato bake and a tomato bake.  The tomato bake is one of our new favourite recipes at the moment.  Next time I make it I'll document it properly, because it's stoopidly easy and is totally delicious.

Potato and tomato bakes
And a note to self:  painkillers on an empty stomach aren't good at the best of times, but when you can *hear* them sizzling away in your stomach, nausea is sure to follow soon after.. hrmmm

Farmer Boy

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Finished the third "Little House" book today - Farmer Boy.  This one tells the story of Almanzo Wilder, who Laura from the other books goes on to marry.  The family was from New York state, farmers, and evidently relatively rich.  It was quite a contrast from Laura's life on the prairie where the family barely had anything to his life where they had a big farm and lots of animals and all kinds of food to eat.  

Quite enjoyed the book.  Again, the stories give a great insight to American (kids) life in the 1860s.

More bucky!!

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Spent entirely too much time today playing with my bucky magnets :)

But hey, it was hot, and didn't feel like doing much else...

ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
Other than that, caught up on some news feeds, did the shopping, did a bit of house tidying etc.


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So my ThinkGeek package arrived today.  


Yes it got here in three and a half days.  So I would have been happier if I'd paid half the postage and had it take twice as long to get here.  hrmmm.

But anyways.

So people got lots of cool stuff.  The Khet game looked like it'd be fun, although a lot smaller than Laserwar.  And the "black light" desk lamp (that was actually just blue I think) looked friggen spectacular in a dark room!

But my toy was the Bucky Balls.  Actually ball-bearing sized magnets that are *extremelly* cool.  I'd seen the video and a guy at work had a set, so I had to get myself some :)

ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
An actual bucky ball!
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls
ThinkGeek Bucky Balls


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Not being on call any more rocks awesomely!!  Epic win!!  A night without alerts to wake me up!! Hurrah!!

Edit: only the heat, which I'm sure will keep me up half the night.. hrmm..

Hot.. still..

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It's supposed to get to 37C here tomorrow.  Apparently it could be the hottest November on record.  Might bring a few of the plantsies indoors tomorrow morning so they don't fry to a crisp.  That's the good thing about pots, although the garden is not so lucky.  What are the rules on hose watering gardens these days?  Still, I reckon plants in Canberra should be drought tolerant or not worth having.  Azaleas are just dumb, so as lovely as they are I'm not sure I'll water them.. until I feel too guilty about letting them die.. hrmmm...
So James smsed me today.  He was in town and was I busy tonight..?   :)

So went to Bella Vista (again) with him and his colleague Quoc.  :)

I had the pollo saltimbocca which was delicious and we shared a bottle of Mount Majura Pinot Gris (my favourite!).

Pollo saltimbocca at Bella Vista

After dinner we were waiting for the sweetie, so went for a wander around the lake.  In the end we gave up waiting and James gave me a lift home.  Where Stu was waiting - he'd not heard my phone calls.. doh!

Random leaves
Sunset over Lake Ginninderra
Lake ripples

Something nicer

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Was actually going to post this in my last post, until I got the anal probing email from ThinkGeek and that made me explode.  Still quite pissed off with them.

But anyways.  This was the sky this evening.  Pretty, huh?


I've really not had *anything* interesting to say the past couple of weeks (well seven years really - holy crap have I been blogging that long?!?).

ok, why not a rant about ThinkGeek.  First, we have a $300 order, with a $127 postage fee.   


And then they want to subject me to anal probing:

Thank you for your recent order with ThinkGeek.  We would like to process
your order as soon as possible, but we need to verify some information
before this can be done. 

Acceptable verification information chose one of the following:
(A) (Credit Card orders only) A copy of the credit card used to order,
with only the last 4 digits showing AND a copy of your government issued
(B) (Credit Card or PayPal orders) A copy of a statement from a service
provider or financial institution, that shows the billing address
submitted during checkout.

Again.  WTF?!?

Given the ridiculous prices and postage fees, and now this, I doubt I'll be putting in a ThinkGeek order again any time soon, if ever.

One day weekend

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So I did get some useful stuff done.  Like tending to the pool and the weeds in the pavers.  And working some more on my Japan photos.  And the shopping.

For dinner I cooked the tomato bake we did the other week again, as well as a potato bake, with added bacon and spring onions and parsley.  Both epic nom! :)  And a delicious mango for dessert.  And entirely too much tv.

Four days to go and counting...


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Worst day of overtime *ever* :(  What I was lead to believe would be an hour or two's work, turned out to be an eight hour slog, and had residual problems that are still going :(

Not happy Jan!!


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Today was a perfectly reasonable spring day.  So I spent the entire day indoors.. doh!

Tonight it's down to 14C and a cool breeze blowing.

So naturally I'm sitting here freezing just so I can let enough cool air through to cool down the house somewhat before summer returns with a vengeance tomorrow.

Pity the week is not over yet... 

Still missing spring

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Still feeling a bit jipped about a lack of spring.  It just skipped straight into summer.  Which would be ok except it's too *hot* to feel like doing much around the house.  Blah.

Much more relaxing day today, although I still don't have anyone (except me) using my proxies.  

And not even getting a full weekend.. *sigh*

Epic fail

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Well after putting in stoopid amounts of effort, our trivia night ended up getting cancelled :(  In the end there were only going to be four tables, so we decided to abandon the idea.  We decided to have a couple of beers anyway, and reschedule for St Patrick's day next year.


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Epic exhausted.  Couldn't get to sleep again last night.  Today was flat out like a lizard drinking.  Spent about six hours after work putting together the Trivia Night slide show for tomorrow.  Then get home and spend an hour doing up all the ebay stuff for the night.

If I can survive tomorrow I might have to have a very long sleep in on Thursday...


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Just when I thought I couldn't get any busier this week, I remember that all my ebay auctions are finishing tonight and tomorrow night.  Which means before Wednesday I have to put together an entire trivia night, get some proxies into production, package and document twenty sets of lego, and sleep.  There's just not enough hours to do everything I need to do.  Panic!!


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So spent all morning finalising Trivia Night questions.  

Then spent all afternoon cleaning Nat&Andrew's old flat.

And all evening watching telly :)


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Spent entirely too much of today on Trivia Night nonsense, and still nowhere near organised.  Gonna be out half of tomorrow and Monday night, which leaves a whole day and half to complete the entire thing before Wednesday night. And at the rate we're going there'll only be a few tables and the whole thing will be a waste of effort.  *sigh*


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Can I go to sleep now?
http://xkcd.com/657/  - I sooo want to print this out poster sized
http://www.toiletmap.gov.au/Default.aspx - every country should have one of these!!
http://shop.lego.com/HolidayShop/festivefun.aspx - inspired me to dig out some Lego on the weekend

Day went very quickly today.  Not sure why.  Maybe cause was "playing" with some more fun stuff rather than having to deal with too much crap.  

Went for a walk with the sweetie tonight and did some gardening and trivia night research.  So pretty successful day really.

Kangaroo Valley

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So Saturday morning we headed up to Kangaroo Valley to celebrate Chris B's 50th.  They've got a gorgeous place there.  Got there at lunch time and had a very pleasant afternoon of beer, nibbles, chatting, and watching the more energetic peoples play bocce, croquet and horseshoes.  

Spectacular view
People playing games
CH and the Mighty Angus Burger
Afternoon view
Joel blowing bubbles
Margaret the fairy

For dinner we walked down to Jing Jo Thai.  I was expecting it to be in the main part of town, but it was actually over the bridge and far away heh.  Had the banquet which was really good.

Echidna trying to escape us

Kangaroo River
Kangaroo River
The cafe even had a Bookcrossing shelf!  If I'd known this I'd have brought some books to release :)
Bookcrossing bookshelf!
Getting creative with the decorations
Chris and his cake
Chris with his cake
Hampden Suspension Bridge by night
Hampden Suspension Bridge

Stayed the night in the flat downstairs which was being renovated, so just a strip of carpet to inflate our new air matress (self inflating - too cool), however it had its own bathroom which we had to ourselves, so totally lucked out on that :)  After a big breakfast and some more hanging around, we headed back via Nowra, Sassafras, Nerriga and Tarago.

Construction of the new Nowra-Nerriga road
Construction of the new road

Train at Tarago
Train at Tarago
Was a bit bummed that you can't get anywhere near these things.  Big fences and no tresspassing signs everywhere :(
Capital Wind Farm
So that was the weekend.  Except it was only half over.  Monday felt like Saturday so did housey type stuff and then played with some Lego, and listed a whole bunch of sets for sale on ebay.  Today I lacked direction and actually got a bit bored with everything :/   Oh well.. at least is a short week...

Epic snooze

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Was gonna blog photos of our weekend away, but fell asleep on the lounge.. which I *never* do!
Must have had a crap night sleep last night... hrm that's right.. I did..! :)
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