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And so on

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So dudes came this morning to install fire collars on the pipes in my garage. The theory being that if they catch fire the lining of the collars contracts, crushing and sealing the pipe to stop smoke coming up through the drains in the bathroom above. Except they couldn't do one of the pipes because the plumbing of the place wouldn't allow for the fitting of a collar. So it's all a little redundant.

But it did force me to do a bit of a tidy up of my garage. Sorted stuff for chucking and storing and tidying and taking to work. And cursed my neighbours (which I do every single time I have to use the bins) for dumping crap in front of the recycling bins, which means they didn't get emptied this morning, which means I didn't have room to put any of the old boxes I wanted to get rid of. I hate my neighbours.

Still sick. Was feeling a bit tender at work today. And starting to get symptoms like runny nose and coughing. Yay.


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I'm coming down with something. I feel like crap.

One year

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So it was one year ago tonight that I met Stu in real life. One year ago tonight that he said "awww" when it was time for me to leave. One year that has seen much more significant changes for him at least. One year of ups and downs, but mostly ups. One life-changing year.


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I also had a productive weekend. Although after a few wines I can't really tell you with what... er... :) I moved the telly into the other room, cleaned and vacuumed both rooms, did washing and put it away, cleaned the bathroom, watched some videos, built some Harry Potter Lego, stopped reading a blog, went to church, went to Alan and Marylon's for dinner before they disappear for over a month, caught up on some blogs, played Carcassonne, fixed an old computer that wouldn't boot by fiddling with the ram in it, .. er ok so I could list a few things... hehe :) and on that note I'm off to go talk to the boy on the phone :):)

Five Years

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So it was five years ago today that I moved my stuff properly into this place. I was just pondering this as I looked at my television stand and realised it hadn't moved from the spot I put it in in the five years I've been here. And it's today of all days that I'm seriously contemplating moving it.

There's a couple of problems with the tv where it is. One is that it's hard to have anybody over and watch tv/dvds. It'd be nice to be able to put it in front of a couch so Stu and I could snuggle up and watch Star Trek together. The other is that I don't get much done at night once I turn the tv on. I find it quite distracting.

Of course the problem with having it away from my computer room is that I can't just have it on while doing other things. I'd actually have to go and watch it. Now I like being able to watch the tv from my computer and chat or play games while having the tv on - I actually get bored if I'm just watching telly and nothing else. I guess it could mean that I'd only watch the shows I wanted, and could record them and watch them when Stu's not online or whatever. Alternatively I could use my old computer which would be setup next to the tv and use that to chat or for general browsing...

If I did move the tv into the lounge room I'd have an empty corner. Perhaps room for another bookshelf. Or could move Fred and George in here. Or some of the lego..

Telly corner


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Got meself a switch today. An 8-port Netgear. I discovered the other night that when backups are running, my netphone drops off the network. You see I have been using a 10mbps *hub* until now! So quite obviously something needed to be done. 100mbps switch to the rescue! Except this computer appears to have a faulty network card. At 100mbps it was getting packet loss all over the place. So I dropped it back to 10mbps and it was fine. And it also confirms my belief that my computer crashing during backups is caused by the network interface. Will have to dig another nic out of storage and put it into service.

The Da Vinci Code

So a bunch of us went and saw The Da Vinci Code last night. For free. Courtesy of IBM. :)

We had canapes and drinks provided beforehand (including constant topups of beer and wine, which annoyed me no end - free alcohol and I couldn't drink because I was driving hehe), amused ourselves with people-fluid-dynamics of the caterers and people wanting to be fed, and reminisced about the olden days of catching buses - before people queued!

The movie itself was ok. I held very low expectations of it, having heard it hadn't gotten great reviews. Which is always the best way to go see a movie - no expectations, then you won't be disappointed :)

What did annoy me (possible spoilers here) is the whole idea of two thousand years of genealogy finishing in one single person. Now I've never studied genealogies, but usually if you start with one person, their family tree grows. Outwards. Not down a single line. Surely? It seems to be a convenient literary escape (not as much of a story if there's actually millions of descendants of Christ). And not the first time I've seen it done. Voldemort the only remaining descendant of Slytherin? Garion the only remaining descendant of that Rivan King? At least in that one it was explained - "oh it was easy to keep track of, because most families only had one child". hrmmmmm :) It's all a bit silly really :)


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Realised I forgot to post last night. And almost did tonight.

George did a lovely roast beef tonight.

And went to buy a bunch of lego from a bricklink store, only to realise they ship to USA only. doh. And no other store has all of what I wanted.

Not much else is happening. Not in my life anyway...


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Had another lovely day with Stu today. Went to church, came home, then went for a walk and got Turkish pizza for lunch (a sucuklu, yumminess :) ). Came back and watched High Fidelity while a roast pork and potato bake cooked. And then it was time for Stu to go home. Sadness.

Here's some pics from the last few days..

Two female kribs facing off

A litre glass of beer at the L�wenbr�u

Sydney Opera House by night (no tripod!)

The St Barnabas Broadway church...

St Barnabas Broadway

St Barnabas Broadway

St Barnabas Broadway

and for reference, here's how it looked in 1870:

St Barnabas Broadway in 1870

More pictures here

Busy Day :)

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Had a great (although busy and tiring) day today.

Had a bit of a sleep/lie in, before getting ready and meeting up with D&Y, and going for a coffee (ok so I had a white hot chocolate with caramel - yumm!). Then wandered into town, stopping at Broadway where I took photos of the St Barnabas church (or what was left of it :( ). Showed Stu where I used to work and familiar haunts. Then caught a bus into town, searched through Dymocks for LotusScript books (they had *none* pfft!!), had lunch at the Scottish Restaurant, and found the Tin Soldier, which had moved a few stores up the road which caused us slight confusing trying to find it heh.

Caught a bus back to the car, then did an aquarium run, stopping at two aquariums. Stu bought a thumping great big Eheim filter for his 4' tank and some corys, and I bought eight black neon tetras (which are schooling very nicely with the rest of my tetras).

Finally got home late afternoon. Watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek (we're up to season 2 now), cooked a steak dinner (with garlic mushrooms and later some home-made potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce heh) and watched Love Actually which was really sweet.

And now it's most definitely time for bed :)

Had a CIA work dinner at the L�wenbr�u Keller tonight. Much beer and merriment was had :)

I started the evening with half a litre of L�wenbr�u lager, which was delightful. Then came dinner. Pig. Lots of it :) All the food came really quickly so they must just have stacks of it prepared. Had this lovely pork belly roast, with *perfect* crackling. Aside from the layers of fat which I sliced out, it was really nice. I also had another beer. I would have had some schnapps as well, cause they had all sorts of varieties, but it was getting a bit late, and I was *full* - I didn't even have dessert :) The only complaint with the place was the live band which was ok, but just too damned loud. You couldn't talk to each other without shouting into someone's ear. Fortunately they took regular breaks so could talk in the breaks.

And I'm still full :)

And my boy is here!!! Yayyyyy :):):):)


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I've had a crap week.
And it keeps on getting crapper.

St George

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St George sent me a letter today saying they were changing their fees. One of their changes is to increase the fee-free threshold from $1000 to $3000. Well that's just ridiculous. I'm not going to waste $3000 that could be in my mortgage ($1000 was bad enough!!). And I don't believe in paying bank fees. So I think I will be closing the account. I only keep it as a backup, somewhere for people to put money from ebay, another emergency credit card. But it's not worth it for $6 or whatever it is a month.

I really should have done this last night when I saw it. May 16 is such a significant date in the life of Kazza...

20 years ago I . . . was in year 7 at high school

10 years ago I . . . was starting my first job at OzEmail

5 years ago I . . . was happy that my house settled. Five years ago yesterday in fact.

3 years ago I . . . was playing a lot with my new fish tanks and collecting space lego

1 year ago I . . . was reminiscing on other previous May 16ths

So far this year I . . . wonder what I've really acheived, and can't really think of anything

Yesterday I . . . had a bit of a blah day

Today I . . . tried to sleep in a little but didn't on account of being a morning person who can't sleep in

Tomorrow I will . . . go to work, watch some tv

In the next year I will . . . get long service leave


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  • got me netphone back
  • spent a decent chunk of today talking about and reading about server security
  • watched harry potter and the goblet of fire

  • Food Porn

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    Garlic Cheese Mushrooms, with Potato Wedges, Peas and Corn

    Garlic cheese mushrooms

    Mix several cloves of crushed garlic with shavings of butter, then add chopped or grated parmesan cheese and shredded tasty cheese and a dash of mixed herbs. Dollop the mix into mushroom cups, and layer with a slice of parmesan cheese.

    Slice a clean jacket potato into eights or tenths, spray with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

    Grill mushrooms and potatoes until golden.

    Heat some peas and corn.


    Gosh it was yummy. Although perhaps better suited as a side dish, the mushrooms rocked by themselves. And perhaps the garlic wasn't as cooked as it should have been, so it was a little tangy. But all good :)


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    How is this for utterly tragic:


    Jim dropped his BlackBerry on the weekend and cracked its screen :( It was only a few weeks old too :(

    Got this error on my BlackBerry this morning when updating my contact list:

    Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.ObjectGroupReadOnlyException

    Except Google has nothing except this. So it's a bit of a mystery.. :) cause it saved my entry just fine... hehe

    Weekend stuff

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    Got lots of crap done this weekend. Which was useful. Didn't go for a walk like I wanted to. But got lots of housey stuff done.

    Found a dried neon tetra on the desk next to the tank today. Think it might have flopped out of the open lids of the tank sometime last night. Don't really know how else it could have gotten out.. I mean I was doing some work on the tank yesterday, but not pulling stuff out. Poor little guy :(

    Spent a decent chunk of today reading icq logs and reminiscing about meeting Stu. Got quite nostalgic me did .. :)

    Dinner at Alan & Marylon's tonight, which was lovely as usual. Eyes bigger than my stomach (as usual) heh.

    Thinking about wandering off to bed.

    This stuff totally rocks. And smells so wonderful.....

    McLintocks Vanilla Fridge Wipe

    I just need to not spray it everywhere all the time lest I become sick of the smell of vanilla, and we couldn't possibly have that....

    By Jupiter

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    Jupiter is close to the moon tonight. Not close enough to be worth taking photos though :)

    It's Friday!!

    Had a bit of a slow day at work.

    Tried to record my ageing Fantasia 2000 video to dvd tonight but it wouldn't let me, claiming it was copy protected. Fraggle. So now I'll have to pay for all my Disney videos *twice*. I wish they'd provide an "upgrade" licence so people like me can upgrade to dvd from video without paying full price twice.

    Missing Stu like crazy.

    Lots of videos to catch up on.

    Knees are warm again tonight.

    Oh and I never did mention that Kirk lent me Pirates of the Caribbean after noticing the other day that I'd never seen it. Which is cool. Cause he's the only person I knew in real life first, outside my family, that reads this thing regularly and he not only read the entry but did something about it. It's kinda funny in a strange sort of way :) Now all I need to do is find the time to watch it :)


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    So dug out my old old machine's 8gb hdd, and stuck that in conspiracy. Finally got some time tonight to copy well over a gig of files across to it. And that's after a huge cull of stuff and not reuploading everything to it. I thought I'd be a bit selective and only upload stuff that was a bit neat - like had an index or had meaningful file names. There's also a lot of stuff like my lego and fish tank photos that I'd like to go through and index rather than just uploading the whole lot. Thinking again about auto-indexing scripts..

    1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
    Closet doors? Doesn't really matter (and they're sliding anyway so don't take up room space)

    2. Do you ever steal the shampoos and soaps from hotel rooms?
    Usually only ones I've started

    3. Have you ever 'done it' in a hotel room before?
    Technically, no

    4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

    5. Do you like to use post-it notes?

    6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
    Not often as mostly I couldn't be bothered even cutting them out

    7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a big swarm of bees?
    er .. neither

    8. Don't you hate it when people have sex with their socks on?
    heh, er.. :) It does look a bit daggy

    9. Do you always smile for pictures?
    If possible

    10. Have you ever taken pictures of yourself naked?
    Maybe ;)

    11. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    People that push in

    12. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

    13. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

    14. Have you ever peed in the woods?
    Yes, when bushwalking or camping

    15. Have you ever hooked up with more than one person in a day?

    16. Do you chew your pens and pencils?
    I suck more than chew

    17. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
    I don't have it where she actually was, but according to my notes she had brown hair, enjoyed tennis, liked jewellry and had a convertible. Sad that I'm so obsessive I not only made these notes, but still have them thirteen and a bit years later .. :)

    18. What's your favorite animal and why?
    Not really sure I have a favourite. I like lots of birds.

    19. Do you like popcorn from those big tins?

    20. Have you ever thought about killing yourself?

    21. Would you ever tape yourself doing cartwheels?
    Doubt it :)

    22. What's your 'song of the week'?

    23. Is it ok for guys to wear pink?
    Not usually :)

    24. Do you still watch cartoons?

    25. What's your favorite scary movie?
    The Silence of the Lambs

    26. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
    I liked the sound of Woosang's lounge room heh

    27. And finally, what's the grossest way you can think of to die?
    Probably anything that involves being squished beyond recognition .. hrmm

    Starting with a couple of pics around Lake George.

    First some nicely autumning trees..
    Lake George

    And then a magpie with a terribly American looking background, except for the cyclone fence heh..

    The pics I took of Stu's house are in an extended entry..


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    er so where was I? Canberra unpacking... well yes that about sums it up really heh :)

    Oh there was a good night at Mishi's, and Damien was there too and we chatted (well they chatted about old times mostly) and ate and eventually we had a game of 500 that Mishi and I lost at, although it was a marathon effort heh, and a game of Scrabble that Damien and I cheated together at the end with which got our scores up, but not enough to win hehe.

    And there was the fantastic lamb roast we did last night with baked potatoes and a sweet potato and a whole bulb of garlic (cut in half and roasted). Stu and I both love our garlic, which is rather a good thing ;) We also fired up the wood heater (well Scotty did really), and that warmed up the back half of the house beautifully.

    This morning was awfully cold though. Made it hard to get out bed and out the door. But I did, at 6:30, and got to work at 9:50. And a day of catch-up more than anything else.

    Tonight I pulled conspiracy apart to find out what was up with it. Turns out the data (photo) drive is dead. Which is a major pain in the rear end. Cause although I do have copies of all the photos, not everything is in the order it was on on the server. And I've lost all my logs :( I do have the apache.conf file which is useful. But now I have to try and find a disk big enough to replace it, and decide if I want to keep running nt4 (shudder) or run something else. I did have another box here I was keeping as a spare which had been up and running before, and thought could run w2k on that, but tonight it wouldn't boot up either (completely black screen). I also had thoughts about running Ubuntu on it, but that also seems like a lot of work. Blah. Anyone got an 8gb disk floating around they'd want to donate to a worthy cause?

    Sometimes there's stuff you see when you're driving that you just can't capture (usually with a photograph).

    Like coming back from Queensland last week. We were driving up that mountain pass near the border on the New England Highway and the clouds were still hanging over them and it was just beautiful. One conical mountain had cloud around it but only on one side, and it looked exactly like a volcano with smoke pouring out. Way cool.

    Or today driving down the Hume and passing this truck. It was just an ordinary truck. It had a bunch of those tie down straps keeping the covering taut, and the ends of all the tapes were fluttering in the air in a merry little dance and somehow the beauty of it hit me. I can't explain the effect it had on me. It was really weird. I almost burst into tears heh. It kinda reminded me of that post of Dave's when he saw a statue of a cow I think it was in Berlin (I'd look it up but I'm on the BlackBerry). Just the insane beauty you can see in ordinary stuff if you just look.

    But anyway. A little nonsense there. In Canberra tonight. All of Stu's stuff got delivered. The fish tank appears to be in one piece. Staying at Scott and Kerry's tonight and will continue the unpacking process tomorrow.


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    Almost my entire day was a suckfest today. I'd rant about it if I could be stuffed.

    The one good thing was finally meeting CC - we caught up for lunch and chatted about blogging and work/study and fish etc, it was really nice.

    Kaz and CC

    More pics

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    Thought this was kinda funny..
    Signman Says

    Another view of Stu's Chinese figures..

    A farewell dinner for Stu at the Super Bowl..

    Stu the cleaning monster..
    Cleaning Monster

    The final sunset we watched from Stu's flat.. (except that it wasn't quite the last - we ended up being there for sunset the next night while the removalists were doing their thing)..
    Final Sunset

    A nice sky taken through the windscreen on the way home..


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    Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. So much work to do at work and don't know where to start. Haven't done dishes since the weekend, and things are starting to smell. Videos all filled up that I haven't watched. Fish tanks to be water changed. Blogs to be read. Stu with no internet, no blackberry and currently no landline (well limited access anyway), and no instant messaging at work. So at the moment we're reduced to emails during the day and smses at other times. The cost of smses alone are going to make a blackberry worthwhile heh. Either that or he needs a much better plan. Feeling somewhat out of control and missing Stu at the moment :(

    A meme from Woosang - "What does your bed look like?"

    It's a great bed, and my first grown-up bed, after sleeping in my childhood single bed for ~25 years. It was actually a birthday present last year from me little brother and sister in law, whose first grown-up bed it had been when she was 16. And a bunch of linen including this lovely doona cover came with it - sweet as!

    What does your bed look like? Leave a link in the comments :)

    My bed

    May Day

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    Sucky day today. Was patching servers last night and found one had been compromised. Doesn't seem to be much damage, but it is going to require a rebuild. So spent most of today cleaning up the crapfullness. Doing some work on it tonight, then reevaluate the situation and what we'll need to do later in the week. *yay*.

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