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It's Friday!

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Have I ever mentioned that I rather like Fridays?

Spent a decent chunk of this week setting up the new file server.

And worried about my knees. They're hot. Not sore, just warm to the touch. <worried>

The Future

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Been thinking a bit about the future lately. About being together with Stu. And it's gone up a gear since he's accepted the job in Canberra. It's gone from being an abstract idea of "one day we'll be together" to "right, now how are we actually going to be together?" I'm up to thinking of practical ways to make it happen. At the moment they're just ideas though. I'm a little afraid that if I take the plunge I might just sink....

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday (duhhhh) is that my mama guppy gave birth again yesterday. This time I was ready and actually caught her in the act. I actually saw one of her babies being born!! I was excited :)

I think she must be getting old, because there were only five babies this time, and the rest were unfertilised/unviable eggs. So that's a little sad. But all her sons and daughters are nearly at breeding age, so that could make things interesting :)

Fish Fotos

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The glass catfish I'm treating for ich. I really don't think he's all that sick. He's perked up in the hospital tank. I think perhaps the lights stress him out.

Glass Catfish

Some of the wisteria at work. There's even a krib hiding out in there


My angels

White angel

Black angel

I couldn't resist. They were on special. Just looking at the packets makes me drool...... :)

Flavours of the Commonwealth

I was gonna rave about Stu's new employer, but the details are probably not really appropriate to share with the blogosphere. Suffice to say they're treating him *very* well :)

Whoops there's the phone gotta go :)


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So today I went to the post office and picked up a way cool package - two Netphones :):):) I was a bit worried they'd be the wrong sort, since my brother had been sent the wrong one initially. But they were the right ones so I opened one up. Getting it going was literally as easy as plugging it in and turning it on. My brother gave me his account number and I called him and it *just worked* .. that never happens!! :)

The quality is fine - not *quite* as good as a landline, but certainly acceptable. The thing holds 112 numbers! And has its own ip address and web server built in - that's what I want, consumer electronics with ip addresses :)

After upgrading the firmware and setting its timezone, I opened Stu's up and got it going to make sure it worked. It did too, woot!

The sad thing is, I paid $80 each for ours last week, but this week they're down to $50. Oh well, what can you do?

Anyway, so next time I see Stu I'll give him his and we'll be able to call each other for free over the net :)


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Watching the finale of the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony. The event that is going to cause a week of anguish to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people in four states. Was it worth it? Ask everyone affected at the end of this week. James suggested it would have been better to delay the change by one day, not one week. Then only Sunday appointments would have been affected.


Got the petunias pruned, and another four hours of Looney Tunes cartoons recorded to dvd. And watched the directors commentary of A Bug's Life....

HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH John Farnham forgot the words to You're The Voice!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAAH /me ROTFLMAO

... but didn't get the vacuuming done.. oh well ..
oh and cooked up lots of chicken wings. And then spent 40 minutes scraping all the marinade and goop off the baking dishes.

Oh that John Farnham goof cracks me up. I don't know that I've ever ranted about him on this blog. I really like his music, but he comes across as a Melbourne Snob, and charges international-act prices to his Australian concerts. I wanted to see him in ~91 and then again recently, but both times they cost what and international act would, and I thought "well stuff him".

Well I'm off to bed to talk to my boy.. nite!


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This is the blue bubble light we got for the macquarium. It's too dark though, and bubbles to violently, so will probably not use it there.

Macquarium Blue Light

And the Durmstrang Ship I built today:

Durmstrang Ship

Is Don. Is Good.

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Don Cheese Kransky

Two words. Cheese Kransky.
I could easily die of such food (other foods would be roast pork and my potato bake).
Was going to cook up several kilos of chicken I rescued from work at the end of last year, but it nowhere near defrosted enough. So will cook that tomorrow and tonight I had a cheese kransky. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Had quite a good day today. And felt like I achieved stuff, even though really I didn't.

Got a load of washing done.
And my computer patched.
And two Harry Potter lego sets built (last one is arriving at work early this week).
And four hours of Looney Tunes cartoons recorded to dvd.
And talked to Stu.

Tomorrow I *need* to vacuum.
And prune the petunias.

And tonight I need to treat the glass catfish for ich.

A big shout-out and Happy Birthday *hugs* to Dave

Hope you have a good one :)

Ever notice how "road trips" filmed in the US always show the scenic routes? Little back-country highways and the like. They never seem to show the rather boring I-number interstates (although some of those are pretty cool to drive on).

Then there was something about clutch starts. I haven't done one of those in years. I used to do them all the time when living at home and driving "red car" (a Datto 120-Y). You'd start the reverse out of the garage and then it would stall. So you'd roll the rest of the way out of the garage and begin the down hill of the driveway, and part way down you'd clutch start it in reverse. Fun stuff. Now I drive a car that just doesn't stall like that and I'm out of practise.

And there was something else I thought of while watching The Karate Kid tonight, but my brain didn't register it for long enough to write it down.

Oh well :)

Have I ever mentioned I rather like Stu? :):)

Fish stuff

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Ich is back in the big tank. The last remaining catfish looks a bit sad :( Will try and treat the tank or just him this weekend.

The baby kribs at work all got eaten within a few days. I should probably try and separate them next time..

Expecting big mama guppy at work to pop again in a few days.

Got a funky blue bubble light for the Macquarium, but it doesn't like the tank enough and bubbles violently which would be stressful for a betta in such a small tank. So will rethink the whole thing - perhaps put the blue light in the krib/guppy tank and get something else for the macquarium. One idea might be a rope light running all over the back of the tank which I saw done on one site. Someone else had made up an led "lid" which illuminated the tank really well with no external attachments.

Bit sad about the catfish still.

Current inventory of fish:

Tank 1
* two three-year old angels
* one three-year old glass catfish

Tank 2
* three pretty big corys
* four neon tetras

Baby Krib Tank
* six juvenile kribs

Tank "5"
* one yellow cichlid - probably Metriaclima barlowi ("Fred")
* one huge catfish ("George")

Work Tank
* twenty one (at last count a while back) kribs, some at breeding age
* two parent guppys
* ten four-month old juvenile guppys from original parents
* nine one-month old baby guppys from original parents

Work Bowl
* two of the four-month old guppys I think might be almost ready to breed
* five three month old blonde guppys I got off Stu in January


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Have been doing a bit of walking lately. Not a huge amount, just enough to get the heart going a little bit of an evening. At the moment heading out in different directions for 15 minutes and then coming back. Can get a to few significant points in those 15 minutes. So now I have several 30 minute walks around "the block" that I can do.

Trying to get my life into some sort of order/routine.


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Life changing day today - Stu got offered a job in Canberra! It's all very exciting and scary, although more scary for Stu I think!

We were talking about this the other night and Stu said how much his life had changed because of me, and the impact of it hit me like a tonne of bricks. It was like, up until this point if anything happened to our relationship we could just go back to our lives and really things wouldn't be any different (glossing over any pain involved of course). But Stu changing his job, his house, his city, his *life* and moving to be closer to me still spins me out. It's like, there's this committment from him to our relationship, and it's now up to me not to screw up my end of things. I feel like we're now committed for life, and I'm pretty happy/excited/a little scared about that :)

Of course there's still a long way to go before we even have a chance of living together, but at least we'll be able to see each other every other weekend, which will be very nice indeed :):)


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I was going to blog about some revelations I've had recently, but I don't feel up to it. And they were fairly personal anyway.

Think I need an early night.

My Saturday

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Got off to a bit of a slow start. Caught up on some blogs. Talked to Stu for a little bit. Went to the fish shop to trade up for a bigger gravel vac and get the bits of the underwater light that were missing. Came home and did a bit of sorting of stuff to get rid of on Freecycle. Ran out of steam late afternoon and felt a bit flat cause hadn't had a chance to talk to Stu all afternoon. Went to the parents for dinner, then got smsed/called from Ric and Campbell wondering where I was - turned out Campbell was having a farewell after all, but somehow I'd missed out on an invite :(

So wandered along to that, and it turned out to be a really nice night. Met Zara who has gotten herself into an even harder long-distance relationship - with a girl in London - and I thought *I* had it bad! Jess also showed me her extremelly funky handiwork with a GPS, a laptop and Google Earth. The gps outputs a csv to her laptop, and she's written an app that takes that and outputs it into a format that Google Earth can read, and she has a kml file that loads other kml files that have custom refresh rates that load the data from a cut-down web server on her computer so they come into Google earth every few seconds as network locations. But bottom line is, she can do traces of her travelling overlaid on google earth, so accurately you can see roundabouts and even which lane she was in when the data was recorded. And it shows how close google earth pictures are to their correct locations :) Way way way cool :) She's a much better geek than I am :)

I also managed to get Di and Daniel to play lots with my camera, so should have lots of fun photos, which I'll download tomorrow.. er.. later today :)


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Came third in poker tonight - got my money back - woot! And $5 extra which didn't quite cover the cost of food... but still, $5 for a night out isn't bad value :)

Four of us tried to play online carcassonne today too, but the java kept crashing in all our browsers, so we gave up and played with cards. I would have won that with a beautifully constructed set of fields and towns, but then the others saw my lovely handiwork and muscled in on my territory, and I lost a bunch of points. How rude! :)


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This and this (x7)

Daylight savings

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So we just told everyone at work today to use paper and write the time of their appointments in the subject line.

It is going to be a disaster :)

And my boss is taking off for Japan for a week beforehand. I think he's hoping he'll get snowed in and not have to come back until the week is over.. :) (John's not though - would make things a bit awkward starting his new job that day heh)

Survivor is starting up again at the end of March. Fraggle. Too much tv dammit!

Work fish stuff

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On a lighter note, the kribs in my tank at work had some babies! Mum and dad have been doing a good job at defending their cave - in the biggest pot in the tank. None of the others can go anywhere near it.

Baby kribs

Maybe we could alleviate our daylight savings problems by all using macs. Or maybe we could gut them and turn them into fish tanks (more pics to come as I build the tank)


So someone in their wisdom thought it might be a good idea to extend daylight savings by a week, all because it was going to end during the Commonwealth Games.

This person should be shot.

When all of this first surfaced, there was a patch available that added a new time zone to windows computers, and you could select that time zone during the games. You then would have to change back afterwards. However it meant applying a patch to all the computers in your organisation and then changing the time zone. Painful.

Then came another patch which actually just modified the existing Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time zone. This was available to computers that ran windows update manually, but not for SUS.

So today the patch was released for WSUS. But not SUS (because it's not a critical patch as such). So I've been trying to get our server upgraded from SUS to WSUS. And today the patch appeared. All well and good, but I still haven't gotten the server working, and don't want to just go blithley passing out patches without testing them properly first. So I ran windows update on my old w2k desktop and installed the patch.


Appointments created in notes on a computer without the patch show up an hour in the future on computers that have the patch applied. That is, any appointments already created for the week 27 March to 2 April will be an hour out when the patch is applied to users' computers. And vice versa - appointments created on patched computers show up an hour earlier on unpatched computers.

I haven't even tested what will happen when appointments are created during that week and then the timezone is reversed (which will take another patch). Although I haven't tested it yet on two computers using notes 7.

Exchange/outlook systems would be even more fun. There is a separate patch for those systems, however it won't be available to WSUS. Presumably this patch will actually *work*, although I wouldn't enjoy having to go touch every system to apply it.

The official word from Microsoft is "put the time of your appointments in the subject line, and don't create any appointments during that week".

Well that's just great.

Whoops it's late

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Was waiting up for the boy to make sure he made it safely to Canberra.

Bookcrossing meetup in town tonight. Picked up one book at the last minute.

Uninstalled old version of dell open manage off the DC and the sense errors went away. yay.

Ordered a new file server. yay.

Commuted to work from Brisbane.

*sigh* miss the boy terribly :(

The day was mostly a write-off anyway - had various meetings and so really only managed to get my inbox under some sort of control.

Then came home and babysat Marc & Ryan, for the first time in like seven years. At least they're well trained now, no real attention required heh :)


Hawkesbury River

Nice Weekend

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Well I don't know about anyone else but I've had a thoroughly wonderful weekend.

We were going to go the beach today, but we both had unrelated abdominal issues so decided to just potter around at home. We watched some more Star Trek (getting quite a way through the first season now). Had a nice healthy salad for lunch. Watched some more Star Trek and Stu read to me. Then we went for a little drive - via Smith's aquarium and onto Sandgate, where we took our shoes off and walked across the sand flats to Moreton Bay. The water was beautiful and warm and the breeze blowing in off the water was the perfect temperature - not too hot and not too cold. It was really really nice. Stu cooked a pot-luck dinner of stuff he'd had in his freezer for a very long time (2004 for the pork :) ) and we watched some more Star Trek and Stu read to me some more.

Feeling quite happy and relaxed, although really not looking forward to going home. Not unless I can take Stu with me and keep him as my pet...

Found this tiny gecko in the clutter behind Stu's phone table - how cute is he!!

Apparently that's what we are - ugly bags of mostly water :)

Got up relatively early (stu time) and wandered down to New Farm for breakfast. Stu got himself a haircut to match his beard trim, which was a lot shorter than he'd planned. oops. Then wandered into town to find a shirt and tie for his interview. The silly thing is he paid more for the tie than the shirt. heh :) Managed to watch the St Patrick's Day parade in the city in the process. Wandered back here and did a bit of cleaning, then watched an episode of Star Trek, then just talked for a bit, and had a bit of a siesta, before heading out to Chay and David's for some puff pastry pizza - yumm! Several beers and udls later.. mmm heh.. played Buzz and Singstar 80s - lost first game of Buzz, third in second, and won with David on SingStar. And then it was late so wandered back here.

Very sleepie.....

Irish Dancers

Ate too much

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Too much for lunch, too much for dinner... even though it didn't actually feel like too much most of the time I think it was ... er ...

So got a lift to the airport which was nice cause I was thinking I'd have to catch the bus (thanks George/Luc!). Except the plane was 40 minutes late. Oops. But got window seat on the back row of the plane and took a big bunch of photos. So all good.

Met my boy at the airport yayyyyyyyy.
Went home and snuggled for a bit, then headed out and got some lunch at Ascot Provisions. I even resisted the urge to have a cheese kranski and just had a warm chicken salad. Then we wandered over to Chermside to do some shopping. Got back but weren't here for long before being called up to go into Stu's work for drinks. Which was good with a few beers and some really bad karaoke. Then dinner at Pepe's.

And now it's 9pm but it feels much later. Can't possibly be the 6am start or the fact that it's really 10pm .. could it..?

We're going to get an early night.

My Virgin Blue plane

Cause if there are I won't be around to fix em. Can't login to the file server at the moment. Sits on loading your personal settings. This was after a reboot after just dropping off the network for no good reason today. Hope when they kick it again it comes back....

All in all a pretty crappy seven days. I'm hoping the next three will be significantly better.

Hungarian Horntail

Short fuse. Users annoying.
George roast good. Walk good.


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Just played (and won!) my first two games of online Carcassonne. Coolness.

Well Saturday. The array finished rebuilding around 5pm. Spent a little while preparing for the failback. Nervous moment as after a remote reboot the machine didn't come back - turned out the network interface just didn't come up - a common problem on 2650s. Met up with Jim and we began the failback and restore procedures. Files finished copying back in the middle of the night on Sunday. So Sunday morning checked all the files and reenabled the server service. And that was the end of that little drama.

Then this morning I got paged because the server room temperature was rising. I was running in slow motion after quite a lot of wine last night (dinner at Alan and Marylon's, needed to unwind of the stress of the weekend), but eventually dragged myself into work. Dead aircon. Yay. Opened up the server room door and mounted a couple of fans in the doorway. Waited for people to turn up to come and fix. Turned out other circuits were dead too. The sparkies switched back on the other circuits but wouldn't touch the aircon circuit. So had to wait for the aircon contractors to turn up. They flicked the aircon curcuit back on but it died a minute or so later, taking the other circuits with them. Yay. So they left it off, brought up a portable aircon, and decided there was a faulty compressor, which will take a few days minimum to have replaced.

So I was a zombie for most of today. Went home early and had a bit of a sleep, only interrupted by occasional calls from telemarketers etc.

No more disasters allowed for at least another week. It's the rules.


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My FeedReader program ran out of memory the other night and had been giving me errors ever since. Well today I had to reboot, and it complained that the file was corrupt and started a new one. Great. So I put back a copy from December, but now all my unread marks are all stuffed up. I was already behind on so many blogs, and now I have no idea where I'm at with them. I really just need to pick a blog at a time and read it online until I'm up to date and then move onto the next one....


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Shameless plug for my friend Chris' cat, Grover, who has his own website :)


The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume 820gb.

This is really not what you want to see on your production file server. I mean *really* *REALLY* not what you want to see.

So last night there was another power outage to fix what they did the other week during the last power outage. So turned all my servers off. And an hour later turned them all back on again. Well my 220s disk array was on for a good ten minutes after power was restored, and then it threw a disk. At the very moment it threw the disk, it corrupted the file system on the partition on it. Which is really not meant to be the way it works. The idea is if you lose a disk from a Raid 5 array, the operating system doesn't need to know about it. The disk being presented to the operating system is meant to still be completely viable.

So this is now the second time this has happened.

Fortunately this time, it happened on a Friday night and not a Monday morning, and this time we have a redundant server which has an instant mirror of all the files. So it had clean copies of the corrupted files, and we failed over to this server so users will be none the wiser. This is a very very good thing.

So currently the machine is rebuilding the array. Likely to finish around 9pm tonight. When that's done I will nuke the partition on the drive, recreate and format it, and fail back from the other server.

Yay to Dell for getting the disk to me at 6am this morning, and boo to Dell for the likelihood that the 220s box is doing messy things to the disks.

mp3 editor?

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Does anyone have a good mp3 editor, free if possible, able to take out a snip of an mp3 and resave it? Or if I give you an mp3 (or wav) could someone do it for me? I want to make my own ringtones....

Amazing Race

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New series of The Amazing Race started up tonight.. woot!

New Toy

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An interesting note is that you can't put different carrier sims into other blackberrys and have them work. Each handset is registered with RIM to the carrier they're with. As we discovered today when we tried to put Jim's Telstra sim into a Vodafone registered blackberry...

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