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Hands up..

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Jason Isaacs in The Patriot

Hands up anyone who thinks Jason Isaacs is yummy.. :)
And deliciously evil in movies like Harry Potter and even Dragonheart
Been watching Dragonheart tonight .. I *love* that movie.

David Thewlis who plays Einon in Dragonheart will be in the next Harry Potter movie as Lupin. I so can't wait for "the Prisoner of Azkaban" - it's my favourite of all the Harry Potter books. I can't say why though, it'd spoil the surprise.

Check this out - if you're in oz you can get a .id.au domain for free for six months.

Need to add a few lines to this so the pic doesn't scroll into the next entry..

Aside from that, I really have nothing to say .. how boring is that.

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