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Yass evening

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Had a nice quiet house day today.  Late this arvo we headed out to Yass, despite the second migraine for the sweetie in two days :(

Pink flowers

I got to take a whole heap of photos of the chookens

.. before moving in the wrong way freaked one of them out and she flew over the fence and onto the balcony then the garage roof..

Chooken on the roof
Annie made a delicous lasagna, and then we all watched Nanny McPhee.

Took a photo of a very yellow looking blue moon..

Yellow blue moon

And that's mars there on the bottom left... (really!)

Moon and mars


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Tonight after drinks we went over to Damien and Amanda's then out to The Dumpling Inn for dinner. Was a very pleasant meal and evening. The Dumpling Inn was the emptiest I've ever seen it - usually it's packed to overflowing...


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Happy Australia Day/Invasion Day, whatever you want to call it.  My ancestors set foot on this country two hundred and twenty-two years ago today! 

We celebrated by building some more Expedit shelves :)

Rumpus room - during

Didn't have any lamb in the house, so ended up having beer and pizza for dinner. It seemed a vaguely Australian thing to do.. altho the pizza not so much ;)

Shelving continues

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Spent a good chunk of today moving the rest of the books into the garage, and building more shelves...


Rumpus room - during
Building shelves
Far end shelves in position


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Such a stinking hot day today!!  Actually it only got to about 36 which wasn't as bad as during the week or last week.  

After lunch Bring It Home delivered all our Ikea shelves.  Stu wanted to build one, so I started clearing out the books from the shelves.  It's going to be a long process!  Got the easier books moved the garage, but have been going through Stu's books which have all gotten mixed up after two moves and putting them back into categories.  In the end he built all three of the Billy shelves, and I got maybe a third of the books moved to the garage or sorted out.

Lots of shelves in the garage
Rumpus room - before
Rumpus room - during

Had an extremelly refreshing swim before heading out to Bunnings to get some brackets, and then do our food shopping.  While we were shopping a change came through, and temperatures plummeted (it's 17C now) and a nice strong wind blew all the hot air out of the house - hurrah!!  So I sit here freezing, but need to leave windows open to reboot the temperature in the house.

Had these for dessert - nomm!


Is this thing on?

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Yesterday was a day of mostly downs.  Just too much crap.

Today was a bit better.  Even had some down time to catch up on things like cleaning out my inbox...

Stinking hot today.  Bushfire weather (hot+dry+strong north-westerly wind).  Sweated most of the night then cooled down in the puddle.  Then it rained.  Was quite strange since I'd just been looking at the stars minutes before...

The sweetie wants to get an air conditioner for the bedroom ... can't say I blame him in this weather.. the heat is making it impossible to sleep .. even with the fan on high...

Mostly ups

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Had a much better day today.  Released to prod for 2/3 users without any dramas.  So actually had some of the day to catch up on stuff that's being neglected.

Had a big lunch at Wok It Up, so was thinking I'd have a smaller dinner.  Except James was in town so we went to Bella Vista for dinner (had the lasagna tonight) so ate too much - oops!  We've decided it's a conspiracy - whenever James comes to town Stu is almost always feeling sick :(  After dinner James came back here and we played a couple of games of Monty Python Fluxx and then the boys did some boring computer stuff :)

Check out this cloud we saw today..

Cloudy cloud

The Dark Side

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Well I did it today. I turned to the Dark Side. Still getting the hang of it and a bit frustrated with the iTunes store connectivity. Or maybe it was just our wireless being flaky.. Who knows. Anyway I have my Flight Control fix now so it's all good :)

Work was much better today too. Made progress with testing and think we found the limits of what the product will do (which isn't much). So came home not completely stressed/depressed for a change.

And for the first time since I upgraded Movable Type I can blog from my phone!

Where was I?

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Saturday was a nice quiet day at home.  At night went out for Chris H's 50th.  Was a good night, had fun.

Sunday had another relatively quiet day.  Windy&co came over for a swim, but I spent all of two minutes in the pool before the kids' splashing pissed me off too much :/

Today was the dread of back to work.  Started off craply, but improved marginally when we figured out the testing problem.  Still not getting great results and the pressure of getting to production is wearing me down :/  

Got home very late, but the sweetie cooked dinner so actually felt somewhat peaceful for the evening.

Drained Take 3

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Is it home time yet?

Another up and down kind of a day.  Awoken at 5:20 by the hurties, but managed to get back to sleep with pain killers.  Mostly productive day between grumpiness with Certain People.  Got called a wanker by some bitch at drinks.  Got a lift to Gold Creek with Kingsley (even though the bus beat us ;) ).  Had fish and chips for dinner.  Played lots of recorder and a bit of glockenspiel.  Very sleepie.

Drained Take 2

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Up and down kind of a day.  Mostly good though.  Had a pretty productive morning and was in a pretty good mood until Certain People came along to hassle me for not doing things their way.  Good afternoon though.  

Then Arian & Co came over again and we got Dumpling Inn takeaway and enjoyed the pool which was still very warm.  And the change FINALLY came through!! Hurrah!! :)  Put some more ice in the fish tank (it was up to 32C) and with the cool air coming through it's down to 29C now.


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Heat and being sociable and a late night has completely drained me :(

Had Arian&co over for dinner/swimming tonight.  Had pizza.  They built a computer.  We all sweltered.  The fish tank got up to 31C before we dumped the ice we had into the tank, which brought it down a degree.  Hoping to heck it cools down enough overnight so we don't have a repeat of last February.

2010 here we come!

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So yesterday morning I hopped in my car and drove to Sydney.  Apart from overheating slightly when going at 110, my car worked fine - hurrah!  Saw four police cars out and about.

Arrived at James and George's a bit after 2pm.  Played some Wii Olympics with the kids until other people turned up.  Then had a very pleasant afternoon/evening of chatting/drinking/eating/eating/eating/playing/present opening.  Watched the fireworks at midnight (only thirteen minutes worth - ripped off!) and went to bed.  Not really sure how well I slept - it felt like I was awake most of the night because the mattress was very soft, but I don't feel like a zombie today so must have gotten reasonable sleep.  

But was a bit sad cause is the first New Years Eve I've had since knowing Stu that I haven't been with him :(

So this morning I came home again.  Almost got sideswiped by a Suburu turning off Pennant Hills Road, but he was doing the speed I wanted to go, so followed him all the way to the Southern Highlands (he turned off before I got to Sutton Forest maccas).  Only saw three cop cars.

So that was my very boring New Years.  Almost went to bed without blogging tonight but decided to try and keep up last year's resolution to try and blog every day where practicable.  We're also going to weigh ourselves every day (we have Wii Fit Plus now - there's some cool new activities on it to do).  Other resolutions?  Just the usual - trying to be more organised around the house - with cleaning and maintenance and the fish and plants etc etc.  We'll see how we go.. :)

Happy 2010!! :)
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