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Been keeping busy

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So we've been keeping busy doing not a lot :)

Realised last night we hadn't left the house in four days :)  Bliss!!

Yesterday morning I finished rebuilding the Millennium Falcon.  It only took twelve hours this time instead of eighteen (so that was six hours of my life last time just hunting for pieces in the bags!  This time each little section was in its own bag from when I pulled it apart carefully).    I found the two 2x3 grey plates which I couldn't find during the first build.  I think I must have added them by mistake in the engines.  Either that or I just missed them this time around :)  But the missing left wing never showed up, and I was still left with a right wing instead.  So think there must have been a mistake in the packaging - doh!  

Look at the difference in colour between the "old" light grey and the "new" light grey!
Star Destroyer and Millenium Falcon

Not quite the same scale :)
Star Destroyer and Millenium Falcon
Last night Nat and Andrew came over and we had some pasta to go with our cheese, and then played lots of Wii into the early hours.  We had fun dressing up Nat's Mii :)

Nat's Mii
This morning the little brother had a look at my battery and confirmed my suspicions that the thing was, in fact, rooted.  So called NRMA out again (last time they came in 20 minutes, this time it was closer to 120 :/  - me poor little brother was trying to leave but very nicely waited around for them).  So they sold me an overpriced battery but the good news is it seems to be working ok now, *and* we decided it was probably the central locking draining the battery too quickly, so that has been disconnected.  So hopefully will be betterer for a while now...

More nothing

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Did a whole lot more of not much today.  Made good progress on the Millennium Falcon.  Watched some Queen music videos and documentaries.  Was inspired to watch Highlander tonight.  Cooked an epic nom pasta bake for dinner.  Played some Wii Winter Olympics.  

Not entirely in that order :)

More Green Stuff

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Another quiet day at home.  Humidity really began to permeate this arvo.  And tonight the green stuff is back with a vengeance :)

Canberra rainfall

Today's effort

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(started last night)
But finished this in eight hours this time, instead of twelve the first time.  Dividing the pieces up into sections certainly makes a huge difference!

Lego Star Destroyer 10030
Also played some of Nat's Wii games and Sports Resort.

Christmas Day 2009

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Today we got up fairly early.  Well actually we got up at normal time for a weekday :)  Did a bit of a present thingie with the sweetie.

Then headed out to Yass for Stu's family's party.  Was a really wet day, but at least a lovely temperature :)  
Heaps of great food, ate way too much!  I still haven't had any dinner.. hrmm.. :)

Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
The kids
Tonight I dug out my Star Destroyer and started building it while watching Love Actually :)
Love Actually is one of Fifi Box's favourite movies.  She saw it over and over again at the cinemas.  And I have to admit that it's grown on me too.  The first time I saw it I enjoyed it but it passed my test of repeated viewings, and in fact I think I enjoy it more each time.  Or maybe it's just Christmas :)

Epic fail continues

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One of my lesser favourite days in the past two years.  Debated on more than one occasion just leaving and not coming back :/   At least until well into next year anyway.

Got home and almost immediately went out again to do the shopping.  (via Dumpling Inn for shredded beef Peking style :) ).  At least Coles is relatively peaceful at eight pm, even three days before Christmas.  

Have got food organised for the next few days, although we didn't buy much in the way of "real" food tonight - just lots of snacks.  Roast pork will be had, but probably Christmas Eve since we have other plans for Christmas Day.  

And plane spotters should open this URL in Google Earth and go squeeee!!
Four days, three parties, and a big fail ....

Friday was the last of our Friday work parties.  We went bowling and I won the loser's er, learner's prize for coming last .. :)  And then we went out for lunch, and then some drinks.  A very pleasant afternoon :)

Learner's prize
Saturday we drove to Sydney and went to two of my cousins's kids's Christenings.  All sorts of cool memories of various Greek events, a good party (if a little too noisy), and catching up with family.  Wished I was coordinated enough to do some Greek dancing, but ended up doing a little ordinary dancing to popular music (and even mum joined in - freaky! :) ).  

Lake George
Various Johnsons
Christening cake
Stu with Leonard
More Johnsons
Sunday was Christmas lunch at the parents'.  The aunties and uncles on mum's side, and the B and SIL came along, so was a great afternoon.

Christmas table
Christmas wreath
Pam and Pims
Storm Trooper Last Supper
If at all possible, avoid Macca's at South Goulburn.  It's seriously the worst in Australia.  Even when there's noone there they aren't organised enough to take people's orders and get them right.  Longest wait times ever!!  Stu didn't get what he ordered. Epic fail!!

Maccas sunset
Today was back to work and what should have been a fairly seemless rollout turned out to be epic disaster.  We ended up having to roll back and it was all very depressing.  This product seriously sucks donkey balls.  *sigh*

Four days to Christmas and have barely done any Christmas shopping .. doh..

Still alive

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Contrary to what a lack of blogging for four days might indicate, I am still alive, and I might even blog again tomorrow..

Parties, Pizza, Pooped

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So Friday to Sunday.

Friday was the second of three Friday work parties where entirely too much wine was drunk but it was a pretty good party (and I did a round of Christmas trivia).  Dinner of pizza, but ate entirely too much when my stomach wasn't ready for food yet.

Saturday was up at stoopid-o'clock after not having gotten much sleep the night before, and my stomach still wasn't ready for food.  So packed a three-tonne truck full of stuff instead.  Only then did I get hungry.  But then it was off to Hall Showground for yet another party.  This one was a lot of work, but did get to wander around for a while in the morning and even go on a few rides.  Nat wants to go next year.  Packed and unpacked the truck again, and got home at 6:15pm.  Whereupon I had a shower and then we headed out again - to Nat and Andrew's new place.  More pizza for dinner, and Wiiing.  And raspberry nomms for dessert :) Got home very late.  Lucky we didn't fall alseep at the wheel on the way home.

Sunday was collapse in a heap day.  Did pretty much nothing all day.  Kinda needed it.

The bogans moved in on the weekend.  Already being loud and bogany, and parking on the nature strip in front of our house.  This is the one thing I really really dreaded from new neighbours.  Guess God is just laughing at me.  They do have a pretty cool fish tank though, and a cute little puppy.  Should prolly go down and say hello to them soon...


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So apparently the father-type-person survived his quadruple-bypass today - hurrah!!

And just for fun I put in a twelve hour day today, starting at 3:50am.. gotta love UPS blowups..! (not!)


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Tonight (after a fairly quiet day and a quick trip to the markets) we went over to Windy's for a bit of a birthday gathering.  

They did a meat fondue which was pretty cool.  A pot of heated oil that you dip chunks of raw beef into to cook, then a few sauces to dip the meat into.  Was lots of fun and a bit chaotic, and the BIL asked if we were doing any swinging ;)
Meat fondue
Gingerbread cookies
After dinner was much Singstar to be had :)
Including a variation I'd not heard of before - reverse Singstar - where you're not allowed to look at the screen!  Freaky!  Really only works with songs you know really well though. I had a go at You're The Voice, which I know all the words for, and did ok at it :)
Davids doing Singstar

Party Party

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Got most of what I wanted to do for the week done by lunch time, so went along to the first of three work Christmas parties.  This one was ok, although it got better after a few beers ;)

Three pinkies
Came home and jumped in the pool - instant refreshment!!

Then headed out again to Nat's birthday dinner.

We gave her a Totoro hat..

Totoro hat
Dinner was the Turkish Grill Restaurant in Erindale.  They kept bringing out all this food, and I'm eating it happily.  They stopped bringing food and I'm all "I'm totally full" .. and then they told me that was just the entree?!?!?  Gah!!  So didn't get to each much of the mains - was simply too full! Doh!  Nat asked me to blog the pictures I had of some of the food.. it was pretty good food!  And heaps of it with the banquet..

Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill

Trivial.. again..

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Got a last minute invite to the TAMS Trivia Night tonight.  So wandered along to that (couldn't convince the sweetie to come though :( ).  It was a fun night.  Only six rounds of eight questions and a couple of filler rounds.  Funniest thing was there were at least three questions from *our* trivia night (that we never got to hold), that I knew the answers to because of that.  So anyway we were doing ok, in the top half of scores.  Then at the end they read out third place, which we thought we might have had a chance of winning, but it wasn't us.  But then they read out second, and it was our table, and I didn't even realise, and the others were standing up and I'm .. what?? we came second???  Pretty impressive since we only had seven on our table (should have been ten).  So brought home a bottle of plonk and a $20 IGA voucher :)
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