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My Sunday

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So Sunday the little brother was here in the morning.  We did a Bunnings run and picked up some bits and pieces, including some hooks to hang my Lego mosaics.  Have I ever mentioned my little brother rocks?

Lego hanging
Although he did want to take a pic of me being excited.. :)

Kazza excited
After David left we went for lunch at Fortune Box, then on to Scott and Kerry's to drop off a battery recharger.  And just hung out there for a while.  

Then did our shopping on the way home including some stuff to roast.  When Nat saw my tweet about dinner she said nom nom nom, so invited them over :)  It was indeed epic nom (roast lamb, potato bake and veggie roast).  

Then they played with my bucky magnets for ages.

Bucky magnets
Bucky magnets

And then we played all 32 Mario Kart races, and Nat did a round of mirror mode.  

Very late night though.. oops..

Bit too late

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Bit too late to post tonight, will post today tomorrow.

My Saturday

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So the little brother turned up late last night, and we stayed up well into the morning doing a jigsaw.  Finished it today.

Gummy guppies jigsaw
Then while Stu went out for a swim, I put up the Christmas tree and lights

Christmas tree, 2009
I also called Hardly Normal to see if they had the Claremont buffet on special.  On the occasions we've been there before they had it for sale for $1399.  Their price today?  $1350.  Sorry, not worth a trip to Fyshwick for that.  When it's under $1000 we'll talk.  

The sweetie cooked some pasta for dinner while I watched Ratatouille.  And I ate most of the rest of the parmesan cheese, cause it's so nommm :)  

Was amused to see the star out in the cherry tree..

Cherry star light
11pm.  The little brother is on the booze train to Tarago tonight.  We might see him later.  Although the sweetie is staying up to watch Slaughterhouse Five, so I might wander off to bed...

Dinners and stuff

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Last night Libby came over for drinks, Europe photos, a good long swim, and dinner.  Was a very pleasant evening.  Discovered that our small wine glasses float very nicely in the pool :)

Tonight I cooked a potato bake and a tomato bake.  The tomato bake is one of our new favourite recipes at the moment.  Next time I make it I'll document it properly, because it's stoopidly easy and is totally delicious.

Potato and tomato bakes
And a note to self:  painkillers on an empty stomach aren't good at the best of times, but when you can *hear* them sizzling away in your stomach, nausea is sure to follow soon after.. hrmmm

So James smsed me today.  He was in town and was I busy tonight..?   :)

So went to Bella Vista (again) with him and his colleague Quoc.  :)

I had the pollo saltimbocca which was delicious and we shared a bottle of Mount Majura Pinot Gris (my favourite!).

Pollo saltimbocca at Bella Vista

After dinner we were waiting for the sweetie, so went for a wander around the lake.  In the end we gave up waiting and James gave me a lift home.  Where Stu was waiting - he'd not heard my phone calls.. doh!

Random leaves
Sunset over Lake Ginninderra
Lake ripples

One day weekend

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So I did get some useful stuff done.  Like tending to the pool and the weeds in the pavers.  And working some more on my Japan photos.  And the shopping.

For dinner I cooked the tomato bake we did the other week again, as well as a potato bake, with added bacon and spring onions and parsley.  Both epic nom! :)  And a delicious mango for dessert.  And entirely too much tv.

Four days to go and counting...

Epic fail

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Well after putting in stoopid amounts of effort, our trivia night ended up getting cancelled :(  In the end there were only going to be four tables, so we decided to abandon the idea.  We decided to have a couple of beers anyway, and reschedule for St Patrick's day next year.


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Epic exhausted.  Couldn't get to sleep again last night.  Today was flat out like a lizard drinking.  Spent about six hours after work putting together the Trivia Night slide show for tomorrow.  Then get home and spend an hour doing up all the ebay stuff for the night.

If I can survive tomorrow I might have to have a very long sleep in on Thursday...


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So spent all morning finalising Trivia Night questions.  

Then spent all afternoon cleaning Nat&Andrew's old flat.

And all evening watching telly :)


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Can I go to sleep now?

Epic snooze

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Was gonna blog photos of our weekend away, but fell asleep on the lounge.. which I *never* do!
Must have had a crap night sleep last night... hrm that's right.. I did..! :)
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