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More stir fries

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Went over to Damien and Amanda's tonight for dinner.  Saw their new house and their new (7 year old) puppy.  Damien cooked not one but two amazing stir fries which were highly nom-worthy.  A very pleasant evening.

Damien stir-frying


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Nat and Andrew came over last night, and after watching Mrs Doubtfire and eating pizza, we played on their Donkey Kong bongo game.  It was so much fun! Did a heap of songs off that, before switching to Mario Kart when our hands got too sore (and we'd run out of songs we knew :) ).

A teaser

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This is where we've been tonight...


Too tired to sort photos tonight though.. tomorrow!!


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Today was so totally a Monday.  Crap night sleep.  Someone took my seat on the bus. Bashed myself up on the bus.  Grumpy with people at work. Subway had no replacement loyalty cards. Dinner was meh. Hurt my finger in the shower.

On a lighter note.  I did get some stuff done at work that I really needed to.  Flowers and trees are budding and blossoming all over the place.  Got the kitchen significantly cleaner from the weekend.  Perfect score in walking in Wii Fit - and it thought I had a Wii fit age of just 20!


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After we got back from Japan I decided it would be super awesome to have a hanami in our front yard this year when our weeping cherry was in bloom.  It was indeed, super awesome :)

Had our Japan travelling friends - Nat and Andrew, Natty and Sandra over and ate lots and were quite merry.
Had a brilliant day for it.  If anything a little too hot heh.  There was even this storm that came through *after* we'd finished up.

Stu preparing some sushi (cucumber and pickled radish and tuna)
Stu preparing sushi

The hanami setup (a blue tarpaulin is a must!)
Hanami setup
Stu's sushi
Stu's sushi
Nat arranging the Pocky and the Crunky
Nat arranging the Pocky and Crunky
This random dog turned up and stayed all of lunch.  No idea where it came from - never seen it before!  It was very friendly but kept threatening to steal the food ;)
Mystery dog
The food - sooo much food!  Lots of leftovers!
The food - so much food!
Everything and everyone setup
Hanami party

A bee
Andrew hanami-ing (yes Dave, that's my cap :) )
Andrew hanami-ing
After lunch we played Trivial Pursuit.  We actually started with my very lame 80s trivial pursuit (which wouldn't have been so lame had any of us actually not been just kids in the 80s), but switched over to "real" Trivial Pursuit.  Lots of fun.  I think Stu won :)
Playing Trivial Pursuit
Nat made this super awesome swirl cake with white chocolate icing :)
Nat's Super-awesome swirl cake
And then everyone went home.  And I got depressed cause I had to come down off somewhat of a high :(

But then we watched this cool documentary on Yellowstone National Park, and followed that with Fantasia 2000.  Really must get myself a copy of that Bluray some time.  Except for the very minor detail that we don't have a Bluray player .. hrmmm.

And so endeth the weekend.  


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Today Windy got Queen Singstar at Toys'r'us for $20 (which makes me think I should go and buy some of these Singstars at such a cheap price - even though we don't have a Playstation .. hrmm), so we walked back to his place and started playing.  Well actually we stopped at the shops to buy some beer (as you do) and had started to head back when Nanette had to wait for us at a pedestrian crossing.  So we got a lift the rest of the way. 

Anyways.  We sang a few Queen songs while Nanette got dinner.  Had dinner.  Then did the rest of the Queen singstar.  Then we did some Abba.  And some Eighties.  And some Legends.  

It was lots of fun :)


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Had a house and garden day today.  Went and hired a saw on a pole and lopped some branches that were interfering with our telephone line.

Kazza up the ladder
The tree looks a lot barer now.  But nothing much is near the phone line now which is a Good Thing.
So what else has been happening this week?

Well Tuesday we had Jeff & Ruth over for dinner.  Nothing fancy, just pasta, but some nice nibbles beforehand.  Conversation got all philosophical-like. heh.  Then we watched Stu's Japan photo dvd.

Thursday went out for dinner to Ginger & Spice in Gungahlin with Scott and Kerry and Jeff and Ruth.  I'd had a few beers by this point, so evening was perfectly pleasant ;)  They'd ordered by the time we got there, so when we arrived, so did the food.  So didn't get much conversation really.

Yesterday had a fairly slow day.  Went for a walk up Mt Rogers.  Then had Nat and Andrew over to play Wii.  Played some really freaky rabbitd game, and then some Mario Kart.  Actually managed to unlock two new cups to play. 

Today I came pretty much as close as I'll ever get to finishing the Olympics (as anyone who reads my Twitter feeds will have been bombarded with ;) ).  The only things remaining are Wario and Amy's 110m hurdles in mission mode, the perfect 10 in vault emblem, and the perfect scores in skeet and archery.  When I got the last trophy today, it put up a special congratulations screen and started playing game credits, with a "thankyou for playing" screen at the end :)   

I should point out that I was enjoying the glorious spring weather today while playing Wii.  Had doors and windows open and was gazing out at our cherry tree which is *going off* at the moment :)
All geared up for nastiness tonight, but it was all a little unorganised and we think we'll be ok.  Was kind of a fun night in the end heh.  Remind me of that if I get alerts at 3am :/

Day in Yass

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First up, a pic of the cherry blossoms that are starting to open (took this yesterday)

Weeping cherry buds
Today was quite a spectacular spring day. Got picked up by Scott and Kerry and headed out to Yass for lunch.

The country side is very green at the moment.

Green hills
One of Annie's chooks

They have heaps of gorgeous daffodils

Cherry blossoms are making me feel like I'm back in Japan (except there were bees today)

Cherry blossom with bee
Lunch was some wonderful roast beef that Annie cooked, and a spectacular ice cream cake that Ruth made

Ice cream cake
Then we went down to Yass park with all the kids

Yass park slide

Yass park magpie
Got home very late, and had to cram a whole stack of work into a very short time before it got too dark.

Cooked mushroom pizzas for dinner (that's a base of a few big portabella mushrooms, stuffed with veggies and cheese) and played some Olympics and got another crown. Still hate hate hate fencing. And called the parents for father's day.

Is it bed time now? :)


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So I've had a productive day and it's only 2:30pm ..

Got up with the others at 7:30 and had breakfast.  Then after they left, tidied up the house, dusted and vacuumed and did a couple of loads of washing.

Then played Olympics for a couple of hours and got Wario a crown.  Seven crowns down, nine plus one to go.

Then because last night it was established that the other spare room had too much junk in it to lay a mattress out on it, I decided it was time to get that room organised.  Which involved lots of moving of crap around.  Which led to tidying up the garage.  Which is shiny now :)  Climbed lots of steps too.  Pity the pedometer ran out of batteries...

Anime Night #3

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Had the usual anime crowd over tonight.  

First up we watched this odd episode of a show Stu has been watching.  No idea what it's called :)

Then pizzas arrived and we watched this way cool dvd of our Japan photos that Stu put together with all these funky transitions and stuff.

Then a couple of episodes of Speed Grapher, and a couple of Abenobashi.

Finally some Mario Karting, which I actually won two rounds of! Pretty freaky!
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