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Feels like a really long day .. although I didn't actually *do* anything...!

Did a little bit of work in the morning before an all-official-like morning tea with the big boss.  Ate far too much yummy food there.  Because then we had a farewell lunch, which of course I wasn't hungry for.. oops!  Had a couple of beers and a salad I couldn't actually get through - tragic really.  So that went for ages, then we went to JB Hi-Fi and Windy bought Abba Singstar.  I was going to go home at that point, but Stu wasn't up for coming to get me, so decided we should go play Windy's new Singstar :)  So we did :)  Did pretty much the entire Abba disc, except for a couple of the ones that have parts - which are evil!  Also did some of his other ones.  We ended up singing for about two and a half hours - oops!  

Then had some dinner and a few beers while singing along with The Sound of Music  ;)
At least, most of it.. we decided to call it a night after the wedding, as we were getting tired and the movie still had like an hour to go.  They should *totally* do a Sound of Music Singstar ;)

So all up quite a fun day :)


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Since I probably should have been home today I didn't feel as guilty about having a play with some vbscript.  That, and I didn't feel up to doing any *real* work! ;)

Not that I was very successful.  I've never learnt any vbscript, so I didn't really come close to achieving what I wanted to.  Not sure how much time I can get away with playing with it for before I revert back to some sort of hacky dos batch file.


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Would blog.  Too tired.


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Last night a couple of Chris' and families and Neil and I went over to Windy's for a fondue night.  It was a lot of fun but I ate and drank entirely too much!  Mainly ate too much - was still feeling bloated at 4am .. whoops :)

After we were completely stuffed silly a few of us played Singstar, which was also a lot of fun, but it meant rather a late night.  Stu bailed and went to bed, so had to get a lift home - thanks Chris!
Beginnings of the cheese fondues
Starting to melt
Windy stirring the fondue - nice strings on the swiss one!
Let the dipping begin!  The Leicester didn't really go stringy unfortunately 
Chocolate fondue!!  So much yummy food, it was evil!
Windy has a Trekkie uniform!!
Windy has a Trekkie uniform!
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