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Since I got most of what I wanted to do this weekend done yesterday, today I was free to do whatever I pleased.  Of course that really just meant I could sort out my hard drives :/  

Late this arvo we took some of the remaining beer out to Yass, and Annie did a yummy slow cooked lamb.  And then we watched Master Chef where the main ingredient was lamb! Woot! :)

Ate and drank far too much this weekend .. oops...

I've had that song in my head since last night.  Can't possibly be because we watched The Meaning of Life last night could it..? :)  

A couple of weeks ago, Neil and I decided we needed to have a Monty Python night.  We'd get some Monty Python Holy Grail and watch the movies.  So had him and a couple of Davids over.

And there was much rejoicing.

Altho the others didn't drink nearly enough.  Damn that whole having to drive home thing :/

And here ends another weekend :/

Our cherry tree that last weekend was mostly all yellow leaves, had lost just about all its leaves by this weekend..

Naked cherry tree

Still lots of colour on some of the other trees

Autumn glory

This afternoon we went to the Belco markets for our fruit and veg, and a hot chocolate. 

Belco markets

Belco markets

Belco markets

Belco markets

There was a nice doggie there
Belco markets

I had to perform surgery on my toaster oven today.  The rivet holding the door on a spring snapped off, so had to pull the thing apart and reattach the door to the spring.  Hopefully this mechanism won't jam as much as the rivet used to.

Broken rivet

Tonight Stu cooked some brussel sprouts with a hazelnut in burnt butter sauce.  Was surprisingly delicious.  But after watching Master Chef we were still hungry, so I fried some portabella mushrooms in butter - yummm :)

Weekends definitely go by too fast.. *sigh*


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Feel somewhat bloated tonight.  Can't possibly be anything to do with the beers and turkish bread I had tonight...

Anime Night #2

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So peoples came over for another anime night. 

Decided to cook a bucketload of pasta, with two different sauces for dinner (as we'd had pizza last night ;) )

Watched another couple of episodes of Abenobashi, then a couple of Starblazers (!!! haven't seen Starblazers in like twenty five years), and one of Speed Grapher. 

And then we played Mario Kart, which of course Nat won most races of ;)
Had everyone over to Nat and Andrew's for dinner and a Japan/China catchup.  Saw Natty's photos of China, and I showed them my 1300 Japan photos.  Was a pretty good night, but did go quite late.

Have several dvds of photos to look at now :)
Still can't get that out of my head... trivia question from last night... I could swear I knew it but couldn't place it.. was so frustrated when I found out what it was :)

Think I had a few too many beers tonight... :)
Had another work trivia night tonight.  As per last time, there were the usual last minute cancellations and running around the office trying to find replacements.  In the end Nat and Andrew came.

Had pizza for dinner and ended up only having seven on the table (someone else didn't show up and we never heard from her that she wasn't coming.. shrug).

But thanks mainly to Stu, Dave, Prescott and Andrew (I got a couple of questions but not many) we actually won!!! :)  Pretty exciting :)  Of course the prize was wine and movie money, but Nat, Andrew and Dave don't drink wine.  Ooops!  We'll have to get them something .. or their pizza.. heh :)

Pretty cool stuff :)

Arms hurt..

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My arms hurt from all the exertion yesterday .. hrmmmm...

Wasted plenty of time today.  Got a few things done too, but not much.  Got about half way through going through my Japan photos and selecting highlights for showing people.  Well a first pass go through.  They will still need more culling so people that we subject them to don't die of boredom.  And then when that's done will pick out the best of the highlights and update the blog entries.  I said I'd do that with our Europe photos too, so that will have to be next...

Electric blankie is waiting for me... :)


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Not too much happening today.  Apart from stimulating the Chinese economy ;)

Did some pasta for dinner and then had Nat and Andrew over for some Wii-ing which was a lot of fun :)  And stayed up way too late.. oops ;)
Had a relatively relaxing day at work.  Which was weird considering I got dumped with a big project that *had* to get done today.  I wasn't meant to be looking after it, but the person who was had to go home to look after a sick child.  In the end it all went relatively smoothly and so one more thing gets ticked off the big todo list.

Tonight we watched Star Trek V.  I remember quite enjoying this when I saw it at the movies, simply because of the chemistry between Spock/Kirk/McCoy.  The movie itself, especially the end, is quite lame of course.  The book had more character development, some extra stuff with the Klingons, but not too much extra.

Electric blankie goes on the bed tomorrow!
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