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Weekend times two

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I realised tonight I hadn't downloaded my photos in over a week.. oops!!

Last weekend was very springy...

A few of my mint seedlings survived the winter and are starting to thrive again..


This currawong sat in the back yard for quite a while, which gave me time to get a photo of it..


A young (pink) daisy..

A young (pink) daisy

A few shots of Canberra/Gungahlin..

Canberra over Gungahlin Pond

Gungahlin Town Centre

I'll never tire of the blossom trees around here..

More blossoms

Not sure what this is..?

Mystery pink flower

I like the cutlery they have in the Thai place we went to for lunch on Wednesday (Lemon Grass I think??)..


Of course the big news of this week is that we exchanged contracts for a house!! Terribly exciting for us :) Turns out our new house has a beautiful weeping cherry which is in full bloom at the moment..

Weeping cherry

Saw this on the ground on Friday afternoon, which I deemed stop-in-the-middle-of-the-city-to-take-a-photo-worthy..

Foothpath rainbow

Friday evening saw a bunch of us go to the Wig and Pen for after work drinks. It was a good fun night, although the place is far too pricey to be wanting to do it too often. At one point we got one beer, a plate of chips and a plate of wedges. For $21.30 ?!?!? Friggen rip-off. But the beer is pretty good.

Wig and Pen spectrum of beer

On Saturday, Annie and most of the rest of the family came over with French champagne to celebrate our house-buying (actually the champagne was given to them when Little Squishy was born, but they hadn't gotten around to drinking it.. so we celebrated both occasions :) )

French champagne

Squishy giggles

With our dinner (home-made pizzas) we opened another one of our wedding wines - a very nice Coonawarra shiraz. Quite delicious.. for a red wine ;)

Coonawarra shiraz

Today we spent much of the day cleaning up the house in preparation for moving out.

And we went to the book fair :)

Book fair

We filled up a shopping bag ($10 worth) with 38 books, so think we got our money's worth :)
Here's the ones I grabbed..

Book fair buys

I'm most excited about "The Final Countdown". Dad and I saw this movie years and years ago, and then couldn't remember the name of it for the longest time. I've not seen it again since, so will be cool to read the book.

And so that's pretty much the last week and a bit.... :)


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Sorry sweetie!!

Poor JJ was much worse off than me... even though we prolly drank the same amount all up..

and I need to be up early for a big breakfast tomorrow... hrmmm....

I really have the bestest sweetie ever... :)


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So it seems we bought a house today.

At least verbally anyway.  We have to put in a deposit overnight and hope that we don't get gazumped.

But we're both pretty darned excited :)

To celebrate, we opened the bottle of Mount Majura Pinot Gris that we'd been saving for a special occasion...

Pinot gris celebration

.. and ordered entirely evil pepperoni on puff pastry pizza for dinner... :)

I don't have any of my own pictures of the interior, but do have a couple of the view from the hill nearby..

View from the hill nearby

It could still all fall through though, so trying not to get *tooooo* excited .. :)

Weekendy stuff

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So.  Nat and Andrew came over on Friday night.  They stayed relatively sober while Stu and I got a little sloshed.. oops.. hope they don't hate us...

This was the second bottle of wine we drank (after a sparkling cabernet)..

One of our wedding present wine bottles

Natalie had fun with my Russian Dolls..

Russian Dolls

Natalie had never seen 5 1/4 inch floppy disks before..

Eight inch Natto

Which was really freaky cause that same day Chris pulled out a bunch of eight inch floppies he'd found..

Eight inch floppies

The morning after...
The morning after..

(the vodka was nearly finished, and Nat finished that one ;) )

Saturday was a glorious day.  Although Stu was somewhat still under the weather ;) 

The daisies in the front yard begged to be photographed..


On Saturday we began our house hunting in earnest.  That being, we actually went out to look at a few houses, as opposed to looking at them online.  The first house we looked at we fell in love with.  I'm sure that's got to be bad.  The other three we looked at didn't even come close.  We're pretty sure we'll make an offer on this one though.. scary!

Today we had a quiet day.  Although I did have to go into work to kick a server, we combined it with a shopping trip and got a few things only easily available from the markets.

Had lots of roast veggies for dinner, including an evil potato bake yummmm

And so ends another weekend.....


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Rule #74 - don't mix wine with ovens  .....

Trying to make pizzas after several glasses of wine.. not such a good idea.. ended up with a rather blistered hand from the edge of a hot pan burning me :(

Other than that... and, well, Stubie having a little too much wine and suffering the consequences badly.. we had a very lovely evening with Natto and Andrew .. attempted to watch Veronica Mars but got distracted.. then the Lion King but Stu had to, er, disappear .. and we never did get to Jurassic Park.. heh

my poor hand... and Stu's poor tummy.....


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Tony came over tonight to discuss finances.  Apparently we could borrow an insane amount of money for a house.. but don't think we'll be borrowing anywhere near that heh.

So now house hunting begins in earnest....

In nicer news..

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We did a roast lunch and had Scott and Kerry and Stu over.  So that was all very nice.  Had plenty of meat, but not enough veggies.. oops..

Waking up in the mornings is lovely at the moment.  We look at our window and see trees covered in cotton wool...

Cotton wool trees

I admire this tree the best, because it's flowering for its last time.  One of our bogan neighbours knocked it over with a skip or something a week or so ago.  It was just about to flower at the time and I was so sad for it.  But it didn't die and has been doing its best to get on with life.  I can't imagine it will be there next year though :(

Last flowers

I'd really like to see all this in Japan ...

Cherry blossoms


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Went to a trivia night tonight with Natalie and Andrew, and even Stu got back from Melbourne in time to come.  We came last the first couple of rounds, but made a comeback and ended up coming third.  Which was pretty good considering we only had six people on a table that could have had ten.  So per-capita we probably won ... heh

Stu's Sunday

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Sunday Stu arranged another breakfast out and about. Although this one at the slightly more civilised time of 9:30. Met up with Pauline and Brett at Satis (where yet again we were forced to perch on tiny stools while we waited for the others to arrive, but did manage to squeeze onto an (outdoor) table eventually). I swear that place needs to invest in some towels to dry up the back section which has been wet every time we've been there >:(

Had their "big" breakfast this time ($12.50).. rapidly running out of things on their menu to try...

Satis big breakfast

Had a fairly quiet rest of the day before heading over to Potty's for cocktails and nibbles.

How many people do you think it takes to make pina coladas? Four apparently - three workers and one supervisor ;)

Making cocktails

The end result was pretty cool though...

Pina coladas

And the other ones they made were even nicer..

More cocktails

And Kerry had a nice selection of finger food too..

Finger food

So it was all very pleasant.

We were planning on going out to dinner afterward, but Stu came down with a migraine, so we ended up just going home. Whereupon we ordered a pepperoni pizza on puff pastry... omigosh!! soooo good!! (we've had them before but had forgotten their evil goodness heh). Stu suffered on the Monday for it, but claimed it was totally worth it ;)

As an aside, on Saturday night we made home-made pizzas and opened another of our wedding present bottles of wine - this time a Pepperjack shiraz, which went surprisingly well with the pizzas.

Pepperjack wine

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