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It's going to be a very long, tiring week...

Highlights of today included sniffing packets and deciphering them.


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Stu's friends Ro and Alex came over last night to stay a night.  Much food was ate and alcohol was drunk.

Then we subjected them showed them our wedding and honeymoon photos, and they humoured us by oo-ing and ah-ing in the appropriate places :)

Was a very pleasant night.

Except I was rather tired today heh
oh, this was from last weekend, the poached pears with caramelised wine sauce.. delish!!

Poached pear
So the weekend started with dinner at the Hog's Breath cafe with Damien.  Much was discussed but primarily our honeymoon and his love life :)

Didn't do a whole lot yesterday, and then went out to dinner at Scott and Kerry's where much roast vegetation and a bit of chicken was enjoyed.

Today we went out to Gunning for lunch to celebrate Annie's birthday. 

So quite a pleasant weekend.  Even did a bit of tidying, and worked on our honeymoon photos a bit. 

Do I have to go back to work now?

  • big kids entertained with fireworks
  • shopping done
  • walked around the neighbourhood
  • cooked a scrumptious roast chicken
  • Stu cooked a fantastic curry, with even better pears in a white wine/sugar sauce for dessert
  • washed the sheets as a result of an early morning very messy nose bleed
  • macquarium cleaned out and re-filled (with white gravel; note to self: a 4cm thick layer of polystyrene needs a lot of weighing down)
  • watched Million Dollar Baby
  • had subsequent weird dreams about having to accommodate dead-beat people in our house and not being able to stand it
  • watched some of "The Triumph of the Nerds" and rather enjoyed it (even if it is twelve years old now)
  • taught Stu to play Carcassonne with the game we got as a wedding present
  • narrowed down a short-list of photos from the honeymoon to send to people with thankyou notes
  • more flight photos located on Google Earth
  • upgraded Java and installed windows updates


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Feeling blah tonight.  Could be being back at work.  Could be getting nothing done tonight, not even any planning.  Could be just tired.

I did however Google Earth a bunch of my flight over Australia Day 1 photos.. I guess that's something...


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So we had an inaugural monthly family lunch today.  Well that's the plan anyway.

Had everyone over for a roast pork (and veggie roast), which everybody seemed to like, woot! :)  Had everyone round the table which was a little cramped, but nice all the same.  Ate a lot though, and by 10pm I still wasn't hungry, but forced myself to eat something so I don't wake up at 4am starving heh

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