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Seriously, I don't have the time for depression!  Instead of spending the afternoon planning, I watched videos.  What a frigging waste of time!  At least I cleared a few tapes I suppose..

Had a decent chunk of beef for dinner tonight, in case I was low on iron or something.

And we folded and stapled all the order of services tonight.  Was actually really pleasant the four of us around a table chatting while doing it.  Sure beat me doing it all by myself.


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Had Natto and Andrew over last night for pizza and movies.  We watched Life of Brian first and then near the end of that "mawwiage" somehow came up and I said I think someone should say it at the wedding.  To which Andrew laughed but Natalie looked at me blankly.  And I'm all "You've never seen the Princess Bride!?!"  So we watched that afterwards and she liked it :)


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Felt completely unmotivated tonight.

Waking up at 3:55am and not being able to get back to sleep probably didn't help :/

I did get some useful work done at work before anyone else got in.  But tonight had to force myself to do the washing up and go for a cycle.

Methinks time to get ready for bed..
Got thoroughly demoralised at work today.  Feeling like I'm never going to figure out how everything works.  Feeling crippled by the "system" that makes it insanely hard to troubleshoot things.

There was a quote on House tonight that reminded me of someone at work and they way they interact with people...

"I’ve found you look a lot smarter asking the questions than dumbly not answering"

And I'm the one that can't answer cause I'm dumb :(
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