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So tonight Stu had his first book club meeting with the girls.  I went along because I wanted to have dinner with Stu, and the alternative was to just go home alone.  Natalie and Andrew came along for dinner, as Natalie was going to bookclub too.  So that was all very pleasant.  And then they started the meeting, and Andrew and I were told in no uncertain terms that we were a distraction, so we removed ourselves from the scene.  And went inside and chatted about all sorts of crap.

And pondered the physics of the carbonated straw, and why it didn't tip over the edge.  Things like surface tension, volume of coke in the straw, lip of the glass, etc.  :)

Carbonated coke straw
Then Andrew mentioned he had a blog, but wouldn't tell me where it was, because obviously that would be no fun!  He gave me a clue of "it's a town" and I quite randomly guessed a town a mere 30 minutes drive away!  But it was a challenge to find a map of the said location, as Google maps hasn't ever worked on this blackberry.  Until tonight!  When somehow I managed to click on a link that reinstalled it, and now it works!! I was very excited. :)  Looks like I have a couple of years of posts to meander through heh

Afterwards we investigated the spiral stormwater drain and played in it for a bit before heading home.

I'm boring

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I have nothing interesting to say.  Haven't for several days.

Stu and I went along to a pre-marriage type course on Saturday.  It was ok except for the fact it took up the whole day :(

Had a bit meeting at work to discuss the restructure.  Don't know what I'll be doing in the new world order yet..

Busy planning a wedding and a honeymoon.

Valentine's Day

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Stu sent me this for Valentine's Day.. how cool is that? :)

There's this school kid who catches my bus in the morning who always reminds me of Violet from The Incredibles.  He's always stooped over with his long hair hanging around his face.  So it kinda cracked me up this morning to see him carrying a bright red love heart balloon and a bag with a Valentine's gift in it.  It just seemed a little incongruous.  :)

Watched Borat at Scotty's tonight.  It was lame.

Beer O'Clock

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So it was another one of *those* days.  The big boss calls us in and announces a restructure.

Yet for some reason it didn't hit me nearly quite so hard as it did last time. 

But it was still enough to call a section meeting at the local to debrief and discuss *issues*..

Saturday Night

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Yesterday afternoon Damien came over and stayed for dinner.

Aside from a lot of talk about miniature wargamming, conversation and nibblies were very pleasant.

We watched an episode of Star Trek while eating our dinner of roast kangaroo and potato bake, which the boys were quite impressed with.

Afterward we played The Gardens of the Alhambra, which Damien won (pictured purple below), and Gloom, which I won significantly by some stroke of luck.

The Gardens of the Alhambra

Talk turned to musicals, and The Fiddler on the Roof, so we actually started watching that a bit before eleven. At midnight decided we were too tired and gave up watching.

A very pleasant evening.

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