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Pork was good

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David's roast pork was delicious as expected :)

Afterwards we played a game of Ticket to Ride, which Chay won with some lovely high-pointed Eastern European routes. Then a couple of games of Condottiere, of which I won the first and Chay won the second. Then a game of name that tune 80s, which David won.

This morning a bit of a slow start. Finished taking notes while reading through my past year of blog posts. I really do write a lot of really boring crap. Really don't know why anyone reads it :)

At some point today I'll attempt to get a year in review post done. If I have time amongst all the new year celebrations :)

So we went to the doctor yesterday. He took one look at my throat and said, yep that looks bacterial, and prescribed me some antibiotics. Within 24 hours the sore throat has almost gone. I also now experience the joyful side-effects of the antibiotics - runny poo! But I can handle that to be able to swallow again.

In the afternoon yesterday we went shopping for a fish tank, as they are inheriting a big angel fish, and don't really have a tank appropriate for it. So they found one they liked, and David played a good game of tetris getting it and the stand into his car. Then we all varnished it. Even the kids. There should be some photos of us all at it heh. It'll need another coat though.

Dinner was lots of evil pizza, followed by Name That Tune 80s and Buzz Hollywood. Then the others piked and David and I did much of Sing Star 80s. He of course won most of the songs, but I did beat him in one or two.

This morning we did take two on attempting to get to Ascot Provisions, this time succeeding. They've changed their kranskys which is a bit sad. Then wandered up to Sandgate to almost get blown into Moreton Bay. Then to pick up some supplies for tonight and tomorrow.

But right now there is a leg of pork roasting away, and I can smell it from down here... can't wait... :)

Christmas - Part II

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So, Christmas Eve. I cleaned. All day. Stu cooked. All day. It was a marathon effort.

Stu chopping up rind for the cumberland sauce

Chopping rind

We had to buy some Grand Marnier specifically for the sauce.. a tragedy really ;)

Grand Marnier

After the sauce was done, Stu began work on the ham. We got a gammon ham which is partially smoked, but can still be baked. We baked it for a couple of hours in the dough, and a bit longer for the glaze.

Ham soaking..

Ham soaking

Wrapping the ham in dough to keep the juices sealed in (except it burst during cooking)

Wrapping ham

The dough was like rock when it came out of the oven. We tried several implements to break it open, the most successful being scissors.

Attacking ham

Next we score the skin

Scoring the ham

And put cloves in

Cloving ham

Glaze with a mixture of mustard powder and golden syrup, and sprinkle rapadura sugar on top

Glazing the ham

When finished, it looks a little like this. Stu was annoyed at himself for using the fan forced oven setting, which gave it an overdone look, but it was still fine.

Finished ham

Stu also made a potato salad, using parsley from our herb garden, and a pasta salad with pesto, which we used our own basil for. He also did a delicious caesar salad.

Potato salad

After all this work, we kinda collapsed. We had a couple of beers and watched Carols in the Domain. It was the first time I'd ever watched carols with a little alcomohol in the system, and it was very nice. There was also a full moon rising out the window, so it was all quite special.

Carols by moonlight

We were going to go to church at 11pm but we were just too exhausted. So thought we'd go in the morning, but were too exhausted for that too. Oh well.

The table set for lunch, with lights brought out from the study to decorate the room

Table set

Stu's meat platter consisted of his ham, some smoked duck, and a stuffed turkey roll. Also some olives and vine leaves.

Meat platter

So this was Stu's Christmas dinner. A heck of a lot of work, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Christmas dinner

Noah brought along a lego plane he got

Noah's lego plane

Scott put on Stu's dork glasses and played the dork

Scott the dork

After lunch we migrated to Kerry's for dessert. This was just part of it.


Noah's plane again

Lego plane

As soon as we got home, I cleared the table and began work on the Millenium Falcon. But that is for another post :)

Christmas - Part I

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So Saturday .. was that yesterday? Seems so long ago..

Got up and got ourselves ready before heading to Parramatta Park for Jake's wedding reception thingie. Was quite pleasant, and the food was fantastic. It threatened to rain for most of the afternoon but held off until near the end. Not that it mattered much, being under one of the nice big pavilions.

Profiterole cake

Wandered back to James and George's for a bit of a sleep. After dinner we all played another game of RoboRally. This time Stu won, after a hard battle for the second flag, the rest of the game was fairly easy.

RoboRally ending

We went to bed *very* late (even Josh stayed up til after midnight). So we were a bit tired this morning. Said goodbye, then trekked the entire way across Sydney to my parents place for lunch.

Me in the Bah Humbug hat

Bah Humbug

Stu and me (laughing at my brother baring his chest to make us smile)

Stu and me

The cockatoos are multiplying


On the way home we came across these poor people who had overturned their car and caravan. Ruining their holiday fairly decidedly. That purple car with a P-plate is an unmarked police car .. is that even legal..??

Accident Hume Highway

Stu decided to take a scenic route home, so we went down the left side of Lake George, through Tarago. It was very pretty.

Tarago drive

Smith's Gap coming up the end of Lake George

Smith's Gap

This is one of the Christmas presents I got today - a Rubiks mega cube. I'm dreading mucking it up, because I don't think it'll ever go back together again..

Rubiks mega cube

After our dinner we went for a drive to see some Christmas lights. Firstly in Gungahlin

Lights Gungahlin

And then Amagula Ave, Ngunnawal, as recommended in the Riot Act. Truly spectacular!

Amagula Ave Lights

The whole front room of the house was converted into these little displays

Amagula Ave Lights

My tree at home doesn't look nearly so exciting now

Tree 2007

I still like my study lights tho...

Study lights

Ups and Downs

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Bit of a topsy turvy emotional day today. Got ready and drove to Sydney, stopping at Goulburn for lunch. Then did a drive-by of my old unit. Stocked up on fish food at the pet store near my house (which is about half the price of Jem Aquatics). Visited the local servo to say hello and refuel.

Then onto uni for afternoon tea. They'd all basically knocked off for the day, and Jodi and Jim came to visit and I got very sad that I'd had to leave the place. Stu even said that the work environment seemed even *too* good. Anyway so I was a bit delicate after that.

Trekked north to James & George's, anticipating horror traffic but instead got a dream run. Then the boys upset me by their lack of sympathy over my vista dramas. Sigh. Boys suck sometimes. Then had dinner which was very nice, and played a game of Roborally. I've played that game once, maybe twice, but like ten years ago. I remember it being fun then, and it was fun this time too. I actually even won, but it was pretty close.

Very late, bed time.


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Sometimes you have an ok day. A few things fall into place at work. A couple of small successes. You have fun doing Christmas shopping for your parents based on the same quite successful idea of last year. There are even nice Christmas carollers in the shopping centre. An instant roast dinner of leftovers is very yummy.

But sometimes even just thinking about Certain People and the massive todo list lurking in the background is enough to make you just sad.

Fun night

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Had a fun night tonight.
Starting at Scotty's for a lovely dinner cooked by Kerry.

Then off to Michael's for an astronomy night. When I left work I didn't think we'd be able to see anything, as it was completely overcast, but the clouds cleared later in the evening and we got to see the moon, and a double star, and Mars, which passed the closest to earth tonight for this orbital cycle.

Thirty second shot of Mars streaking

Mars streaking

Ten second (I think) shot of Orion's sword, including the Orion nebula (upside down of course, to Northern Hemisphere astronomers ;) )

Orion's sword

Ring around the mooney..

Moon ring

It was me!

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Just in case you were wondering, all the rain in Canberra this weekend is entirely my fault - I hung some sheets out on the line on Saturday, and we had plans to tidy up the garden this weekend. Rain has drenched my sheets, and stopped us doing the gardening.

So Friday night was beer and pizza night here (to the edge!!). Saturday was tidying then drinkies at Libby's where we ate and drank quite a lot (mostly champagne cocktails). Today was more tidying and cleaning and took another car-load full of stuff to the storage unit. We have over 6 cubic metres of crap in there. Dunno how we're going to fit it into a new house unless we get five bedrooms.. hrmm...

There's a roast pork and an evil potato bake in the oven. Getting hungry.....


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Feeling tired tonight. Can't possibly be anything to do with a long day having lunch at the Hyatt and kicking on afterwards. I ate so much for lunch I didn't need dinner.

And other nonsense

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Didn't really think I'd get time to build the Millenium Falcon this weekend. I knew days ago. Sure enough, we were out most of the weekend doing shopping/church/removalist type stuff. And even if I had the time next weekend (which I don't), we don't have any spare horizontal surfaces to put it, except the dining table which will be required at Christmas. So it's going to have to wait until after Christmas when we have some time off.

Or bowls to be precise.

Yet another work Christmas party today. It poured. Well really, it only poured for half an hour or so while we had lunch, then it cleared up somewhat and we could play bowls. A lovely lady from the bowling club tought us how to do it, and I did flukishly well at it - winning about five rounds of the 10-15 or so I played, even hitting the jack once. Jack hit the jack twice, which we all found rather amusing.

My neck is a little bit sunburnt tho :(

Lamb Roast

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Went to Melita's for a lamb roast tonight, to farewell Xander. The roast was excellent, and Xander will be missed. Housemates really don't get any better than him, I'm sure.

Time Waster

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I've been playing a lot of Hearts in the past few weeks. Not sure why. Probably because my todo lists are so long and overwhelming that I think I'll just play another game and avoid thinking about things for a while longer.

Today, on Boing Boing I think, I found this cool game - Chat Noir. The idea is to surround the kitty so it doesn't run away off the screen. Quite addictive, you have been warned :)

I got the Christmas tree put up today. Doing this required boxing up some of Stu's books to put into storage, tidying up that corner of the lounge room, and vacuuming. We also did a big grocery shop, and had lunch out.

Yesterday was the first of several work Christmas parties. I got appropriately sozzled (the last two drinks I wasn't planning on tho, honest ;) ). It was a pleasant enough afternoon. Then met up with Stu and we went to Damien's and then out to dinner at the Dumpling Inn. Great food - their shredded beef Peking style is unreal, and watched all the lightning out the window. Had ice cream at Damien's while er.. enjoyed.. a bit of a hangover headache. Oops.

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