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Mission Accomplished

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When I asked Stu the one thing I should do today, he suggested clearing the hallway. So that's what I did. Of course that meant completely emptying the study cupboard of all the computer stuff, sorting it all out, and fitting it all into the boxes of computer bits I'd brought down. The end result was pretty good though. Not finished yet, but at least there's a lot more room in that cupboard now. Also put away other piles of stuff lying around the place, so the hallway is clear!

Tonight started going through the kitchen boxes. This is a bit harder, because I have to decide what I will use here, and what needs to go back into storage.

I did manage to clean the bath and vanity.
I unpacked a few boxes and found lots of my bits and pieces.
I went into the city and lunch with Stu, Damien and Mishi.
I bought petrol.
I cooked a kangaroo roast and some yummy baked potatoes for dinner.
I made a mess.
I spread clutter all over the house.
I got stressed at the mess.
I didn't sort out the computer cables.

It was very hot in the car when I got back to it after lunch.
Very Hot

Also checking in

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So Friday the removalists showed up and did a dropoff of stuff here, then we all trundled along to the storage place where they dropped everything else off. Had a good game of tetris getting it all in.

Saturday went out for breakfast and shopping. Spent the afternoon organising.

Sunday was lunch at Scotty's and dinner at a work colleague of Stu. Damien brought pictures of his recent Turkey trip.

Today I finally made the spare bed (literally), as well as put sheets on it. Put the two spare single bed matresses under it, and found three Veriton boxes fitted perfectly as well, so filled those with single and double bed linen, clearing enough space in the linen cupboard to get that pretty well organised. Then it was onto the kitchen, where my mission was to get the entire contents of my pantry into Stu's already full pantry. Spent most of the day on it. Got almost everything in, and it all looks very pretty now...

Pretty Pantry

Cooked turkey steaks with fried onion, zucchini and bell capsicum. Was very yummy. Prolly used a bit too much oil tho.. oh well...

And Vista still sux...

Made it!

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Made it alive even. Which was useful. Especially since I felt like I was falling asleep most of the way.

The car took about an hour to pack. Good thing I'm good at Tetris! It took about 5 minutes to unpack.

It was very sad leaving my flat for the last time. Hope I haven't forgotten anything.

Got here about 12:30am.

Had a bit of a sleep-in today, then went shopping, and then to look at our storage unit. Even more Tetris on Friday... Spent the rest of the day trying to find homes for things.

Vista is taking some getting used to ....

Bullet Monday

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  • Packers came this morning
  • Packers stressed me out by mixing up the contents of my perfectly ordered shelves
  • I have no idea what's in half the boxes
  • I got a new computer today
  • I have no idea how to use it
  • I have far too much data
  • I have far too much stuff
  • My Mum totally rocks
  • I got a $17k payslip today (nett)
  • The government took $11k (bastards)
  • There's no way everything I have will fit into the storage unit Stu rented for us
  • Tomorrow is going to be no less stressful

  • Quiet

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    For some months the fans on my computer have been working overtime. I hadn't really thought too much about it.

    Today I vacuumed the front of my computer - the large grille that was caked in dust.

    Straight afterwards, the computer was suddenly silent. It's obviously had emphysema for months, and is finally breathing easy again.

    Have had the boy here all weekend helping me clean and organise for the impending move. Did a trip to the city on Saturday, had some brekky, visited the new Hobbyco store (very disappointing in its range of plastic models), and Abbeys (utterly pathetic computer section). Chorizo pizzas for dinner Saturday, yummm. Today was church, more cleaning, and my last Sunday Night Dinner at Alan and Marylon's.

    Tomorrow chaos ensues when the removalists turn up to pack things.....

    Progress.. sort of..

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    Well didn't really get any cleaning done today, but did get quite a bit of sorting and tidying done.

    A dude came to replace the smoke detector, so I can rent out this place legally now. My mum braved the 37° heat and came from the station to pick up some of the things I forgot to take over last night. The study floor is bare. The living room floor is bare. All my Lego (except a few bits I forgot) is all packed away. The main thing left to work on is the perimeter of the study which still has piles of stuff that needs to be sorted. Even convinced a freecycler dude to take both MMX 233s (he only wanted one). So only my original Pentium 166 (conspiracy) to chuck out. Will take it to the parents for whenever the next council cleanup is. Took my 486 to their place last night.. I paid $1400 for that computer and really only used it for a year or so before paying another $1400 to get the P166. And they'll both be thrown out at the same time 11-12 years later... *sad*

    I think I might have more meals to be eaten than I have food in the freezer so that's a good thing (although I might have to have a couple of veggie-only meals :) ).

    Definitely cleaning day tomorrow....

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