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So many lasts today. Now finally after much alcomohol it all hits me and I'm very sad... *sigh*

Take Two

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Had our "internal" farewell at lunch today - just a trip to the pub. But it was so much nicer and more relaxing and I had a couple of beers and John came and it was just so much better.

Threw out about 50cm of paper today. Emptied out my old boss' filing cabinet. Most of the stuff in there was filed in around 1999 by an admin temp we had at the time. Virtually nothing had been filed since. So I tossed pretty much all of it. It was an awful lot of fun :) I also tossed 3/4 of the stuff I had in my personal filing drawer. Very liberating :) And in two years time someone will say "whatever happened to xyz document?" and I won't be there to say I tossed it .. mwooohahahaha. I'd post a photo but Stu is about to call (have a mounting pile of photos I need to blog .. one day...)


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Had a farewell thingie for me today. Not many people from outside our unit came. This made me sad. I think I'll go eat worms. Well perhaps not, some unexpected people did come, and Luc said some nice things about me, and I didn't even have to give a speech.

Incredibly weary. Things would be easier if I was planning to keep everything and not get the place done up. Then I'd just pack it all instead of trying to keep tabs of a dozen people and what they are picking up and when.


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more on that later :)

Where were we? Friday?

Well Friday the boy came up early and we went out to dinner with various current and ex cia peoples. Was a very pleasant night at the Bavarian Beer Cafe.

Bavarian Tasting Platter

Pork Belly

Kazza Blogography

Saturday we had a bit of a slow start but eventually got going and headed down the coast to Werrong Beach. Was about a 30 min walk inbound. Not too crowded and not too rough so headed out for a swim. It was.. hrmm.. *bracing* .. but after getting used to the water it was pretty good. Swam for a bit, then had a sunbake, then a 40 min walk outbound back to the car.

Then it was a trip to the far other end of Sydney to J&G's new place in .. South Gosford.. heh :) Had dinner there and it was all very nice and then came home cause we were quite tired.

Today it was an interesting day at church - we had actual roast lamb for a Passover feast celebration.

Then it was back here to do some scraping and cleaning, before sending the boy home ( :( ) and going off to dinner at A&M's.
Except I managed to get myself the hiccoughs. Which is *really* annoying. Have not had them in prolly fifteen years. And quite over them. Already. Really!!

Where am I?

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Well yesterday was a bit of a cleaning day and then we wandered out to see a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which was quite raw, being performed by high school students and they only having 7 weeks to practise. But it was still a lot of fun (for me) and I sang the entire way through it :) The boys all made fun of it tho.. doh! Afterwoods we made it just in time to get KFC for a late dinner and then came home.

Today was babysitting day. Took Josh and Rachel to McDonalds for breakfast, then Questacon until we were rescued.. and this was after not getting much sleep last night and then having to get up at the unearthly hour of 6:45am. By 3pm we were completely wasted (actually we were wasted a lot earlier than that! heh). So then jumped in the car and headed back to Sydney, and straight on to A&M's where I had some *very* nice champagne and Alan excelled himself as always with dinner. Then home finally, where I was sadly met by *no* fish - the first time in nearly five years I've not come home to fishies. Very sad. That, and quite a pile of mail, but that did include The Hunt for Red October soundtrack which I'm listening to and it's very cool.

But now, even without seeing today's photos, I'm off to bed!

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