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Two days of getting up early and home late took their toll on my sanity somewhat. But spent some time tonight cleaning the study and sorting out a big "in" pile and feel a lot more in control now.

I've been putting off some cleaning tasks "for when it's closer to moving" but now it's actually closer to moving and I haven't started them yet. Don't know that my bathroom tiles are ever going to get regrouted...


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Had a fairly peopley weekend.

Saturday D&Y came over and we wandered up to get coffee and breakfast. Then back here for lunch hehe. Managed to offload some more of my bits and pieces on them .. woot! heh

Saturday night was at L&L's for dinner and wine and a game of Cranium. The boys weren't overly impressed but Lizzi and I had fun :)

Sunday was cafe church, and somehow we lucked out and got a massive platter of cheeses. Quiet afternoon, watched Star Trek III. Then packed up my tetties and their tank and sent them down to Canberra with Stu. Was sad to see them go because I'd had that tank setup for four years. Still, I think it has "old tank syndrome" - ie, nothing I put in it lasts very long. It's had a very thorough gravel vac now so hopefully that should improve things a bit. Then went to Marylon's for a yummy lamb roast.

And suddenly the weekend is over :(:(

(Google Maps - Miscellaneous Edition answers in extended post.. with an even worse response than last week.. *sigh*)

Long Weekend

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So a nice long weekend with the boy up here.

Watched some VM season 3 on Friday night.

Saturday it rained. So, foolishly, we went out it in for several hours. To Bunnings and a couple of fish shops. Had thoroughly had enough by the end of it. Came home and recovered for a while before going to my parents' for dinner (there was roast pork on offer, how could we refuse? :) ).

Sunday I dragged Stu out of bed at 7am to go see the 707. Then we watched videos and pottered. The weather had cleared somewhat by the afternoon, so we went for a walk to a "lookout" I'd never been to. Then wandered over to J&G's where many others had also gathered. Stu and I cooked the dinner on the barbie (hiding from the hoardes of people you see ;) ), and after dinner played Emporer/Scum which was fun and then Killer Bunnies, which I found to be rather pointless - over complicated and confusing and yet boring at the same time. Got home quite late.

This morning slept late, then meandered into town to have a wander around Surry Hills. Wandered up and down Crown St to see some places relevant to Stu's family, then had a delicious lunch at the Trinity Bar and Bistro. I had a fantastic caesar salad and Stu had a delicious duck thing. Then it was back here to pack up Fred and send him with Stu down to Canberra.


So other than cleaning and decluttering in the morning, I spent most of the day on my addiction and a surprise. Doubt will have time for either tomorrow though, so both will remain unfinished.


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So was Daniel's farewell tonight. He's been there almost as long as me. Except he, erm, worked there all this time :) Was a very pleasant evening of wine and cheese and more alcomohol and snooker and such things.

Definitely an end of an era...

(and I found another Freddie fan in James.. woot! :):) )

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