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Spent the entire day attempting to remove viruses and upgrade SAV on people's computers. Only to have the updated scanners pick up even more spyware nonsense lurking around. Tomorrow is going to be no better I can tell...

SAV Nonsense

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So this worm went round today. And hit all the computers that hadn't been updated to the latest and greatest version of SAV. So about 5% of our computers. Most annoying. And NO communication whatsoever from the Service Desk about what it might be, who else had been affected.. nothing! Just had to muddle our own way through it. Then tonight they finally sent round a link to the latest patch. Except it doesn't work unless you have a least the 10.1.5 baseline install. Which isn't vulnerable it seems. Yay. Thanks guys.

So anyway, that actually was a bit of fun in what otherwise would have been rather a boring day. That and playing removalist this morning trying to get a lab setup.


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Had a quiet day today, not doing either of the things we had planned. Instead we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and some Star Trek, went shopping for a dinner set (didn't find any we liked), drank tea and ate some yummy food (including some Krispy Kreme's D&Y brought over last night and leftover potato bake).

Miss the boy :(

Well he does :)
He replaced a bunch of taps tonight. Had problems with a few of them so couldn't replace those. Oh well. But the general situation is much more betterer than it was :)

Did some roasted lamb shanks for D&Y for dinner, which was yummy, I thought.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Was going to go to the beach this morning but we'd both had bad nights sleeps, and Stu was feeling ill from all the refined flour he ate last night, so we just stayed in. Had a dip in the pool which was very refreshing. Then had a siesta cause we were both so wasted. Went for a little walk to the dive shop and got a snorkel and goggles to replace my ancient cheapie ones.

So generally quite a nice day :) But I'm thoroughly exhausted and can't wait to collapse into bed.


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ok so dinner was 3-4 hours ago but I still feel full.

J&G took us out for dinner courtesy of Uncle Bill. Had a lovely chicken lombardi. 2/3 of the emergency services were also there. And a bunch of Italian men that reminded me of Goodfellas which I just happened to watch last night.


Poo poo poker

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Did my usual trick of coming one off the place-getters tonight. Fifth. Starting with 11, but 4 frustrating buy-backs, taking it up to 15 essentially. As per usual I played badly, or really not at all, and bled myself dry. Still, it was decent fun.

This, on top of a completely suckfull day where everything I touched didn't work, and I just want to crawl into bed.

Nice weekend

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Didn't want to get up today. Except that I woke up at 4:45 and couldn't get back to sleep, so gave up, got up and went to work.

Had a nice weekend with the boy. On Friday night made Stu watch Amelie, which he enjoyed, which I knew he would heh.

Kribbie babies

Did a little food shopping on Saturday morning, then went down to Scotty's to give him Stu's ADSL router. My theory being that as soon as Stu didn't have a router, they'd activate his adsl. Scotty has adsl2 now, and got 1.7mbit download speeds - sweeeet! Had scrumptious lunch there, then went and visited Scotty's new block of land.

The Block

Then a trip to Magnet Mart, where we could see the storm closing in


Relaxed in the afternoon. Cooked a mini beef roast for dinner which was yummy.

After dinner we went out to a visit the partner of a colleague of Stu's, who has his own observatory in his backyard (he also has a *waycool* model collection). Because of all the rain and storms earlier in the evening, noone else turned up. In fact it was still raining when we arrived. So we didn't expect much. But at about 9:30 the clouds began to part and they fired up the telescope.


It was *totally awesome*. It's a 14" reflector, mounted in a shed with a powered roof. We looked at the Orion nebula, lots of star clusters, the tarantula nebula, a double star, and finally Saturn, which was spectacular, very clear (even through a very fogged up telescope), and you could even see a few of its moons. And because noone else came, Stu and I had as much time as we liked to look at things. Around 11 the clouds closed in again so we went inside and watch an episode of Cosmos. Consequently got home quite late.

Slept in Sunday morning, and had some "home-made" cheese kranski for breakfast. Sunday afternoon was spent making models (I finished a small jet on Saturday, and worked on my Batwing on Sunday). Later in the afternoon we went for a little walk, and had a look at one of the houses I'd found on my property searches. On the way saw some lovely little red-rumped parrots (Psephotus haematonotus)..

Red-rumped parrots

Red-rumped parrots in flight

.. and a pair of crimson rosellas ..

Crimson rosella

Then headed out to Yass for dinner which was very pleasant. And so another weekend came to an end.

On the way out of town, noticed the tower was all lit up so snapped a dodgy pic of it out the window (really should have stopped but someone was behind me).

Golden Black Mountain Tower

The day at work was a bit of a waste. At least it was over fairly quickly.

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