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So after helping move, we wandered back to Stu's where we rested for a bit, then went and hunt and gathered some food for dinner (kangaroo and some fried veggies, very yum). Then we went for a walk to the top of a hill, with the intention of looking at the comet again. While we waited I took photos of crap.


But it just so happened that we were also in time for the Australia Day fireworks. Which we watched and I attempted to take photos, playing with exposure settings, being too distant to get anything worthwhile. But then the scheduled F-111 "dump and burn" happened. I snapped the shutter without having time to change my last setting - a 10 second exposure - oops! But it did make for a fairly spectacular photo..


After the fireworks, there was a mass exodus of people off Mt Ainslee. Which in itself was amusing..


And then I went back to taking pics of comets and Southern Crosses and the like..



On Saturday morning (gosh it feels like forever ago), we met up with Damien for brunch at Carlo's in Watson. There were so many yummy things on the menu I didn't know what to pic heh. Then we headed over to Cancon. Well the boys had fun. I played solitaire.. ;)







Stu cooked a yummy stir fry for dinner, then Scotty came over and we watched "Mallrats". Talk about a waste of space movie.. lol

Today we wandered over to Annie & Stu's for lunch, then back here for a scrumptious lamb roast for dinner.

And now my weekend is over :(


More sighing

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Last night was awful. Woke up at 2am to the sound of a mosquito buzzing around. And couldn't get back to sleep. For nearly three hours. Flipping restless legs, mosquitos, hunger, heat. It was just a disaster.

Today was slow as a consequence, didn't get much done. Then was patching servers, and one decided not to actually reboot. It stopped all its services, but then just sat there. So had to go in and kick the flipping thing. I have better things to do on my Saturday evenings that driving into work to kick servers. Ok not that much better - but I did have some fish I wanted to cook for dinner, and that turned out nicely which made for a pleasant change from the rest of the day.

Then I was playing with my new scanner which Stu got me for Christmas (a Canon 8400F), which is a way-cool scanner - except that it's so sensitive it scans the actual grain of the photo. So it looks as if the photo has a dried layer of dirty liquid all over it. The CanoScan toolbox which is what I've been using for other things because it's much quicker and easier to use than the Scan Gear CS utility doesn't have any grain removal options. The scan gear utility does, but requires tonnes of extra clicks just to save one picture, and would be too painful for scanning hundreds of photos. So that's all very depressing.

Dunno if I'm gonna sleep tonight. It was 30C and 40% humidity at 5pm. The study hasn't cooled down at all (the study never does - my min/max thermometer hasn't moved more than three degrees since I got the thing a week ago). Maybe I'll have more luck in my bedroom. If the mozzie doesn't come back - it's been there three out of the last four nights, the little bastard :(


Sun ...

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So. The weekend. Had the boy here which was lovely as always.

Saturday was a very quiet one, we just went for a little walk to the shops to get some food and the paper, but otherwise didn't do anything much.

Sunday was also fairly quiet, going to Bunnings to try and find some new taps. Got one set, but they didn't have any more, and failed at our attempts to install them because we couldn't get the plastic thingie off the metal thingie. WD-40 *may* help, but I don't have any. So that was a bit of a failure. Sunday night we went to Alan and Marylon's for some fizzling and Alan's famous beef stew. Also some lovely cake that George made (for our engagement) and some divine cheesecake that Angela made (for her birthday). Had a breakdown when I got home cause my mouse wouldn't work and it was dark and I couldn't make it work and eventually had to reboot. Sigh.

Monday Arian and the girls came over for an early lunch (platter of cheeses, salami sticks and veggies with dressing-dip - yummo!) and then we went off the Nasho Park for a swim. It was exceedingly pleasant - so much so that we stayed a lot longer than we planned, and as a consequence all got sunburnt. Well except Arian who applied so much sunscreen she looked like she'd been painted white hehe :) As we got home so late, Stu decided not to drive home tonight, so I have him for another night yayyyy :) Well another couple of hours really. We had an instant roast pork dinner I scraped together from various leftovers, and even had some crackling.

And now time for an early night in preparation for a *very* early morning tomorrow...


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Productive day today. Accomplishments included:

  • Tidied the study
  • Washed up from last night
  • Washed the sheets
  • Took down Christmas decorations and put tree away
  • Remade the bed
  • Vacuumed
  • Filed lots of paperwork
  • Cooked a roast pork and potato bake dinner
  • Took out the rubbish
  • Brought in the sheets
  • Went for a long walk
  • Watched videos
  • Washed hair

    Busy and a bit sweaty in places, but a good sense of achievement.

  • Other days

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    I really need to keep up to date .. Suddenly I'm three days behind :(
    My year in review post didn't get put into the December archive entry. Flipping MT. Here it is in case you're reading the archives in future :)

    New Years Eve during the day we went out for yum cha, then went down to the Nasho Park and went for a swim. It was very pleasant, although I did manage to burn the tops of my feet where I'd missed putting sunscreen on - oops. After a quick shower, we went over to James & George's to play games. First up, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, which Josh won. I trailed badly for most of the game and it was all very frustrating, but then I got three wedges in the one single round and actually ended up in second position, go figure. Had a lovely bbq for dinner - you can never have too much bacon! hehe. Next we played Ticket to Ride Europe which James won, then Acronymia which James also won, and finally Up The River Down the River which I won. So that was all fun (if a bit stressful at times heh), and then we watched the midnight fireworks on telly (what happened to Mr Wilkins??) and went home.

    New Years Day was rainy so we went out for brunch then came home and just spent some time together. And then he went home :( Sadness.

    Dreaded going back to work. Spent all morning just trying to catch up on my inbox. Then tackled the two servers. One is on hold now waiting for the dude to get back to me. The other is on hold waiting for the network to be setup (it was supposed to be but isn't). I can sense much more pain to come with it though. <snip>

    Can I go home now?

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