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Which way is up?

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Gosh, I go away for a couple of days and all sorts of stuff happens. Like I get home tonight and start trying to catch up on my blog news feeds and find this, and I'm like *egads* heheh. I went to find my own first commenter, and found I'd missed a few comments over the weekend (cause they normally get emailed to me, but the webserver was having a spac over the weekend and I didn't get the emails, so only just discovered those comments!) Some of the very original blogs I started reading are actually still around which is way cool. JC, CC, and Dennis I started reading in the first few days of my life in the blogosphere and they're still going. I'm pretty sure JC was my first ever commenter, and he was probably the first person I ever commented on too :)

So anyway. Four days of my life not blogged .. does anyone care? Probably not, but hey, this is for my own benefit, not anyone else's :)

Friday was easy day at work. Couple of lazy hours work in the morning followed by our Christmas party, which we had early cause one of the guys is going overseas this week. Ah crap, that reminds me, I'm gonna have to be the one changing tapes for December.. hrmmmmmm. Anyway, party was very pleasant, and then I hopped in my car and trekked down to Canberra.

Saturday was a trek to Belconnen for some shopping, with the evening at Scott and Kerry's with some nice Pakistani food and Monsters Inc.

Sunday was local shopping, and then out to Yass for Stu's birthday cake (the Other Stu :) )

This morning when my alarm went off at 6 I basically burst into tears and it was all I could do to actually get out of bed and go to work. Was positively dreading it. It turned out to be not so bad, I did actually get a couple of things done and kept all the crap-heapers at bay. The dreaded meetings database is still hanging over my head though, but I can avoid that another day, with a meeting with Luc on Wednesday to have another look at it. Tomorrow we upgrade the mail server to 7.0.2.. which has the potential to be messy heh :)

CSS broke me

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CSS/notes broke me today. Well more the point, someone else's implementation of a bunch of hacks taken from another system, merged into a database that was messy to start with, and had elements from another cms conflicting all over the place. I have been procrastinating starting this job for good reason. And so when I sat down today to do it, I knew why I had been procrastinating for so long. After about four hours of sitting and staring at it and trying to figure out what went where, I basically lost it, and Luc said he'd have a look for me.

Sunday Stuff

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Spent a decent chunk of today (while watching Crackerjack and the Red Bull Air Race in Perth) just dusting down and putting away my Star Destroyer. Dusting is a huge pain, because it's not just dust - it's grime as well. The thing has been completed for two years now, and it's been sitting on my dining room table right next to the kitchen all that time. Which means it's gotten cooking grime on it :( So I have to essentially scrub each piece with a moist cloth and dry it. It's taking more time to disassemble it than to assemble it! Did the body section and one of the wings today.

I also cooked a delicious roast chicken and potato bake, with roast garlic that I finally got right. Made a nice change from a very vegetarian week of food :) Also went for a walk, which I haven't done in a while. Want to lose 5-10 kilos to be in the lower end of normal, instead of the upper end.

Also spent a big chunk of the weekend missing Stu and all the stuff he was getting up to on his weekend. Was missing the very act of him *being*. Hopefully we'll be living together before too long. That'll be nice.

Saturday Stuff

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Had a fairly productive day. Got a bit of housework done, put up my Christmas lights in the study, caught up on some videos, started dusting and putting away my Star Destroyer, did up a 12-week cleaning roster, cooked an "interesting" dinner.

Miss Stu tho :(

And for a few photos...

First up we have the stuffed capsicum I made last monday night...


Followed by my "Pesto Veggies" dinner - mushrooms, capsicum and tomatoes fried in a little butter, with a few dollops of pesto thrown in. Mixed in with some wholegrain pasta and topped with cheese (I added more cheese after the photo was taken :) )


I really need to play some more with movement photos. These are my led lights taken at 1/8th second, while manually moving the zoom out. Strangely enough, in 1/8th of a second, you see 6 cycles of a 50Hz light, and six frames of movement.



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Came home today .. sigh ..

The yokult David gave me last night worked wonders. Felt instantly better, and was fine after that.

This morning Stu went into the city for work, and I drove out to the airport. Even though I thought I had left plenty of time, by the time I got delayed with slow traffic, having to get petrol, return the car, then trek down to the other end of the terminal and wait for security to check my bag, I made the plane with only about 7 minutes to spare! Yipe! That is so unlike me. So very stressful. Thank heavens for web check-in and not having check-on luggage!

I wish I'd discovered web check-in earlier. You can pick your seat online and print out your own boarding pass. Way cool. If I'd known that before Saturday I would have gotten that window seat. Although I might then have lost all the photos anyway - I seem to be missing one of my memory cards - I think it might have fallen out of my camera bag on the plane :( So I lost some pics from Saturday night, but also some mystery pics that I'm not sure what I took .. There was a missing week, and a total of 70 photos missing. Damned annoying.

Did some shopping on the way home, then got pissed off at the neighbours who seem to be opening the door deliberately to annoy me. I closed it three times this afternoon and within half an hour it was open again. At this rate I'll be removing the catch ...

Other than that, I did actually get the dusting and vacuuming done (the dusting done with my spiffy new FlyLady feather duster!), and cooked an "interesting" meal of capsicum stuffed with potato, cheese, tomato and garlic. Need to work on the timings of things tho.

Miss the boy.

Dreading going to work tomorrow :(

Pics tomorrow........

Tamborines and Gongs

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So this morning was pretty slow. Stu thought it would be nice to go for a drive in the fancy car, so we programmed Mt Tamborine into the satnav and away we went. We partly followed its directions and partly ignored them, chosing to go our own way :) On top of the mountain we looked at the view, watched some parasailers take off, and had lunch at The Polish Place - which was very nice, but my tummy was still unsettled so I didn't eat much. Next time I go I'll be hungry heh. Aside from the heat and the view, it was all very European, down to the music being played and the dacshund dogs after some bacon fat :)

Wandered back down the mountain and back out to Chay and David's. We watched Superman Returns before dinner, and Stick It over pizza. David gave me some yokult, which I'm hoping will replace all the good bacteria I destroyed over two nights of drinking... We shall see :)

Some days you do both.

Had a pretty sucky week at work, not feeling very motivated at all. Friday it made me cry cause it was all just too hard.

Saturday was flying day. However we couldn't get a window seat cause the plane was full. And it was a glorious day, perfect for taking photos :( When we flew into Brisbane we came in from the city side instead of across the bay, which I've never done in daylight from the left side of the plane, so I don't have any photos, and the woman in the window seat sat there reading a book for the entire flight. It was The. Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever. Far out I was pissed off.

The hire car we got has a satellite navigation system, so we used it to see what route it would take us on to Chay and David's. That was pretty funky, although not very clear with its instructions sometimes.

Made it out here and had a relaxing afternoon, followed by much alcohol, meat and singing. We're all feeling a little seedy this morning heh :)

Melbourne Cup Day

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  • My horse in the sweep came in fourth today. At least I think it did. I still have not seen a full result. The only sites that seemed likely to have the results were completely broken after the race and I haven't gone looking again.

  • Finally watched the finale of Celebrity Survivor. I thoroughly enjoyed the show - until they brought two people back. You *can't* do that in survivor - once they're gone they're gone! I wanted David or Nicole to win, but because of the "twist" Guy Leech did.

  • My boy went home early this evening. Was very sad :(

  • We finally got around to watching Star Trek II tonight. I'd been itching to watch it since seeing Space Seed a few weeks ago.


    I've been on training all week. A big waste of money unfortunately, as I probably knew 90% of what was being taught :( Still, I did learn a few useful things. Now to study for the exam.

    Even more changes afoot at work. It's going to be very sad, and also a little weird. More incentive to move to Canberra.......

    The boy was in the city today too, which was kinda nifty. And have him for another four days yayyy :)

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