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These are some pics of Stu's garden. Somewhat of an English Country Garden!

Red rose

Stu lives in an English Country Garden heh

Position vacant? What happened to the last person? Were they shot? :)

Position vacant...

I love this pic of Lily and Annie taken at Jake's party today

Lily and Annie

Jake with his second birthday cake

Jake's Birthday Cake

After Jake's party, we stopped in at the Alpaca show at EPIC. There was a whole shed full of these sweet, if skittish, alpacas. Stu wants one when he grows up heh


Alpaca periscope? I swear they have such long necks, they're like little giraffes!

Alpaca periscope


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Fairly quiet day today (well for the beginning anyway heh). Ran some errands - breakfast, shopping, post office etc, then back here and Annie and Stu and the kids came over for lunch, before just doing some tidying up and some resting.

Then we wandered over to Mishi's for some wonderful food, followed by a new game of Stu's called Condottiere, which Jo won, and followed by a game of Up the River Down the River, aka Oh $#^+, which Damien won. All in all a fun night, even after much talk of Canberra employment musings heh.

Missing him already

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Had another quiet day today. After doing a whole lot of nothing, we took a drive to Botany Bay where we collected shells, took photos of planes, and had a walk up and down the beach. Then back here to do more nothing and eventually he left. And it was very sad. It's been so nice having him here for the week. Now it's back to reality :(

Yummy Yum

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After a slow morning, Stu had a hankering for dumplings, so we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to Yum Cha. Which was very yummy. :) Stu was in heaven (he may even blog it himself! :) )

Got back home, and went for a walk to the shops via the fish shop.

Cooked a turkey leg roll roast for dinner, which turned out fairly well. Never done any sort of roast turkey before. Probably not among my favourite roasts. Ah well, it's all good :)

Watched some videos, and now time for beddie-bies


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So we had a wake today at work. The meeting was at 2pm. The COO got booed for not answering direct questions. The drinking started at about 3:30pm. The drinking continued for several hours, over a game of emperor/scum, in which I retained emperor for three hands in a row until the end of the game. The alcohol remained in the system during dinner at Arthur's Pizza with Jim, Luc and Stu. The alcohol remained in the system as my boy drove us home, and got home and crashed for the night.....

(I did somehow manage to smash one of the clips on my backpack at some point toinght, which makes wearing my backpack rather frustrating. Will have to try and find some sort of replacement....)

Took Stu along to L�wenbr�u Keller tonight. We got there quite early (like 5:20) and had a couple of beers (biers) and chatted, and then ordered dinner (I couldn't resist the pork belly, and Stu had some nice sausages). It was very quiet in the restaurant (I was hoping it would be - I thought it would be nicer to go on a Wednesday rather than a Friday night, and turns out it was, and being early certainly helped). So that was all rather pleasant, considering the 30C day (all day!).

Then got home and it was still very hot, even after 8pm, so decided to go for a quick dip. The water was *freezing*!! - so cold that Stu didn't even get all the way in. But I did for about 10-15 minutes, and it was very refreshing.

And then we watched House and did some boring domestic stuff, and about to head off to bed :)

Black Friday

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On Friday the 13th, my future for next year or so was thrown completely into chaos. Although I didn't find about it in full detail until today. And I won't really know what's going to happen for a while longer. I was somewhat shellshocked all day. Didn't really get much work done.

My holiday next year. My long service leave. My servers. All in doubt. I wasn't planning to think about any of this stuff until later next year, but it might come around sooner.

I think Jim and Luc are feeling similarly uncertain. Jim especially I think. Don't know how the others are feeling. Lunch was long and somewhat sombre.

As Jim said, it's certainly the end of an era.

Ironically, Dilbert on Friday was eerily related...

Caught up with John today, and gave him a hand ghosting a hard drive, which worked, and we were treated to a rather nice lunch (I had chicken and caesar salad), thanks Uncle Philips! :)

Then found out that somehow all my mail pre-August 22 has been deleted off the server. Which was upsetting and I am more than slightly pissed off about it. While I didn't actually *lose* any mail (I download it every night), I have lost about 200 emails that I hadn't read yet. They are lost because they were marked as "new" in my mail client on the server, and there's no way I will ever find those messages amongst my thousands of downloaded messages. About 2/3 of those really are messages I haven't read yet, and the other 1/3 are messages that I was leaving on the server so that I could get back to them because they were interesting/important/etc. Presumably they were removed due to space issues. But my mail file was 32mb before and it's down to 16mb now. Which is not huge in the grand scheme of things. Ben has very kindly said he'll have a look for them for me on backups on Monday, which will be awesome, but otherwise those messages will be gone forever :(

And finally, had another cia poker night. I came fourth in the end. It was very frustrating though, losing three big hands to Kirk. The first an ok hand to Kirk's three 6s. Then a winning pair to Kirk's three 7s. And finally two pair to Kirk's straight. Kirk played quite well though, um-ing and ah-ing and taking his time, when he had the three of a kind hands. He went on to win too, so good on him heh :) Had a fun time though, and a relatively early night yayy


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Got evacuated today at work. We didn't think anything of it, as we get drills and false alarms all the time. But when we got outside there were fire trucks and ambulances everywhere. Some sort of chemical spill. People taken to hospital. It even made the papers, go figure.


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Had another very slow start today. Well actually I slept really well, it seems not waking up at all during the night - which *never* happens! After we finally got going, we headed out to Yass for lunch (chips and some insanely evil garlic creamed potatoes, and don't try and get money out in a small country town on a public holiday - Commonwealth: atm out of order, National: no atm, Westpac: no atm, St George: *finally* a working atm heh)

National Bank, Yass

Came home and tidied up the study significantly, and put on dinner (roast pork mmmmmmm)


And then had some fun photographing some flies....




I like long weekends

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Means I don't have to go to work tomorrow :)

We had a much better nights sleep last night, but still had a very slow morning. Eventually we wandered out the door and made a pilgramage to the fish shop, via lunch to Office Works and finally home four hours later heh :)

Spent the afternoon doing some general tidying of the house. Dinner was some fish and veggies that were very yummy.

Aside from some Star Trek we also watched Saltimbanco, and the final of The Worst Jobs in History. The finale worstest job was violin string makers - who had to gut sheep to get the intestines... was pretty icky :)

Have also been tackling a hexadecimal sudoku. Resorted to typing everything out in excel, because the squares in the paper are too teeny to fit up to 8 or 9 options for some of them. Am making slow progress on it. I'll be happy if I can complete it - I've only had the patience to complete one other, but that was a 2 star, this is 3 star. And of course if I stuff it up I'll be pretty pissed :)

World Series

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So tonight I won the only game of poker on the Blackberry that I haven't won yet - the World Series game - 5000 players and $5 million prize money. I'd made a stack of attempts at it, but my previous best placing was 636. I played a very aggressive game and it paid off. Except that now I feel a bit lost cause I've won everything now heh.

In other news, we had quite a slow day, not helped by lack of sleep last night. We did some food shopping and had lunch out, watched some Star Trek, then watched So I Married an Axe Murderer and ate pepperoni pizza while babysitting Jakey.

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