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Since Stu was offline most of the day, I took the day off from my puta. OK so it wasn't very exciting. I mostly just watched videos and tv, and started putting my lego away again.

Which means I don't have much to report heh :) The TV turns 50 show tonight was a bit of fun (preceded by Where are they now?).

Bought a betta for the Macquarium yesterday. I wonder if he'd eat the guppies in there already, or if I should remove them first.. heh.. ;)


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ok so I've had quite a lot of sangria tonight ... enough to make it feel a little premature to put my head horizontally for the night just yet .... we did indeed get a pig, but it wasn't entirely in one piece, even when it was presented.. although I haven't reviewed the photos from the night just yet..... :)

He's gone :(

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And so another lovely weekend draws to a close.

This morning we slept late again yayy. By the time we got out the door it was nearly lunch time. But this time we only went a couple of kilometres away to a pet store I haven't ever been to, even tho I live just up the road from it. I got a nifty decoration for my smallest tank - it doesn't have any lighting, so trying to keep plants alive in it is too hard, so fake things will have to do.

Patchy rain all day today. Mostly the rain patches fell over us while we were walking between stores. None from the pet store to the pide place for a pastrami pide for lunch, but then a bit on the way to the coffee shop, not much on the way to the supermarket, but then whole dumploads of it fell while we had the longest walk from the supermarket back to the car. And we didn't have wet weather gear :) oh well.

Quiet afternoon. Stu had a nap in preparation for his late night. We watched an episode of TNG season 3. And all afternoon the lamb slow roasted. And it was good. Was a pre-marinated thing we found in the supermarket. Also had some potatoes and garlic. I didn't actually get to carve the roast. It just disintegrated, so it was a case of take a couple of tong-fulls of meat :)

Then we just watched an episode of "The worst jobs in history", and then the boy left to go home :(:(:(:(


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So the boy left work early last night and came up in time for dinner, which was lovely. A rare treat :) Watched some bits and pieces on tv, then Fantasia 2000.

This morning was a very slow start, not really getting ready til midday. Then we found a new aquarium to look at, but it didn't have the killifish Stu was hoping to see. Next dropped into work so I could show Stu the new office arrangements and my fishies at work. My kribs have had another school of babies!!! Did a water change in their tank while I was there. Then took Stu to my favourite Thai restaurant for lunch, followed by a shopping trip for tonight's dinner. Also went to Best & Less and got three floor cushions which are way cool.

So dinner was dory fillets fried with spring onions, ginger, red banana chilli and coriander, with asparagus and squash on the side. It was all delicious, Stu is an awesome cook :):)

We ate while watching the last disk of TNG season 2 (the special features disk), followed by ST I the motion picture. Like 2001: A Space Odyssey, you could easily watch the movie in fast forward. Nothing much happens. Basically it's just a single episode story that they took a lot longer to film, with the express purpose of showing off all the special effects they could do in 1979.. :)

Anyways, bed time :)


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Busy day today.

Lunch at the parents' place. Yvonne was there which was good. She had to eat and run though, which Stu thought she'd be "devastated" about.. heh ;)
Played three games of 500 after lunch. Mum did a lose-all three games (you're a loser!). The best game was the last game where David and I staged a brilliant come-back from negative figures, and we won the last hand on an 8 diamonds call I made after Dad had called misere.

Then no sooner had I got home then it was out again to Alan and Marylon's for one of Alan's delicious beef stews... yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :)

And now it's off to talk to the boy and go to sleep :)

Poker Face

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Came second to Luc in a game of poker at work tonight. Had a good run of luck in the middle which saw me through final three, but nothing good enough to win against Luc, and attempting to bluff just didn't work. Oh well. :) I think I'm in the black with it all now.....
The best hand(s) of the night was Guy getting an ace-high flush, only to be beaten by Jim with a straight flush!! Guy was a tad annoyed about that heh :)

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