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Well that's what it was billed as. And indeed it was.

But to begin the weekend, a very pretty drive, as all the wattles along the route to Canberra are in bloom at the moment.

Saturday began with our usual sleep-in/snuggle, and then a trip to the markets to hunt and gather for The Roast. Got lots of stuff there. Then Annie and Stu and the kids came over for lunch. The kids were playing outside beautifully by themselves, and after they left we realised what they'd been up to - scattering Kleenex moist wipe thingies all over the yard. Yay. Had a siesta in the afternoon to recover from a poor nights sleep the night before. I can't even remember what we did last night, it was a bit of a blur....

Today was a very early start - read 8am - to get The Roast going. Spent all morning cooking and shopping and cooking and cleaning and cooking. Well ok, Stu did *most* of the cooking. I managed to do a nice gravy and a very brown-looking caramelised apple sauce, that at least tasted good, even if it didn't look good. Stu's roast pork, potatoes, leek and parsnip mash, honey sesame carrots, and crackling were all wonderful though, which was also the consensus of Damien and Mishi. It must have been good, because nobody felt the need to eat dessert afterwards :)

After cleaning up the mess we went over to Scott and Kerry's and watched part of Episode II on their swishy new tv, and then came back here in time to see the end of 60 minutes (depressing peak oil stuff) followed by a show on SBS about bacteria which was a bit more positive with the research into stuff like biogas and biodegradable plastic bags.

Me don't wanna go home :(


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The doc reckons my foot pain is likely to be caused by my flat feet. Solution: get better shoes, and supportive insoles.

Came home feeling stressed about not being ready for the weekend, only to realise that I had almost nothing to do tonight anyway. Who'dathunk?


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Got lots of stuff fixed today.

Fixed NLB on the production servers that had been off since it all went pear shaped a couple of weeks ago. Just had to set the metrics on the second cards to be lower than the NLB cards. We've yet to discuss whether we'll try firewalling them again. And yay for a 7am start.

Fixed our software server which needed a keypress on reboot to get it to reboot. Found that two of the power supplies had gotten confused and thought they were offline. Reseating the power cables did nothing, but a cold hard boot fixed it. Also set it to recondition it's raid controller battery which had been giving me errors for, oh, a year and a half, and I hadn't gotten around to fixing it. Turns out to be literally a one-click operation.

Fixed OpenManage/Array Manager on another server that for some reason just wouldn't talk to the raid controller. There was a tricky fix involving a enableam=yes thingie on the installer msi file. Took a call to Dell for that one.

But this was all done by about 11, which left the rest of the afternoon with me wondering what to do. Well I was doing something, but it was taking a long time and I don't multitask very well - I have trouble concentrating on other things while I'm waiting for other things to finish. So I gave up at 3:30 and went shopping, only to find that the store I wanted to go to was all boarded up. *sigh*

Anyways. Early night methinks.

Parties and stuff

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For some very strange reason I'm in a good mood.

This is despite getting only four hours sleep after getting to sleep at 4:30am from a party last night, J&G and L&L not turning up to church so me sitting all alone, not being able to sleep after church, and the Sunday night downness.

So I don't get it :)

The party last night was for Michael MD, who apparently turned 41 the same day I turned 33 and some other dude. Alison was djing so went along for her. I was fading badly for the first couple of hours, the curse of being a morning person, but picked up a bit when I put my ear plugs in and relaxed somewhat and danced a little bit. Was good catching up with Chris and Fi and Alison. Hadn't seen Fi since new years a year and a half ago, and she was very excited about Stu and saw his pic and thought he was very cute :) Definitely need to see more of Alison too.

This afternoon despite my tiredness I managed to declutter some of my "in trays" of crap, and felt much better after that. The plan of a clutter-free, organised home is slowly coming together.

I also cooked some wonderful lamb shanks I picked up at the butcher a few weeks ago. Gosh they were yummy. And some roast potatoes too. Stu has got some ideas for roasting potatoes, we'll try them out next weekend :)

Birthday Food

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Breakfast was some cereal. Don't actually know what it was. Whatever looked interesting and was on special when I bought it.

Morning tea was yummy chocolate cake George made for last night but ended up at work as leftovers.

Lunch was stir-fry satay chicken from the Thai place near work, thoroughly delicious, Luc's shout.

Afternoon tea finished off the cake. Well, I had help of course. Any food left in our office gets devoured. Although I did give have to convince a few people the eat the last pieces so it wouldn't go stale overnight.

Dinner was scotch fillet steak and mustard, with mushrooms fried in garlic and peas and corn, with my last Cadbury Creme Egg from Easter for dessert.

Overall not a bad day. Except for generalised feelings of depression in the morning from a world that's just gone crazy, and missing my boy ....

So where were we? Yesterday .. never quite got around to blogging....

Stu and I were having a lazy Saturday morning when the little brother called up and said did we want to use my Sizzler 25% off voucher this weekend. The problem being we couldn't do Sunday at all, they couldn't do Saturday night, and couldn't make it to our end of town for Saturday lunch. So we went out to meet them at their end of town :) As per usual I didn't get anywhere near my fair share of food, having a small stomach and all. I had some nice barramundi (although not quite as nice as Friday's $7 salmon :) ). But they did get me a wayyyyyy cool birthday present - the first two seasons of MacGyver on dvd - me a happy girl :) After lunch went with Yvonne to check out her work, and then via some pet stores and back home. Saturday night was just watching dvds of Star Trek and Toy Story 2.

This morning went to church for Rachel's baptism, followed by a lunch afterwards. Then came home to collapse for a while before heading out to Alan and Marylon's for dinner. Had a go at six-person hand bells (12 bells), which was pretty cool, although people kept forgetting where they were up to .. I was just following my sheet in front of me and didn't have too many problems. Needed someone not ringing to call numbers tho.. heh

Now just need to wait and hear if the boy made it home safely .....


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So the boy came up last night instead of tonight, so that we could go to Ikea sans-crowds today. Well the mission was considerably more successful for him than me, and he has credit card receipts to prove it. Me, I just scored half a dozen wine glasses for $5, and they're very nice, made in France even (as opposed to cheap glasses made in China which would have been much crappier). I also scored a fantastic salmon and vegetables dish for lunch for just $7!

On the way we meandered around Olympic Park, and I wanted to take some photos of the water feature that was the Olympic Flame that Cathy Freeman lit in 2000.

Olympic Park water feature

On the way back we went to Strictly Aquariums and Stu got four little tanks that he wants to use for killifish breeding.

This afternoon we drank peppermint tea while watching Star Trek, then had the most divine roast chicken and watched general bits and pieces on telly, including a bunch of Star Wars characters do this song (including Chewy on drums in apparently no synch whatsover with the sound) ...

Stu brought up some guppies, they're still alive... wonder how they'll be in the morning......

Suck Day

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So reconfigured nlb on the production servers yesterday. Things were mostly ok, but a bit odd, but nothing that appeared to be a deal-breaker. So then today enabled the firewall. And all the wheels fell off. But turning the firewall off didn't help - nlb was properly broken. grrr. And the test servers, which were working perfectly last week were also broked. Same sort of problem. So had to remove nlb from production until we could schedule more time to fix them. And then the dude from Microsoft called back to say that actually firewalls on nlb servers is not a supported configuration. Good to see that Microsoft don't support securing their servers in a variety of configurations (including on domain controllers).


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