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On a lighter note, we went out to celebrate James' promotion tonight. But after having a big lunch out (impromptu outing since was Jim's last day for a month), I thought I'd get something "light" for dinner. Got a chicken caesar salad. And couldn't get through it. It was ginormous!

Silly really :)


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I left work early today.

And yet it's 10pm and I've done nothing tonight :(

ok, so I raced home so I could fiddle with the modem with Marc on the phone. No luck there. Still just as fubar as ever.

Then I went shopping.

Then I came home.

Then I fiddled with the modem.

All night.

The link is definitely working. It just won't connect.

And I wanted to get my USA photos done tonight.. :(


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Well they did actually decide there was a problem with my connection and Marc very kindly had a look at it, but no progress yet.

Got quite a bit of stuff done this weekend, most importantly finally htmlifying my USA photos (yes, two years on). There's just a few more bits and pieces I want to do before I finally upload everything.

I think the kribs may have died from the new heater I put in - I noticed when I was clearing the tank out that the rubber was very slimy. Maybe something leftover from the manufacturing process killed them.. :(

Also, after replacing the network card in my puta, it was still only able to go at 10mbs, so I'm pretty convinced it's the cable. When I get the urge I'll run another one round to the switch and see how it goes.

Now just waiting for me boy to get home so I can talk to him and go to bed....

Well I *was* winning tonight. Picked up the car from its servicing, and it was a cheap one. Then had some nice lamb leftovers from mum's party for dinner. Then Diana came over and we were going to go walking, but it was raining, so we played games instead. I won all three games of Rummytiles, probably won both games of Take Two, and even won the game of 500 with Diana against the parents.

So it was all good.

Then I remembered I'd forgotten to tape Veronica Mars. doh.


Gosh, it's been a while since I've blogged (a whole four days heh).

Let's see. Friday night the boy arrived in Sydney which was lovely - three weekends in a row - woot!

Friday was also me mum's birthday, so Saturday was her birthday party. Dave, Stu and I were the only people there under the age of about 55, so that was a little .. er.. heh :) But I was assigned task of official photographer, so ran round taking photos of stuff. Mum got a caterer in at Yvonne's suggestion, and that worked really well. The caterer was really nice too, even giving Dave and me offcuts of the end bits of the roasts and the bones to pick at :):) Coolfullness :) Mum did this quiz thing where she wrote a whole stack of questions and everyone had to try and answer them. I think I probably got more right than anyone, but I wasn't scoring cause I really didn't care heh. The prize was a bag of jaffas that went straight into a bowl and got shared around :)

After the party we went shopping and got Stu a new battery for his phone and a coffee and some bits and pieces from Big W, and went and looked at the fish shop at all the cichlids. Then we came home and crashed and ordered pizza - bacon and cheese burst crust - evil!! :) Definitely ate too much though, and ached the rest of the night.. oops...

Today was a complete morning off. Slept in, and just pottered around the house. I patched servers while Stu read his css book. Had two computers setup in the study so we can work on one each which was cool. Then I did some more fish stuff - moved Fred and George into the study, so now I have all my fish in here.

Will probably be going to play a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit later.....


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Had to come home today :(

My car this morning was like a freezer that's been left too long without a defrost. Except all the ice was on the outside. My poor little car has never been in a frost like that, at least not while I've had it. I scraped away what I could with just my fingernails before I watered it down, only to realise later up the highway that my fingernails have apparently scratched the windscreen ?!?!? I've yet to rub it to see if it's just perhaps a scratch in a later of oil or something. I know plastic scourers scratch windscreens, but I'll be a tad put out if the scratches are permanent :( Does anyone know of a way to reduce the look of the scratches?

Day was ok. Firewalled the file server with seemingly no apparent side-effects.

Bit of a blah night. The neighbour's pipes above my garage are leaking again. Four litres of goodness knows which sewage water dripped into my garage over the weekend. Emptied out the container but got it all over me in the process, and then the tap out the back which needs a new washer had been turned off so hard I couldn't turn it on. So ewwwww.

And then sat down to watch Survivor but realised I haven't actually seen last week's episode yet.


Only three days to go........

It wasn't my fault - it was entirely too delicious! But more on that later :)

The plan for today was to see Sean and Mel this morning and have a quiet afternoon around the house. Except that by the time we actually got out of the house it was nearly lunchtime. Oops. But we had a nice late morning tea with them and then dropped by Scotty's to pick up some power tools and got back here by 3pm.

Anyway so we had these organic pork hocks we got at the farmers markets, along with some sweet potato, potato, parsnip, leek and onion. We cut up the veggies and sat the pork in some of them, turned up the oven and cooked it on high for a bit, then dropped it back down to 80C for another three hours.

While waiting for the pork to cook, we did some gardening and some handyman type stuff.

We also made a killer apple sauce out of apples we got at the markets. It was a bit of effort but I'm sure a heck of a lot better for us than stuff out of a jar.

So the whole thing came together and it was utterly delicious. Stu thinks it's the best roast pork he's ever had heh. But we both ate too much methinks ;)

Watched some more Star Trek, washed up, and time for bed now.

Wee Sunday

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So this morning we slept in. Again. :) Meandered out of bed eventually and got ready eventually, and got out the door at something like 2pm :)

Headed out to Wee Jasper for a drive. Got out to Carey's Cave around 4pm. Unfortunately you can't go into the caves except on a tour, which had been finished for the day, and we didn't have enough money anyway when the dude offered to take us in anyway heh. So we said maybe next time. Meandered back to Yass for a lovely Indian-style dinner at Annie and Stu's.

Some photos from the weekend....

Ferdinand! A duck at the poultry show

Stu and a very cute chicken

The same chicken

I was in the paper today!  Pretty nifty hehe :)


L showing off his ARC-170 Starfighter

Some cute smiley faces in the Jarlsburg

Stu on the road to Wee Jasper

A sheep with twins, but they ran away when we tried to get near them

A white-backed magpie


The moon


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I swear the rain follows me to Canberra. The last two times I've been here it's just rained and rained. Not that that's a bad thing, it just seems out of character with the city :)

Had a bit of a lazy day today. Woke up very early (the Curse of the Morning Person) and took ages to get back to sleep (although had a rather lovely dream about Stu when I eventually did :) ). Got up eventually and went to the farmers markets and got a bunch of fresh local produce. Then went to the poultry show next door and saw lots and lots of chickens and a few ducks. There was a dude there that made and sold chicken runs, and had some really sweet chickens. We wanted to take one of them home on the spot. She was quite content to sit on our hands, and even on the dude's hat. Very cool :)

Came home and had some lunch and then an afternoon siesta before going over to Mishi's for a *wonderful* lamb roast, it was just divine.

And suddenly it's 11:30.. How'd that happen? :)

With the boy tonight :):):) yayyyy.. This two weekends in a row thing does it for me :)

Decided to leave after peak hour tonight to avoid the long weekend escape. Well that theory was ruined by someone that rolled their car. And brought the M5 to a standstill. *sigh*

But got here eventually and Stu was watching Return of the Jedi on dvd. Every time I watch these movies I find more things to pick on. Sometimes when I commented on something, Stu would say it was based on a true story, heh :) Silly really. :) (ok so you probably had to be there :) )

And this won't mean anything to anyone else, but was listening to Saint-Saens Symphony Number 3 in the car and my favouritest bit of it came on just as I came over the hill on Horse Park Drive that has a view of the north of Canberra and Black Mountain Tower.. It was very *very* cool, for me at least :)

So today after eventually getting out of bed and getting ready, we went over to Damien's for lunch. Mishi and L came, and Jo, a friend of Damien's came. It was all very civilised. Some nice wine and lots of food and a generally nice time.

And now it's 5pm and I feel somewhat drained. Must be all the socialising we've been doing all weekend .. :)

Our todo list for the next time I'm down includes planting fresia bulbs, planting some foxglove seeds, going to the farmer's markets, getting some photos of us (cause we don't really have any good ones), probably some fish stuff (I got some lights for my 620T tank today - they're hard to get so I'm rather pleased about that). And generally just have a much quieter weekend than this one :)

Well we had a bit of a sleep-in, a bit of a snuggle, and then the family descended en-masse. All of them. Really. Heh :) Actually them all being in the one place at the same time is pretty rare, so I took a bunch of photos to mark the occasion. After lunch they all headed off, and we crashed out for a couple of hours. Then headed out to Annie and Stu's where Ruth had spent the afternoon cooking, and we had a rather lovely roast lamb dinner. Made the other Stu watch Galaxy Quest which was on telly, and he liked it heh. Heading beack into Canberra was cool because the city lights reflected off the cloads, so we could see the place as a glow on the horizon all the way from Yass.

I'm sick of being sick. Can't stop coughing and it's getting a bit old now :(

So yesterday I decided to be selfish and keep my germs to myself. So I worked at home. And strangely enough I actually got more work done yesterday than it felt like I did all week. Less distractions. Or less opportunities for procrastination.

Decided I needed to go in today though. Learnt more about how Backup Exec works, and what strange things can happen to it if you start firewalling things around it :)

Caught two of my kribs, including the big boy that I really wanted to catch surprisingly easily. Allowed myself half an hour to catch them, but it only took about a minute :) They're settling ok into Stu's tetra/cory tank. But worried they'll start terrorising the tetras and corys, so will have to keep an eye on that.

The drive down sucked. M5 was a disaster practically the entire way to Campbelltown. Then it bucketed down rain but at least I could get around cars. Past Goulburn the run was clear and much nicer.

Watched an episode of Star Trek, and now is time to crash.

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