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And so on

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So dudes came this morning to install fire collars on the pipes in my garage. The theory being that if they catch fire the lining of the collars contracts, crushing and sealing the pipe to stop smoke coming up through the drains in the bathroom above. Except they couldn't do one of the pipes because the plumbing of the place wouldn't allow for the fitting of a collar. So it's all a little redundant.

But it did force me to do a bit of a tidy up of my garage. Sorted stuff for chucking and storing and tidying and taking to work. And cursed my neighbours (which I do every single time I have to use the bins) for dumping crap in front of the recycling bins, which means they didn't get emptied this morning, which means I didn't have room to put any of the old boxes I wanted to get rid of. I hate my neighbours.

Still sick. Was feeling a bit tender at work today. And starting to get symptoms like runny nose and coughing. Yay.


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I also had a productive weekend. Although after a few wines I can't really tell you with what... er... :) I moved the telly into the other room, cleaned and vacuumed both rooms, did washing and put it away, cleaned the bathroom, watched some videos, built some Harry Potter Lego, stopped reading a blog, went to church, went to Alan and Marylon's for dinner before they disappear for over a month, caught up on some blogs, played Carcassonne, fixed an old computer that wouldn't boot by fiddling with the ram in it, .. er ok so I could list a few things... hehe :) and on that note I'm off to go talk to the boy on the phone :):)


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Realised I forgot to post last night. And almost did tonight.

George did a lovely roast beef tonight.

And went to buy a bunch of lego from a bricklink store, only to realise they ship to USA only. doh. And no other store has all of what I wanted.

Not much else is happening. Not in my life anyway...


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Had another lovely day with Stu today. Went to church, came home, then went for a walk and got Turkish pizza for lunch (a sucuklu, yumminess :) ). Came back and watched High Fidelity while a roast pork and potato bake cooked. And then it was time for Stu to go home. Sadness.

Here's some pics from the last few days..

Two female kribs facing off

A litre glass of beer at the L�wenbr�u

Sydney Opera House by night (no tripod!)

The St Barnabas Broadway church...

St Barnabas Broadway

St Barnabas Broadway

St Barnabas Broadway

and for reference, here's how it looked in 1870:

St Barnabas Broadway in 1870

More pictures here

Busy Day :)

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Had a great (although busy and tiring) day today.

Had a bit of a sleep/lie in, before getting ready and meeting up with D&Y, and going for a coffee (ok so I had a white hot chocolate with caramel - yumm!). Then wandered into town, stopping at Broadway where I took photos of the St Barnabas church (or what was left of it :( ). Showed Stu where I used to work and familiar haunts. Then caught a bus into town, searched through Dymocks for LotusScript books (they had *none* pfft!!), had lunch at the Scottish Restaurant, and found the Tin Soldier, which had moved a few stores up the road which caused us slight confusing trying to find it heh.

Caught a bus back to the car, then did an aquarium run, stopping at two aquariums. Stu bought a thumping great big Eheim filter for his 4' tank and some corys, and I bought eight black neon tetras (which are schooling very nicely with the rest of my tetras).

Finally got home late afternoon. Watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek (we're up to season 2 now), cooked a steak dinner (with garlic mushrooms and later some home-made potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce heh) and watched Love Actually which was really sweet.

And now it's most definitely time for bed :)


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  • got me netphone back
  • spent a decent chunk of today talking about and reading about server security
  • watched harry potter and the goblet of fire

  • CrackedBerry

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    How is this for utterly tragic:


    Jim dropped his BlackBerry on the weekend and cracked its screen :( It was only a few weeks old too :(

    Weekend stuff

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    Got lots of crap done this weekend. Which was useful. Didn't go for a walk like I wanted to. But got lots of housey stuff done.

    Found a dried neon tetra on the desk next to the tank today. Think it might have flopped out of the open lids of the tank sometime last night. Don't really know how else it could have gotten out.. I mean I was doing some work on the tank yesterday, but not pulling stuff out. Poor little guy :(

    Spent a decent chunk of today reading icq logs and reminiscing about meeting Stu. Got quite nostalgic me did .. :)

    Dinner at Alan & Marylon's tonight, which was lovely as usual. Eyes bigger than my stomach (as usual) heh.

    Thinking about wandering off to bed.


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    er so where was I? Canberra unpacking... well yes that about sums it up really heh :)

    Oh there was a good night at Mishi's, and Damien was there too and we chatted (well they chatted about old times mostly) and ate and eventually we had a game of 500 that Mishi and I lost at, although it was a marathon effort heh, and a game of Scrabble that Damien and I cheated together at the end with which got our scores up, but not enough to win hehe.

    And there was the fantastic lamb roast we did last night with baked potatoes and a sweet potato and a whole bulb of garlic (cut in half and roasted). Stu and I both love our garlic, which is rather a good thing ;) We also fired up the wood heater (well Scotty did really), and that warmed up the back half of the house beautifully.

    This morning was awfully cold though. Made it hard to get out bed and out the door. But I did, at 6:30, and got to work at 9:50. And a day of catch-up more than anything else.

    Tonight I pulled conspiracy apart to find out what was up with it. Turns out the data (photo) drive is dead. Which is a major pain in the rear end. Cause although I do have copies of all the photos, not everything is in the order it was on on the server. And I've lost all my logs :( I do have the apache.conf file which is useful. But now I have to try and find a disk big enough to replace it, and decide if I want to keep running nt4 (shudder) or run something else. I did have another box here I was keeping as a spare which had been up and running before, and thought could run w2k on that, but tonight it wouldn't boot up either (completely black screen). I also had thoughts about running Ubuntu on it, but that also seems like a lot of work. Blah. Anyone got an 8gb disk floating around they'd want to donate to a worthy cause?


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    Almost my entire day was a suckfest today. I'd rant about it if I could be stuffed.

    The one good thing was finally meeting CC - we caught up for lunch and chatted about blogging and work/study and fish etc, it was really nice.

    Kaz and CC

    May Day

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    Sucky day today. Was patching servers last night and found one had been compromised. Doesn't seem to be much damage, but it is going to require a rebuild. So spent most of today cleaning up the crapfullness. Doing some work on it tonight, then reevaluate the situation and what we'll need to do later in the week. *yay*.

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