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Made it to Sydney

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Gosh what a crazy two days.

Let's see. Friday morning after we logged off, we caught and packed up all the fishies and put them into baggies. All good. And carried on cleaning what we could. Then the removalist showed up. Yes, one removalist. Actually he was just a packer, not a remover. So this dude, by himself, spent about four hours just packing stuff. So much for a team of packers to come through and blitz the place. There was an hour or two when we couldn't really do anything, because the surfaces we needed to clean were inaccessible behind boxes of stuff. We were also getting stressed because the carpet cleaners were due to arrive and there was no visible carpet to clean :( When he did turn up though, he kindly arranged to get the key off the estate agent and come back next week to do it. Anyway the removalists finally arrived and three blokes in their blue singlets blitzed the emptying of the house. I ran around after them with the vacuum cleaner to get the excess of dust off the floor so they could take the vacuum cleaner with them as that last thing heh. We also ran around with spray and wipe and chux cleaning surfaces as they became available. It was about 7:30pm by the time we'd tetrised the car and returned the key and said goodbye to a lovely flat.

The way the removalists worked was different to what I expected. Rather than filling up a truck and driving that truck down to Canberra and unloading at the other end, they instead filled up a shipping container. Then the container is taken either by road or rail down to Canberra, and another team will unload it. Which was pretty nifty. Although of course it does mean that we don't actually know yet when the container will be arriving. Hopefully next weekend would be useful. So I'm not going down today, but perhaps next weekend, or maybe the one after.

Next it was over to Chay and David's for a wonderful lasagna dinner, a few drinks, and a game or two of the new Buzz (general knowledge, which I did a lot better at than with the music trivia version). And a place to crash for the night. Thanks guys!

Yesterday the long long drive. Got away at 9:13. Got here about 12:45 :( We had a coffee stop in Warwick, a lunch stop in Tenterfield (we had to try the honeycomb cheesecake at the Coachman's Cafe :) ), a tea/coke stop in Tamworth, and a nice break at Arian's parent's place (where Arian had been all week so caught up with her here instead of Armidale :) ). Traffic was fairly light which was good. The fish in the baggies seem to be ok so far. My fish at home seem ok. And a lovely sleep in this morning :)


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Last post from Brisbane (probably). Certainly the last from this computer before it gets packed up and shipped to Canberra.

Another busy cleaning day yesterday, as well as going into town and *finally* meeting Stu's old boss, and one last coffee downstairs.

The flat here is in a strange state of half-packededness. Most we are leaving for the removalists, but some things have been packed so we know where they are. The next task is to catch all the fish and bag them up, wait for the removalists, then clean like crazy when they're done.

Probably no posts from me for a while - the new blackberry lets me post, but doesn't wait for the rebuild to happen, so the post is never actually published :(

See you on the other side :)

Ooops, yesterday

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Didn't get any cleaning done yesterday cause ended up being out most of the day .. oops. Did look at a couple of fish shops, and Stu bought himself an lcd monitor. And had dinner with Shazzy and Tash which was lovely.

Today the plan is to finish the todo list ... hrmmmmmmm :)

Cleaning day

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Hard core cleaning day today. Although spent most of it on the bathroom. Which looks fantastic now. Took it a bit easier in the afternoon after an entirely evilly delicious pepperoni pizza on puff pastry. And the potato bake tonight... yummm :) And got to meet Willett and Javaira too which was cool - putting faces to names I'd only ever read about :)

Todo carries on

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Fairly productive day today. Went out for breakfast to Ascot Provisions - I was craving a cheese kransky. Except that I ended up with two kranskys, two eggs and some toast, and I didn't get through it all.. oops! Then went into town to do some shopping for Stu. He spent lots of money, but ended up with quite a few new clothes/shoes etc. Then came back and did a lot of tidying up around the flat. Tomorrow we get to do the really *fun* stuff - cleaning the oven, kitchen, bathroom and toilet.. :)


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Didn't get a whole lot done today after a decent sleepin from our big night last night heh. But did go through the todo list and make a start on tidying up the study and sorting stuff out. Went to the markets to get some supplies, and looked at the fishies at AquaZoo, and had some nice steak and ice cream for dinner/dessert.

Tomorrow will involve some shopping and a lot of cleaning.

Wandered down the coast today and ended up near Byron. Went for a swim at the beach and the nearby lagoon before wandering back.

Then to Chay and David's for a lovely roast dinner and the new version of SingStar, which surprisingly I knew most of the songs on. Quite a few beers later and I'm still buzzing somewhat :)

Last Flight

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Last flight to Brissy tonight .. that was a little sad - I rather like flying and will miss it somewhat. Had a lovely view of the city lights as we came into land, it was really pretty.

And oh sooooo good to be with my boy again :):):)


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Dinner (roast meat) at the parents with D&Y. Goodness. Saw some honeymoon pics. Much more to be seen.

Not so much today

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Had a decent day today. Didn't get as much done as yesterday, but got some stuff done. The dvd recorder needed to be rebooted because it was outputting snow and couldn't hold it's vertical hold. What's with that?? Needing to reboot a hifi device?? But at least plugged directly into the tv the black bar that's been haunting commercial dvds wasn't there. Yay.

Half way through Half Blood Prince (and watched Chamber of Secrets on dvd).

Strangely sleepie considering how little I did today... maybe I didn't do enough...

Good Friday

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Had a good Good Friday.

Actually managed to achieve quite a lot.

Got the last four hours of Looney Tunes recorded to dvd. Did two loads of washing including my sheets and towels. Water changed the krib tank and watered my plants. Read a fifth or so of the Half Blood Prince. Upgraded our file server (switched to new hardware). Watched (or half watched rather) the Passion of the Christ.

The file server upgrade still isn't finished, still have a todo list left of things I need to fix up. And the whole process took an awfully long time. Worried that the new server feels slower than the old one. Just getting properties on a directory and having it count up bytes takes longer on the new server :( Will watch it over the weekend and see how we go.

Half watching the Passion of the Christ was probably a good thing. Actually for the last half of it I didn't even have the volume up which further detaches you from it. I imagine it'd have felt a lot more brutal if your whole attention was dedicated to it. And while I'm here, can anyone explain to me why non-Christians celebrate Easter at all..? Christmas I can understand in a way, but not Easter.


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Borrowed a telly off the parents on Monday night. Tonight my old telly decided to start working again. Yay. An intermittent problem. Nearly impossible to fix. It did the same thing a few months ago for about a minute. This time it was longer, but it could be months before it happens again.

Then I had a headlight that had died. And then it decided to start working again. What's with that?? When light bulbs die, they die, they don't come back to life. Unless is some odd electrical fault.

The netphone is still dead. The netphone dude I talked to suggested all the troubleshooting I'd tried, and then said to send it in and they'd swap it out. Yay.

And I think I'm getting a cold sore. Yay.


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So the boy flew in on Friday night, and at the crack of dawn yesterday (read: 5:30am) we got up and drove down to Canberra to look for places to rent. He fell in love with the first place we looked at. The other two places we saw were less than ideal, and a bunch more we didn't get to see inside because they didn't have open for inspections but might get Scott and Kerry to look at a few of those. In between we had one morning tea with Scott and Kerry, and another one with Mishi and got to meet L and discuss Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego at length, and lunch at Subway in town. And then out to Yass for a much needed afternoon siesta and dinner.

Lazy morning this morning, then wandered back to Sydney. Stopped to breathe for a moment, then headed to Alan and Marylon's for a belated first of the month.

And now it's 10:20pm and we have to be up at 5am for the boy's flight back.... sound like fun..? :)


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I know autumn has been going for a month now, but it hit for the first time yesterday. It was so cold I closed my window so I could sleep, I was freezing. Even now I have a jumper on!

Yesterday I ploughed through my todo list (which consisted mainly of tidying and vacuuming). To the point where late yesterday afternoon I was wondering what I should do with myself for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Today I finally installed sp1 onto one of my servers. And pottered. And then spent the afternoon at Chris' housewarming barbeque. Had a few beers and it was all pleasant enough, but I came home feeling quite emotional. Have I ever mentioned how much I miss Stu when he's not around?

Going to have an early night methinks.

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