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Work for a few hours this morning. Beaten soundly by a 7 year old in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit this afternoon. 10 hours sleep in the past two nights. Feelings of left-out-edness and depression and just plain zombiness.

Thought I'd try and cheer myself up by putting on Harry Potter. Only to find it won't play properly - get a black bar flickering now and then near the top of the picture. *sigh*

I did however make a completely evil potato bake. Tempted to go back for seconds.. enough cream and cheese and I'll die young of a heart attack...


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Late night. Tired. Uninspired. Glad I didn't drink anything tonight.


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Thoroughly lacking inspiration at work at the moment. Lacking direction and feeling a bit squished. My todo list is full of crap. I want something new and exciting to do.

And then I get home and the todo list is also long and boring.

Although I did manage to make a quick and dirty index of the wedding photos.

Dirty Weekend

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So Stu and I had a dirty weekend away. Except there was no sex involved. Heh.

No in fact we spent the whole weekend getting *actually* dirty in an emergency working bee at Arian's. Much progress was made, although much still remained by the time we had to leave.

Except for pizza Saturday night, all I ate all weekend was maccas. Two salads, two breakfasts and two small fries. Considering the amount of physical activity I put in, I wonder if I lost any weight...

Thoroughly exhausted now, and my right hammies are killing me....


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Marathon cleaning day today.


10.5 Hours

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So we had the shortest countdown ever today - a mere 10.5 hours. It was looking possible last night that the countdown would be less than 48 hours, but it wasn't until 2pm today that it was confirmed.


More than moguls

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There's more to the winter olympics than the moguls and downhill skiing. Although you'd never know it (at least from the limited times I've watched it).

Other than that my day was pretty sucky. Sami has decided not to move, so I'm going to be squished between people forever more (or at least until we get a new building or I end up in Canberra or somewhere silly). J wasn't in either so I felt somewhat lost most of the day and really didn't get anything done. Did get to see Jodi's wedding photos which was cool. And all my babies are doing ok, although mama guppy upstairs is still looking quite lethargic :( Will bring my tank downstairs tomorrow. Remind me to get something for Merideth for taking care of them for me for a couple of months.

25 words or less

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ok so maybe not exactly. But a brief summary of the rest of the trip (Stu is included in all activities as a given, except the food shopping on Sunday :) ):

Sunday: lazed around, went food shopping, went for a walk, had lamb roast for dinner
Monday: wandered into Canberra, had lunch with Mishi and Damien, went suburb scouting, went for a swim in the Murrumbidgee River, had trout for dinner that Scotty caught
Tuesday: went on a fish shop crawl with Scott, had a rest, went to me little brother's wedding
Wednesday: entertained Lily for a couple of hours, did a car swap, drove home, dinner at J&G's, put my boy on a plane

And to keep me amused while I wait to make sure Stu gets home ok, I'm uploading pics of the wedding. Sorry I'm crap at culling, and I haven't gotten around to making an index page yet.. :)


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So me little brother got married today, and I got meself a sister-in-law. Was a lovely casual wedding followed by a very unique reception aboard a train.

Congrats guys *hugs*

sleepie in Yass

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Picked up the boy from the airport, ate Krispy Kreme sundaes, got ourselves organised, drove to Yass, dozed, ate pizza, watched tv.

Considering we didn't really do anything today, I feel rather tired. Must have been the 5:45 alarm :/

Stressful day

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Gosh today was stressful. Well at least the morning was. Hammering, drilling, partitioning, NOISE! And trying to fix broken live things and get everything done before the weekend. The afternoon was a little better, although worried that when Jodi comes back next week and everyone moves in they'll want to start throwing things out. Bit stressed out I won't be there for moving day :(

Have had some Drambuie and vodka and watching the Grammys and feeling significantly better...


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So was chatting in the office today and turned to walk back to my desk, and went WHACK with my shin against a filing cabinet draw that was on the floor. As this was to be my weight bearing leg, I had nowhere to go except flat on the floor. Splat. Yay. So now I'm going to have bruises all over my legs and arms.

Spose I should blog

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So that I can go to bed.

First full day in the newly renovated office. And suddenly seating arrangements aren't definite anymore. Felt too unsettled to get any real work done. Altho did do a few bits and pieces.

Bought some pots and potting mix. Want to plant some more petunias.

First of the Month

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As is recent tradition, it being the first of the month, people didn't show up for dinner. In fact none of the offspring or spouses were there, only two of the (little) kids (although not so little - Thomas turned 9 yesterday - truly frightening), and Brad. Which actually was kinda cool, cause Brad works with aeroplanes and always talks about cool stuff.

Last night I trekked out to visit the little brother and my soon-to-be sister in law. We watched a couple of episodes of Knight Rider - it really was a terrible show! Then the South Park movie, which was just plain silly (but then I've never watched any South Park), then the Stepford Wives, which was ok.

In between I shopped, tidied, and sorted lego.

Moving Day

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So it was decided that today we should move offices. Except that the new office wasn't ready. They hadn't patched any network points. The door and walls were being painted. Sprinklers were being installed. The airconditioning was leaking. The desks weren't in the right spots.

It was going to be a long day.

So the dudes that were there to move our desks showed up in the morning, and we said, well *we* can't move until the new office is ready. So the thought was that we would shift all our gear, the desks would be moved, and we'd continue work where we were on temporary desks. Like that was ever going to happen. We cleared our desks and they got moved, but then we just stood around going "now what?". So we went to an early lunch. The afternoon was just as much of a mess. When there were a few less tradesmen in the room, we eventually did start moving our stuff into our new room (actually for us it was the room we left a couple of years ago).

It was a very long day.

And our space is so much more limited. "Help help I'm being oppressed" sprang to mind constantly heh. No shelving yet, so everything is in piles and boxes. I have no phone and not likely to for a couple of days. My computer is attached to the network via a cable connected to one of the original pre-renovation patch points.

It's going to be a messy week.

Poker Night #3

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Did better than poker night #1, but not as good as poker night #2. Came fourth tonight, but was in a good position to come third until I matched a big bid that I shouldn't have and lost. Was pretty grumpy with myself over that.

Oh well.

Got some more practise in on my bbq licence tonight. Charred the onions a little though, but the steak, chicken and bacon turned out beautifully :)

Then we watched Spaceballs, which I haven't seen in probably 15 years at least.

And now just catching up on some blogs, and saw a comment by Aurelius in Fiona's blog .. which made me wonder how on earth he got there (aurelis-di-tokenwoman-rhiannon-fiona perhaps?? or maybe just kazza-fiona :) ). The blogosphere is such a spooky place like that sometimes. I'm sure you could have all sorts of fun doing degrees of separation studies on it all.

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