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Had another lazy morning, slept in for a bit and had another lovely breakfast at Ascot Provisions.

Then trekked south to a different fish shop, and got some rarish corys and some other bits and pieces. Came home and settled them in. They're so *little* compared to mine :) Then had a bit of a siesta, and then it was getting dark. Watched a rather impressive lightning show from the lounge room, had a thoroughly delicious Al Funghi from Pizza Capers, and watched the lights change green *five* times - a very rare event, and certainly a record for one night! Stu declared it a sign of the apocalypse.

Blogged most of this from the airport - which was shut down for an hour due to an electrical storm :( On the plane now, but no guarantee we'll take off - might depend if they can get a dispensation for landing in Sydney after the curfew.

All in all though it was a fantastic weekend, very glad I decided at the last minute to come!

Flying day

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Got a bit better night sleep last night. Still lazed around getting ready though :)

Went to a fishie shop in New Farm and had a look, and got some useful tips on which fish to breed.

Had a very late breakfast of Italian biscuits next to the llamas, then did some shopping for the night's dinner.

Then made a trek out to visit my uncle and auntie who were working on their plane for the day. Colin took me up for a fly in it, which was just fantabulous. I even got to fly it for a bit - *very* cool :) Crossed the state border even.

By then it was getting quite late, so came home and Stu cooked dinner while I half watched The Hunt for Red October and half annoyed Stu heh :) Don't quite know what happened to the rest of the evening, but it's bed time now :)

Miss September

One of those days

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I've had "one of those days".

Starting at 6am waking up from a horrible dream where I'd deliberately made a friend go blind.

Tailgater number 1: (tailgaters distract me more than just about anything else on the roads, I can't just let it go because of the stress and worry that they're going to hit me), distracted me while changing gears, turning a corner, trying to avoid the passing traffic, trying to decide whether the pedestrian was close enough to the crossing to have to stop for. In the end I was distracted enough to not know which gear to put the car into and just rolled slowly over the crossing. oops.

Morning was blah. Was feeling insecure over something that happened last night, but when I told Stu about it he got sad and so I got even sadder. A very sad downward spiral.

Tailgater number 2: ever tried to find parking with someone on your butt? (and they'd been up my butt for the last kilometre) So trying to park with idiot behind me, distracted, scraped my car on another. Yay. Scratched their bumper, which the dude wants to replace, gonna be up for hundreds of dollars I reckon.

And Stu's internet connection isn't working.

Maybe I should just go to bed and get the day over and done with.


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Traffic sucked this morning. A few drops of rain and moronic people forget how to drive.

Work was ok. Spent a fair chunk of the day redoing a bunch of webtrends reports that I'd accidently let get overwritten with the current quarters reports.

Spent the evening catching up on the Mole (I was thinking for a while it was Liz, but Craig is certainly up there, it'll be one of them for sure I reckon), and Millionaire to watch the dude finally win it all, and sorting out 800 photos I've taken in the past six weeks, and cutting down over 400 wedding photos to 247 for uploading to conspiracy.



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So we had the third birthday party for my brother today. This time a surprise party with mostly train type people (and the family). Even though Dave apparently saw the early formulations of the Dave30 mailing list, he claimed it was still a surprise. Which was pretty cool :)

7kg of meat between 12 people later and I was feeling rather full on a lunch of steak, sausage, pork rissole, chicken breast (marinated) and two slices of pineapple. After all that I didn't quite feel up to eating any salad :) Forced myself to eat a handful of peas and corn tonight just so that I don't wake up at 5am starving.

Also this morning I downloaded 500 photos off three memory cards taken in the past two weeks. Over 400 at the wedding yesterday alone! I really am a sad case.

Friday and Saturday night's drinking meant I've had two rather crappy nights sleep. That and a very social weekend being out for most of it. I was feeling a bit grumpy and down most of the afternoon, thinking perhaps from lack of good sleep. Feeling a bit better after some quiet time at the computer, but about to go to bed and have an early night.


Helen and Matt


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Got season 4 of TNG today. They wouldn't do it for $50, but at least matched Big W's special price of $80.

There was definitely something else I had to report an update on, although can't remember now what it was. Oh well I'll add to this on the Blackberry if I think of it in bed :)

Oh yes, that's what it was - the scode image thingie on comments is working wonderfully - not a single comment spam since I installed it!! And no complaints either from real users which is a good thing :) I suppose it'll only be a matter of time before the script bots have algorithms programmed into them to read the numbers, but for now I couldn't be happier :)

Beam me up

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So Big W had ST TNG for $80/season. So I thought "cool, I should make a start on collecting them". And my brother thought "cool, I can finish collecting them". Well my brother mostly succeeded in his mission, and I completely failed. So I thought I'd try at kmart and ask them if they'd match the Big W price. Well it so happened that they'd printed their latest advertising brochure with ST TNG for $50/season. Although when I called one store, they said no, it was $84.50. Well anyway, I thought I'd try Burwood. I asked them if they'd match the Big W price, and they said, oh we'll beat them - we have them for $50. And I thought "sweet!!" So I got my brother his remaining season, bought season 1, and put five others on layby. I am still missing season 4 though. Apparently it's a discontinued line now, which is why they're getting rid of them. So it's somewhat urgent that I get season 4 now, although I'm concerned they'll do something different, like a new super duper special version of them. Or perhaps they (Paramount) thought "oh noone is buying them, we'll give up". Well at $180 rrp per season what do you expect?? Sheesh. Sorry. /rant. ;)

Had a bookcrossing meetup in town, and a $5 steak for dinner, pretty good value really.

Or as he said to my mum - "do you feel now with your youngest turning 30" hehee :)

Had roast pork yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And the car servicing today only cost $400 ... yay ... heh

Must be about bed time I reckon.


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I posted three times yesterday, that means I don't need to post tonight.. right..? :)

Was it summer today?

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It felt like summer today. Actually it felt almost like Christmas.

So last night the little brother calls me up (at 11:15pm!!) and says "lunch at the parents' tomorrow, 12pm". So I go righto, and enter a reminder in my phone for 11am. And then promptly forget all about it.

So this morning I'm pottering about the house, I've done a load of washing to wash my sheets, but really not much else. Then my phone starts beeping at 11am, saying "lunch" .. and I'm going "what the?" and suddenly I remembered I was meant to be at the parents' for lunch. Thank goodness for alarms! lol.

Lunch was all perfectly pleasant, and afterwards we played our customary three rounds of 500. Dad lost all three games, to which a round of "You're a loser" to the tune of Handel's Messiah was sung, a family tradition at such events. The weather pixie reported 32C and 14% humidity at one point, so it was hot, but not unpleasantly so. It really felt like a summer holiday day today, so even though I didn't actually achieve much, it was still quite relaxing.

A four day week this week, making a nice transition back into a full working week after two three day weeks in a row :)

Productive day

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Had quite a productive day today. Cleaned the study floor, put washing away, sorted out some piles of stuff to sell/get rid of/file away, sorted out my finances, started sorting out paperwork and filing. Even managed to squeeze in a conversation with Stu, who has been busy entertaining the hordes. Gosh I adore that boy, he's just about the gentlest, most lovable person I know.

Been watching the Sound of Music on telly tonight. Even though I have it on dvd heh. My dad taped it once off tv years ago, but we never watched it on video, we just watched it every time it was on tv. In the end he taped over it heh.

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