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mmm a day that I really didn't want to come to an end...

Wallace and Gromit
Decided not to bother going to the beach again, so slept a bit late, before checking out and having brekky in Noosa Junction. Then wandered up and down looking at the shops, before seeing a midday session of Wallace and Grommit. It was quite silly really. Still, it was only $7, so can't complain too much. After the movie we headed up to the lookout at the top of Noosa, before a slow meander down the coast, winding up in Maroochydore late in the afternoon. Found an aquarium to look through, and did some whale spotting from the lighthouse, before chilling out for a bit, then Sizzler for dinner, and then onto the airport. Very sadly said goodbye to my boy before getting onto a Jetstar flight home.

I'd never flown Jetstar before. They really are quite an odd setup for flights. The main oddity being that they don't allocate seats. They have three boarding groups - orange for people with special needs, like little kids, then blue for people that checkin early, then silver for everyone else. I was in the blue group. So you get inside the secured terminal and gather round the three queue lines. And then it's first come first served. I waited near the front of the blue line and got onto the plane very early. I actually realised halfway up the front stairs that I could have gone to the back of the plane, which is what I'm used to doing (as business class is at the front). But Jetstar don't have business class. So I actually could have sat in the very front row of the plane, but didn't because I still had in my head that they might be reserved. So I sat in the second row. I've never sat that close to the front of the plane before! The window position was better in the second row anyway, and was out of sight of flight attendants who might have gotten grumpy at me using my camera. It's a totally different sound at the front of the plane, and not as noisy. Although this was an A320, and I'm used to 737s at the moment.

James gave me a lift home, which was lovely of him.
Although I'd really rather not be home.. would much rather have gone home with Stu :( This whole back to reality thing sux (that, and cleaning out several hundred comment spams, yay). I had a thoroughly fantastic holiday with Stu, and we managed to spend six whole days together without getting sick of each other, which can only be a good thing :)

Beach. Food. Spa. Sleep. Snuggle. Beer. Food. TV.

Sounds like a pretty good day to me :)

(The title of the book Stu is reading at the moment :) )

Mmmm my lovely holiday continues. Slept lat(ish), then had a relaxing morning doing not much, before heading up to Noosa! Took a while to figure out how to get into the hotel, which is on Hastings Street, but found it eventually round the back. Went and had a very late lunch at the foodcourt in the main street, wandered up and down the beach for a bit, before going back to the hotel for a swim. Had a bit of a siesta, then watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on cable. Then we went out for dinner - to Copenhagen ;) But heck, I'm on holidays, I can have ice cream for dinner if I want to, right? :)


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Given up on asking Stu for titles ;) (yet mine is no more interesting ;) )

As is Stu's Saturday morning tradition, we went out for breakfast. Or brunch really. Went to a nice cafe in Ascot and I had bacon and eggs and tomato and toast, and Stu had bacon and eggs and kransky and tomato and mushrooms and hashbrowns and toast.. yummyo. Kept us going for the entire day it did :)

After brekky we found a Westfield and finished collecting supplies for the fish tank. As well as going into an Athlete's Foot and we both ended up with new sneakers heh.

Then it was some vegging out for the afternoon before heading out to Chay and David's for a lovely roast chicken dinner, and then we watched the Fifth Element.

All in all another great day, although I couldn't quite keep awake by the end of it heh.


Randomly generated title

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Howl's Moving Castle

Sigh, Stu can't think of a title for this entry, so going with the NWN option of generating a randomly generated one ;)

Another lazy morning sleeping late and pottering about - gotta love holidays :)

Late morning we went to Aquariums R us, which we thought Would be a store, but looked more like a big old house that someone was trading out of. There were houses all around it and a tiny little sign on the building meant we drove right past the place. Silly really. But we did pick up quite a few bits and pieces for Stu's tank.

After lunch (haloumi cheese yummmm) was a trek to another store, the time to get fishies. Stu wanted to get some cardinal tetras, but this place wanted $10 each for then :( So instead he got some Harlequin Rasboras which were cute too (see below)

Harlequin Rasboras

Then it was a trip into town to attend a drinks thingie at Stu's work. It was great to put some faces to names for people like Shazzy and Tash and Geoff. And it was hawaiian shirt themed, for which Stu fit the part well and was suitably praised :) I of course had the excuse that I didn't know it was on :). Had a couple of pina coladas and have had that damned song in my head all night. Might have to go think about llamas or something :)

After drinks we went and saw Howl's Moving Castle which was really sweet and quite enjoyable.

Then finished off the evening with a slice of pizza from the New York Slice Pizzeria - yummm, and a gelato - also yummm - highly recommend the apple pie one!

And now in bed on the blackberry for another late night oops :)

Late night musings

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Another title courtesy of Stu... Expect a few more like that ;)

Today was a thoroughly relaxing day. Lazed around all morning before heading out for a doctors appointment for Stu.

On the way back from the doctor we went up Mt Coot-tha to look at the view and get some daytime panorama photos. It was getting rather late at this point so we had lunch at the lookout - a very pleasant place to have lunch indeed.

We pottered around for a bit in the afternoon before going out food shopping, then back home to cook it and watch videos/dvds.

Feeling extremelly tired right about now, looking forward to sleeeeeeep.

Insert title here

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Not a terribly imaginative title, you can blame Stu for that - I asked him for a title for this entry and that's what he came up with :)

So today began at 4:20 when I woke from a disturbing dream that Robin had gone skiing with Jim and John earlier in the year. I woke up thinking it could actually have been true and lost all enthusiasm to go to work early heh

So after a little bit of a sleepin, I wandered into work to cut up images for the frontpage of our website. The thing was, we decided to cmpletely redo the graphics on the front page of the site - on thursday last week. Final mockups were obtained at 4pm yesterday! So this morning it was a frantic rush to redesign the layout of the page and finalise a design we liked - a few executive decisions were made by us hackers on the final look, and while others stood around me desk we finished it.

So next I called comms as going live involved a dns change. So they did that at 1pm and suddenly six months of work came to life. It was all actually pretty exciting. Then a little over an hour later Stu's new website went live too, which I thought was pretty darned cool.

The afternoon was spent on general fixing things up and sorting out redirects and the like.

And then (after dinner with George) I got on a plane and flew a thousand kilometres to be with my boy :):). Terribly excited :) Being a night flight it was useless for photos, but I did record a several minute long movie of the lights of the Eastern Suburbs which just looked magical. Have I ever mentioned I *love* flying? The other nice part of the flight was the moon over the water near Brisbane and the actual landing with the Brisbane lights.

I brought up some plant from my tanks for Stu's new tank, which makes his tank look a whole lot nicer. We're going to go shopping for other bits and pieces while I'm here and maybe even some fish :)

But now it's tomorrow and finally time to sleep.

<posted from the BlackBerry>


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Why is it when I get a night off to myself, I feel lost and don't quite know what to do with myself?

Launch of next Monday for the website is looking doubtful owing to the fact they want to make the front page look prettier, and they want a graphic design company to do it. But that will take longer than two days. sigh.

And because I haven't posted a pic in a while, here's one of some azaleas on my balcony (not a good crop of flowers this year, I really should prune the bush):


Well, three working days anyway.
It feels like it's almost there, although I spent all day doing bugfixes, and there's sure to be tonnes more. Then the fun begins of the actual go live process and getting dns entries changed and redirects setup and google search templates updated and checks to make sure none of the dev databases are still being referenced.

I may not surface much on Monday :)


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Nothing to see here.
Stayed up far too late last night reading Stu logs.
Have a dude coming tomorrow morning to install an auto-door closer on the fire door on my flat. Yay.


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Still coughing a bit from that cold the other week. Don't get that.

Quite sleepie after not getting to bed til midnight after the washing I did late last night got stuck half way through and I didn't notice.

Put $42 of petrol into my car today, an all time record. 133.5c/L Just think for a moment of the conversion. That's 133.5AUc/L. That's 5.05AUD/USGal. That's $3.90USD/Gal. Not the $6.55 I calculated from doing the currency conversion the wrong way around. heh.

But on a lighter note, I'm seeing my boy again in two weeks - for six whole days straight! /me bounces round the room excitedly.

4 and a half years of petrol prices

Productive Day

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Had a really good day at work today. Got lots done, and solved a few problems that had been nagging us for a while. Even solved a crazy javascript problem by changing "value" to "text" .. go figure! Jim did a demo to the powers that be in the faculty office and didn't get any complaints, so it's getting there.

Then hung around for a bit and finished off my flight from DC to LA in 2000 on Google Earth, finding every one of my photos, even one I'd given up on during the last effort - a freeway interchange somewhere in Pennsylvania I think. The only photo I haven't placed is somewhere over Colorado or Nebraska, and as you can see, the whole point of the photo is to show what a whole lotta nuttin is in the middle of the country.

Got home late and didn't do much. Still haven't cleaned up the kitchen from cooking on the weekend. Maybe I'll do it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.


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That's the count on the pedometer. Not a lot. Probably a good thing considering how much these shoes are hurting my feet :( Will try the heeled ones tomorrow for a change of which parts of my feet get sore.

Did a very solid day of notes hacking coding today, and up for another day just like it tomorrow. Yayfullness.

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