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Fairly busy day. Housework in the morning, then out to Yvonne&Dave's for some of the arvo then running around the city then finally getting a chance to take a breather in front of the telly tonight. Caught up on some videos, watched Air Crash Investigations which was a bit emotional cause they had quite a stack of real footage of a hijacked Air France plane being stormed at Marseilles airport. Then flicked over to Deep Impact, recognising instantly the score as being by James Horner, not exactly a remarkable feat, it being almost identical to the Titanic score. 1998 was a year for same-only-different movies. Deep Impact/Armageddon for the asteroid-about-to-wipe-out-earth and Antz/A Bug's Life for the animated-ants movies.

I suppose I should really do the washing up, make up my bed, wash my hair, go to sleep.. the usual.

Still Tired

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Even though I was utterly tired, I still didn't get to sleep til after midnight and got woken up early by the notes server.

But managed to survive the day somehow, and had very yummy bbq chicken with James/George.

Once a month is really not often enough on the water change scale is it? Really need to get on top of things.

Really need to go to bed now.


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Thoroughly whacked today. Didn't get to sleep til very late, but sleep was really crappy and fitful. Must have been long-distance empathy for Stu who didn't get to sleep til 5am.

I did manage to make significant progress on my notes database today though. The boss is back on Thursday and *really* want to get it done by then.

I have a BlueBerry now. That is, a blue BlackBerry. The black CDMA one got shipped off to Wagga, so I took one of the GPRS ones. But it drives me nuts cause it's continual connections with the net mean I can't have it anywhere near my computer speakers cause it just makes them buzz. Plus it hasn't been synchronising since this morning. It's sending ok, but not receiving. And I can't make it make noises either.. on mail it's fine, but alarms on calendar items and icq just won't make noises, even when they're set to. I guess I'm probably doing something wrong, but since I'm not going to get to keep it, it's not a high priority to sort out.

Got home and there was *no* parking in my street (the back driveway has been reconcreted, so can't get my car in the garage. Had to park a street over. Then couldn't check my mail cause we got new letterboxes installed and I didn't have the key (it was under my door). But $4000 for four metal boxes?? Something seriously wrong there :( *sigh*

Going to bed now. Nite.

Sorry. Rant over.
Back to the cricket. Or not apparently, at least not at 7:30pm.

Oh, where was I?
Oh yes, the weekend.

Friday night: Drambuie and Vodka/vanilla coke. Chatting to Arian and Aurelius.

Saturday: Working bee at Luc's place. Many hands, although not so light work :) Evening chatting with Stu and Arian.

Sunday: Church, UnderCoverWear party, dinner at Alan and Marylon's.

And then the weekend is over. Blink. I must have missed it somewhere there. And I still haven't done the Friday Qs. Talk about a slacker!


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It's at this point I wish I'd had more food and less alcohol tonight.

Still, it was a good night, and I'm not complaining :)

And I'm going to do all of the rest of the Friday Qs tomorrow, I promise ;)


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So I had a thoroughly sucky day today. After the success of yesterday's work, I thought I'd be able to continue at the office today. Wrong. I spent the entire day sitting staring at my screen trying to figure out an easy to do what I wanted to do. Got thoroughly frustrated with everything. Even going through and getting a list of users to disable and delete held no joy for me. So I'm going to have another go at working from home tomorrow.

Then I was dreading an owners meeting to discuss fire safteying the building, which is going to be *expensive* (probably $1500-$2000 per unit, ouch), and I was worried about two warring sets of neighbours going at each other. But the meeting got postponed due to lack of numbers, and the warring neighbours didn't show up anyway. So until next time.

And what's the deal with gravatar at the moment?? It's thoroughly flaky at the moment, only occasionally pulling up peoples' gravatars :( Is it just me or is their server not responding much?


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Decided to work from home today. I've been trying to get going on a project for the past three weeks or so, but I'm finding every excuse I can think of to get out of starting it. So I thought I'd try a different environment. Stayed at home with no other work distractions. Was actually a relatively successful day. Got more done in one day than in the past three weeks on this particular project. Got stuck on a javascript button, which only works as a html button in the database I stole it from, whereas I need a proper notes button, so will need to validate the form some other way. blah. :)

And for Arian's obligatory Stu reference...
My boy made it home safely today (yayy), and got to see him again on the webcam (double yayy :) )

56 hours later...

So Stu arrived safely from Canberra on Tuesday afternoon. After, er, catching up for a bit, we headed into Newtown for a BookCrossing meetup so Stu could meet me little brother and Yvonne. Or as Yvonne put it, so I could show off my man. ahem. But we did get a chance to be geeks, as we both had our BlackBerrys and were sending little messages to each other. I even journalled a book I picked up while I was there, simply because I could! I so don't want to give it back, heh :)

I took the day off on Wednesday so got to spend a full day with Stu. Spent the morning quietly together, then did a Galaxy/Dymocks/Tin Soldier run into town. Looked for lots of books for Arian, but only ended up finding one. Came home and headed out again to dinner with James and George. Joshua took to Stu rather quickly, and was climbing all over him within 20 minutes.. heh, sorry Stu :) As I suspected, James and Stu had an awful lot in common with their interest in all things geeky. Was rather a pleasant evening, and George suitably spoilt us with her catering (including chocolate fondue with strawberries, apple and marshmallows for dessert yummmmmmmmmmmmm)

But sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Stu left for Armidale first thing this morning. Spent all morning complaining to anyone who'd listen how my boy was gooorrrrnnne. Tried to get some work done with limited success. Then between taking photos at Luc's, shopping, dinner, Lost, The Amazing Race, talking to Aurelius and writing to Stu, it's well after eleven and I still haven't done the washing up. Ah well, at least it's Friday tomorrow!

For no other reason than because I can!

The server arrived yesterday so I set it up, although had some really strange issues with the network card. But ok this morning go figure. Luc installed the server software without too many problems, so we set ourselves up with handsets and away we went.

Way cool little toys. Even journalled a book *at* the bookcrossing meetup that I picked it up at. Fun stuff. It's going to be hard for me to give back :(


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Sorry, forgot to post .. went to bed early .. ttotm!

15 hours til my boy will be here!!!


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Aside from chatting to Stu and Arian for a while, and reading an Asterix book, I did *nothing* today. *sigh*

Woke up in a great mood this morning. Grinned stoopidly for most of the morning before heading to Berala for Nana's 77th birthday lunch. Lunch was ok. I think Nana had a good time too.

Being in love is sure having a calming affect on me. It's certainly increased my patience on the roads. I barely notice people pushing in and being stoopid at the moment. And I find I'm missing huge chunks of memory where I couldn't tell you how I got from A to B because my mind is off daydreaming about my boy. I'm sure that can't be a good thing! ;)

Came home with thoughts of getting my USA photos done, however felt quite lost without Stu, and wished I was doing something with him. In the end I just played recorder all afternoon, and patched a few servers.

Tonight the kids were going to see Marylon ring at St Philips in town, so I thought I'd tag along. It was rather cool. I rang one of the smaller bells, as did all the kids. Then we went up into the tower to look at the bells up close. And listen to the big tenor bell up close. That thing is *loud*!!

Tenor bell

Then the experts (well actually I think Friday night is learning night, so not all of them are experts yet) rang some peals and changes (not sure if I'm using the correct terminology here). I was just watching them going .. ok there's no way I could be that coordinated *and* yank a heavy bell up and down! But it was cool fun to watch anyway.

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