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Which way is up?

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Man, I'm so far behind keeping up with blog reading at the moment.

Not helped by getting home after leaving work late, heavy traffic, photographing Luc's place, shopping, putting the shopping away, getting dinner, and suddenly it's 9:00! Lost and The Amazing Race follow, finished off with patching a bunch of servers and rebooting them.

And Campbell invited me to a video night tonight too, but didn't call till 7pm while I was still shopping. But it was such a miserable night, pouring with rain and I hadn't eaten and work had been all sucky and my brain needs more notice for such things that I didn't end up going.


Yet another late night for kazza :(

Another day

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Another day of server work. This time doing checking and fixing and preparing for more security and tighter controls on access to the boxes.

Another day of staying up late talking to Stu :)

Another day of being late to work tomorrow so I can have a bit of a sleepin :)

Whoops again

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After all that, about to go to bed and realised I haven't posted yet.


I haven't even *read* any blogs since I got home tonight.
I've been rather distracted, sorry :)

Really should go to bed though. Working on a fairly sucky project at work, that if I don't get the proper sleep for will be that much more difficult to do.

Batman Begins

Well my 1k entry. Not going to be anything earth-shattering.

Saw Batman Begins tonight, a freebie courtesy of Dell (although I didn't see any Dell computers, I'd have to look harder the next time I watch it). Was pretty good. (Spoilers:) didn't like the whole weapons of mass destruction thing. I mean if you're going to vaporise all the water in range of the microwave, it's not going to vaporise just water in pipes, it's going to vaporise the water that makes up 90% of humans. I guess that's a massive plot hole they overlooked for the sake of entertainment.

Because of the movie I went into work, but I should have stayed at home. I was feeling like utter crap and coughing. I ended up just staring at my screen all day not being able to concentrate on anything. Was probably a net loss to come in at all.

So anyway. Will chuck a sickie tomorrow and try and recover a bit.

Three days later

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Not sure what happened to my weekend. Well I do know, but it was just over all too fast.

Friday night, in bed, TTotM

Saturday, Luc's, shopping, Campbelltown (mini bookcrossing meeting up at krispy kreme), movies (saw Star Wars again with dad), parents' place for dinner.

Sunday, sleepin, chatted to Stu, caught up on videos.

I did get some scraping done in the shower, but didn't get tank five water changed.

And after all that, three days of feeling fine, this afternoon I started coughing. Guess I did come down with whatever it was on Thursday after all. Oh well.

Immune reaction

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My body had an immune reaction today. You know how when you feel like you just need to move slowly, and everything is a bit of a daze, and you're just cruising along feeling that things aren't quite right in the world. It's a strange feeling. But actually I felt quite peaceful, not too excitable and not too upsettable.

So that was me this morning. Some effects for the remainder of the afternoon and even now a little. I'm not sure who won yet, my body or whatever virus it was fighting. I'm hoping I did. We shall see.

This evening we went out for my mummy's birthday dinner. Dave and Yvonne and two pairs of the parents friends came along. Was all pleasant enough. Then did a Bunnings run and came home.

When I got home I took some shots of the moon with Jupiter, but thoroughly annoyed at myself for not taking a shot of them at 5:30, when they were right next to each other and would have made for a much more interesting photo.

oh well. what can you do. sleep.

You know you like a movie when you put it on to cheer you up from feeling Sunday-afternoon-back-to-work-tomorrow-blues with the intention of having it on in the background while you work on photos.. and end up watching it and not getting any work done :)

In this case it was Gladiator .. inspired by the Asterix book I read today, Asterix the Gladiator.

I didn't quite achieve what I wanted to this weekend. I put captions on many of my usa photos. I updated my blog and finally put up a stack of links that I've just been reading feeds for. I got a little paid job done. And I got a stack of silicone sealer scraped off the shower walls. Eight more tiles down, a coupla dozen more to go :( But I didn't get any "play" time, and I have to work tonight which is a bit sad.

Definitely need to have long weekends more often :/

Giving up

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So the plan for the weekend (or at least part of it) was to put all my usa photos into a mysql database, and write a set of scripts to display the files in various indexes.

Yah like that was ever going to happen.

Spent the entire morning staring at my excel file trying to figure out how I'd do it. Now sure, if it were just a directory of photos I'd have no trouble. But I have my own photos, panoramas I've created, scans of my parents photos, mpg movies, as well as maps, daily routes, state routes, extra images of National Park "splash" pictures, and some images have been used more than once, while others were added in special orders at the beginning of states etc.

The more I stared at it, the more I realised how complicated it was, and how many exceptions would need to be made to get it to do what I wanted it to do.

So I thought stuff it, I'll just make 42 day index pages, and 14 state index pages. Generate the actual code in excel (where all the data is) and hardcode it into html. Sounds like a copout I know, but I could see myself never ever getting these photos online (and it was a *year* ago that we were away).

Then I thought I should probably add some more descriptive notes to some of the images, and of course that takes hours too. That's what I did most of the afternoon/evening.

So by the end of the weekend you never know, I might actually have it done.

Unless I get the urge to go through everything again putting in Google Maps references... :)


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I'm very sleepie.

Waiting for the washing to finish so I can hang it out and go to bed.

Comment spam is ramping up again. Put a broad ban on betting and poker in urls to try and slow it down a little, but if anyone can't post for some reason, just mail me.

Final spin cycle. Nearly there.

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