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Moving right along.

Aside from sleeping and getting dressed, I've spent a total of one hour home this weekend.

Friday night was the Unreal Tournament night and didn't get home til Saturday.

Saturday day was a big working bee at Luc's place. We filled a really big skip and half filled another.

Saturday night was Matt and Helen's engagement party (and his 21st). My dad piked cause he hates going to rellie stuff, especially where they play the music loud. Neither of his brothers came either, nor did me brother, so of the "nuclear" family, there was my mum and I, my aunty, and her three sons (one of whom was the guest of honour). And about 60 other people, some of which I see regularly at these events, including really cute uncle-in-law. Was a really good night actually, and they didn't turn up the music to deafening volumes til quite late.

Sunday morning church, then headed out to Picton for a Bookcrossing meetup. Picked up two books. I really *really* need to read some of them!! Took some pics of a steam train running out of Thirlmere then wandered back to Yvonne's and watched the entire tv series version of Hitchhiker's.

My new toll tag didn't go off on the way home, so hope they don't fine me :( Stoopid roadworks mucked everything up.

Star Wars II is on telly tonight, but I don't think I'll watch any of it, hoping to do a Star Wars marathon on Wednesday night, assuming Striker's friend can secure tickets for one of the midnight sessions..

I'm not coping at the moment. I need some time at home, even if it's only to clean up my flat! I feel like I just can't get my life in order because I'm out all the time. It's starting to stress me out.


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Felt like a zombie for much of the afternoon. Got home and just needed to *sit* for an hour.

Got Lost and The Amazing Race watched, water changes in two tanks, and moved the papa krib into another tank (mama was beating him up). He flipped himself out of the net and onto the table in the process though, so he got even more stressed out :(

Now I want to go to bed, but that requires getting up out of this seat, and washing my plate from dinner, and brushing my teeth, and getting into my pjs. It'd take less energy to just sit here :/

I don't get why kids refuse to sleep. ok, I do get it, cause I still remember what it was like when life was so exciting that you didn't want to waste it by sleeping. Now sleep is a craving that is rarely satisfied.

Jim and John are just plain rude to me, and it's pissing me off.

Took some more photos at Luc's place. But my opportunities for taking photos are getting shorter and shorter. As it is I have to race off from work early just so I can be at the house for 15 minutes of enough light to take photos. With still over a month to solstice it's only going to get harder :( Oh well, I suppose soon the roof will be done, and everything will need the flash anyway...

Now I'm going to bed.


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It's only Tuesday isn't it? blah.

Two hour staff meeting at cia. blah.

Bookcrossing meetup at the Porterhouse Pub in Surrey Hills. Stayed for three rounds of trivia, where we were losing, but I got a few answers right. Only brought home one book, and that only cause I started reading it (short stories) and felt like I should finish it. Had to put up with Sunday drivers on the way home and lights that favour side streets.

And now it's 11pm. blah.

Dave's Icecream

I'm full. I feel like I've been eating all day. Took Nana out to chinese for lunch which was all very nice, then Dave and Yvonne and I went for dessert - and had a massive bowl of ice cream each. I somehow managed to fill my ice cream stomach, which I didn't think was possible! Both restaurants took the opportunity to rip us off. The chinese place charged $1 each Sunday surcharge, and then $1 *each* per plastic container of leftovers. The ice creamery charged 90c for a small sprinkling of nuts, even though I'd asked them to remove the whipped cream. Oh well, what can you do really.

Now to see if I can get Dave's digital tuner to work (not holding out much hope..)

Still haven't finished doing what I wanted to do tonight. But still need to do the dishes, and wash my hair, and get to bed before 3am.

Did get that server upgraded today. It took hours though, as every step of the way went so sloooooowwwwwly because we were trying to put w2k3 onto a machine that's probably 5 or 6 years old.

The good:
The neighbour in the next block appears to be back. Lights have been on and off in different combinations over the past 24 hours.

The bad:
Fire-safteying the building looks like it'll cost us $3000-$5000 *per flat* !!

The hard:
Computer games. Steve brought the Star Wars lego game over and he and James were playing it. But it's like you have to know that if you happen to do a double jump in the right position on top of a bunch of other lego, you'll see some bits of lego floating just above you that you can grab to build something later. Like wtf? I just don't get computer games. Anything more complicated than tetris or shoot-anything-that-moves and I'm totally lost.

Don't Panic

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Dinner at Sahara: $20
Ice cream dessert: $3.40
Movie ticket: $7.20
Seeing Hitchhikers with Striker and Sarah: Priceless


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For some reason all I manage to achieve on the weekend on my blog is fluff. Whereas in fact I actually got quite a lot done.

Friday night was meant to be a video night at Ric's to watch the Running Man, but we lost interest in that and ended up just listening to music and bopping.

Saturday morning I cleaned out a bunch of stuff from the flat and garage. I threw out four computers, a monitor, a printer, and a couple of old pots and boxes for the next council cleanup. By Sunday afternoon the whole lot was gone. Go figure.

Saturday night dinner at the parents. Saw a spectacular moonrise on the way home. It was a half moon, but almost at 45° It looked really strange.

Sunday after church walked up to the shops to look for jeans. After swearing I'd never go to jeanswest again after they changed their sizes without telling anyone, meaning I had two pairs of jeans that were too big for me for two years. But I was out of options cause the other jeans shops don't make jeans that fit bodies like mine. So back to jeanswest. Strangely enough (after choosing a size smaller than my previous pairs) they fitted perfectly first go. Sigh. Not only that, but $45 cheaper *per pair* than the other jeans stores had. What can you do really.

Got my garage swept out and all the boxes and packing materials sorted, and suddenly it feels a bunch more spacious. Coolness.

Weekend finished out with my favourite beef stew dinner at Alan's, and some fizzling. Took some fairly cool sunset photos.

uts sunset

Tonight while sorting out some lego I found I was almost visitor 8888888 to Bricklink, so I reloaded the page a few times til I got there :)


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