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Late.. again..

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So I've no energy to post on dealings with customs, getting students detained by security, the Friday Q, the guys at work being total bastards, watching Shakespeare in Love with George tonight etc.

But if you want a laugh, have a read of a Buckaroo cat, as linked to on Karla's blog. I was crying in laughter. Maybe just cause I was so tired, but hey.


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With all my posting on moon photos, I neglected to post the other boring goings-on in my life (and I *still* haven't done the Friday Q even though it's the easiest one in ages).


Friday Night

Video night at Campbell's. It was a late start and much pondering was done before we started, so it was quite late by the time we got on a movie (Napoleon Dynamite, which was just strange), and afterward we just chatted and eventually wandered home just after 1am (whereupon I took moon photos).


Attempt to sleep in. Fail. No matter how late I stay up, I seem to always wake up between 7am and 8am. Did a decent chunk of tidying up, and lego sorting for stuff to sell on ebay. Took moon photos.


Attempt to sleep in. Slightly more success. Church, then a bit of a chill out afternoon. I can't really remember what I did. Couldn't have been too important. Then Josh called up to see if I wanted to go to Sizzler with them. Which was utterly unexpected. That's twice in two weeks that lot has invited me out with them. Ate entirely too much, even though on the face of it I didn't eat much at all :( Damned all you can eats are just not good value with a stomach my size! Took more moon photos during the eclipse.


Attempt to sleep in. Some success. Watched the Anzac Day march for a while and saw my grandfather's battalion, including someone I know from my parents' church who marches most years. Wandered over to Luc's to help at the house. Moved 200 bricks 4 metres. And a bit of general cleanup. Came home and read more of Aurelius' and Pinky's blogs. May have got someone arrested at work today. More later if it actually transpired :) Then went to the parents' for a lamb roast. And suddenly it's 10pm. No moon photos tonight though.

Missed events

I could have seen Campbell every day this weekend. Him and Ric were going to Elixir which would have been fun to go to, but those things just take up so much of the weekend (and with petrol prices the way they are it would have cost me $15 just to get there and back). Then they were going to go snorkling today, which again would have been good, but I'd already said I'd help Luc out. Not that I couldn't have gotten out of that, but ultimately the hassle factor of snorkling put me off, especially since they were thinking of going to the northern beaches.

I'm going to bed now I think.


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whoops, late.


Got so sick of the mess in the office I cleaned. Well, tidied. And decided we have far too much crap that should definitely be thrown out. Except I can't bear to do it :(

I think if the pagers go off tonight I'll ignore them. If I can. Felt like a zombie after they woke me up twice in the middle of the night last night. Stoopid frigging servers :(


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ok so I've only been out for 15 hours.

Left home at 9am with a mission to get a new pair of jeans (or two). Two stores and eight pairs of jeans later and not one single pair that remotely fitted. They were all tight around the thighs and butt, but with massive gaping holes at the back, and a belt just pulled them in at all the wrong places. And the sales girls were saying they're all like that now. wtf?? And that they could have them taken in. For a $10 fee. wtf??? So I still have no jeans. Note to self: don't leave it until your last pair is almost totally worn out before looking for new jeans.

Then headed down to the 'gong to my little brother's, and him and Yvonne and I all headed out to Robertson for a Southern Highlands Bookcrossing meetup. Not too many people came, but a *stack* of books came. Came home with another half a dozen. Oops. Note to self: one of these days I should actually read all the books I've taken!

Wandered back to the 'gong, stopping at the big potato (aka the big turd) for a photo for my small big things collection. Note to self: really must plan a big things tour of the country.
The Big Potato, Robertson

Did a spot of shopping, where I indulged my coloured pen fettish and bought 72 gel pens (36 different colours) for $13, and a few Mr Men books I'd never seen before. Was tempted to get a couple of blue tubs of Lego, but decided I really do have enough lego for the moment :) Had dinner (me brother cooked up a delicious lemon chicken tonight), watched some docos on sbs, and rearranged the stereo equipment. Was tempted by the offer of speakers and an amp. May still get them at some point, or may just wait a little longer and go completely digital. Had dessert and stumbled home to arrive right on midnight, at which time I turned into a pumpkin. Note to self: must go to sleeeeeep

Snorkling Take Two

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Drove all over Sydney again today.

This time, Campbell and I headed out to Coogee to go snorkling. We went in at Wiley's Baths which Campbell had been to before. But as we got down to the waterfront I started panicking when I saw the waves pounding against the rocks. Campbell was saying it was fine and "relatively" calm and I'm going "yeah RIGHT". So I was thinking that even if I could get in, I'd never be able to get out again. Anyway, he wandered up and down a bit looking for a spot for us to get in (and trod on a couple of sea urchins :( ) and he finally found a vegetation-covered shelf that dropped off vertically and quite deep. So actually managed to get in quite easily. And without being smashed up against any rocks :)

We swam down the coast a bit, but the water was quite murky compared to Long Reef. At one point swam through a big bunch of feathers, maybe from a dead sea gull or something, blerk. Campbell also managed to get himself washed up over a rock shelf and had a tough time trying to get back out into deep water. Glad it wasn't me! Yikes, it looked awful. So then started wandering back up the coast to where we got in. The sun was setting and we were looking straight into it. Could not see a thing. Managed to find the place where we got in, and, with a bit of help, managed to get out with all my skin and blood vessels in tact.

The thing about waves is that for the most part, the water moves up and down. So you can be quite close to the rocks and not be thrown around too much. It's only when the top of the wave goes above the level of land and the water has nothing holding it back and must move sideways that things get scary.

I still would prefer to go in from a beach though :/

Then went to the parents' for a lamb roast and a few rounds of 500. Mum was the loser. She also has a blood pressure machine, and we all had goes of it. I think mine was something like 117/67. Heart rate was 85 though. My brother's BP was very high which is a bit of a worry. After the games we had another go and he worked himself up to see what effect it would have on the machine. He managed to make it give an error hehe.

So anyway. Bed time.


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Campbell and I went snorkling at Long Reef today. It was great, except that we only had about 20 minutes of actual real snorkling time and the rest was just getting there and back :(

Didn't get out of here til nearly 2pm, picked up Campbell, then he drove my car up to Long Reef. It was 3:25 by the time we got there. Then changing time, then getting down onto the beach, then wading out to where we could swim. That was probably 20 minutes. Once in the water (after negotiating waves breaking over the rocks where I was trying to get in without getting sliced to pieces) it took me a while to relax and just breathe normally through the snorkel. I kept getting stressed that I was going to inhale a lungful of water. Once I realised that that wasn't likely to happen (unless the wave was breaking) I could actually just sit and watch the fish and seaweed. Saw a few interesting fish and a couple of big urchins. Campbell had somehow left his face mask at home, so he borrowed mine a couple of times. After probably 20 minutes we decided to head back in. Which is where it got messy. I couldn't get my footing when it got shallow and kept getting tossed around by the incoming waves. I got dragged across the rocks a couple of times and ended up with a couple of big scrapes on my hand and a few little ones elsewhere. Not fun. Managed to get out eventually, then spent the next *two hours* getting home :( I'm glad Campbell was driving otherwise I'm sure I would have been a lot more stressed.

Spent two minutes getting changed, and then out the door again for dinner. Then home and wash the hair and suddenly it's midnight.. whoops there goes 12 hours :)

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