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It's late

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I'm tired and in pain. Time for bed.. sorry

Easter Monday

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I painted by numbers today. Have a sore forearm to prove it. Once re-opened again, the paint pots are reacting badly to the air. One of them had developed a solid skin after just two days. Finished off two colours and will do the other two I've reopened tomorrow (the paint takes 24 hours to dry, damned oil paints). Then I will open others and see if any of the others have solidified. Two I know already have. Will have to dig out old sets and see if I can find unsolidified matching colours in those.

Well that was boring wasn't it. An entire paragraph dedicated to paint-by-numbers.


Other than that I really didn't do anything today.

Mythbusters was lots of fun tonight. They pressurised an old plane and blew holes in it to see if things like bullets would cause explosive decompression (they won't).

And two days go by.


Not quite sure what happened.
Yesterday morning seems an eternity ago. I think I was sitting bored in the morning yesterday wondering what to do with myself because the flat was clean (tidied it before the fire inspection the other morning). Decided to pull out an old paint-by-numbers that I'd never finished (because some of the pots had crap paint in them and it was all too hard). So did that for a bit then the parents called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Yvonne's for dinner. So then went shopping (and reminded myself why I never go shopping on Saturdays, especially on Saturdays between public holidays) and headed over there. Thanks Yvonne for putting up with us even though you were sick :)

Long drive home. Went to bed at something like 1:30am old time, which worked out at 12:30am new time. Set my phone to wake me up for church, but realised when I woke up that I'd set it twelve hours wrong. Fortunately I'd woken up before it was due to go off, or I'd have missed church :)

After church helped Luc move some bricks (only 100 of them, but they had to be moved a couple of times each. Then came home, chatted to Chris briefly (he invited me to the pub with him and Alison, which made me grumphy cause I was having the family over for roast meat, er pig, er pork :) ), then slaved over a hot stove essentially all afternoon. Had another round of three hands of 500 - tonight I won all three woohoo :)

And now it's Sunday night, and I'm going to just collapse into bed!

Good Friday

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Pretty uneventful day. Cleared lots of crap out of my in trays and various folders of paperwork around the place. Prolly threw out a couple of kilos of paper, and got a similar quantity filed properly.

Watched the Royal Tenenbaums tonight which I'd taped the other night, but it cut off before the end of the movie :( Can anyone tell me how it ended? I got up to the bit where Chas was chasing Eli after Eli crashed the car..

Three days

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ok so I haven't posted properly in three days.


Small sleepin, decided needed to clean the flat. Did that for a bit then Paul logged onto icq. Chatted to him for a bit, then the discussion got onto poker. They're planning a poker night at work in a couple of weeks and I thought I should probably get some practise in. So Paul and I played on Yahoo games for *three hours straight* .. oops!

Did a little bit more cleaning, then played poker with Ding on While playing he invited me up to the pub, so I jumped into the car and headed off. We had a couple of wines, then we met Perron and Clare and a friend of theirs for dinner (Thai - was yummmo!) then headed up to the pub. They had some great trance on for the first part, and Alison and her friend Jenny and I had a ball dancing. Then they changed djs, and the music had a lot more painful treble. Couldn't deal with the noise, so we spent a few dollars on the pokies and then stumbled back to Chris'. Where we danced and talked and chilled. Then crashed for the night on some cushions. The more I reflect on the night the more I have come to appreciate how good it was. It was a lot of fun, a lovely dinner, some good dancing and Chris was being particularly nice to me. /me *sighs*


Got up around 7:30 and stumbled home. It's very strange waking up away from home in the daylight and then driving home. Even though I'd slept, I felt like I'd been up all night. Very odd. Wandered to church. Felt odd being with people that really don't care about me. Still, it was easier to sit with them and not say much than sit with someone else and then have to "pretend" talk.

Came home and cleaned in earnest. The place, if anything, is messier now than when I started. But at least I now have a big pile of things I've decided to let go of. Watched My Restaurant Rules and CSI, then decided to do some server work. So much for the idea of getting to bed at 9:30, by the time everything was done it was 10:30 :(


Frustrating day of nothing working. Battled further with using frontpage to create and update an access database. The idea being to save coding time. Of course it doesn't actually work. It goes through all the motions, but doesn't actually update the database. Yay.

So then moved onto trying to get a machine behind a stringent firewall talking to our sus server. It can see the sus server and downloads the file, but then doesn't actually download any of the patches. It doesn't help that the machine is not on the domain, so I had to hack the registry to get it to even that far.

On a lighter note for the day, I drove a Porsche! First time I've ever driven a Porsche. So that was quite fun, although a bit hard to test drive on 50km/hr suburban speed zones. It's very "tight". Everything's sponteneous, unlike my car that feels like a slug in comparison.

And now I'm feeling like it's time for bed :/


Last Thursday went out for drinks with Alison and Chris. Was good to catch up, as hadn't seen them in a while.

Sunday went to a Book Crossing meeting organised by Yvonne.

Sunday night went to the dinner I missed out on going to the week before.

Last night's Mythbusters was one of their coolest ever - they proved that people *could* have escaped from Alcatraz.

Tonight's True Crime is set around a murder in Grand Junction in Colorado .. lots of been theres

Decided friend #1 is def a bastard. So have decided it's not worth my while talking about my personal life to him. Unfortunately still have to work with him.

The flat is a disaster area. Feel like I'm never home and it's all just getting on top of me :(


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So ended up sending a few emails back and forth to friend #3, and agreed to see them again. Which is good, because I would have missed friend #2 terribly. Was missing him this morning and wondering on the sanity of my decisions. So we'll see how it goes. I don't hold out much expectation of anything being any better. But then, "blessed are they that expect nothing, for they will not be disappointed".

Your average day

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So yeah just your average day. Dumped two of my best friends after the ultimate rejection. Had to race into work tonight after a couple of servers got confused. The servers are better but my heart's not. I'm all for jumping.. does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Went rock climbing with Campbell tonight. Was fun, but exhausting. I suspect I will be hurting tomorrow. I think the belaying was harder in a lot of ways. Silly really.

I was sticking to the "green" runs on the climbs, but even then cheated a couple of times. Only abandoned one run after two attempts at it and couldn't get anywhere, bruising my arm rather badly on the rope when I slipped off. Ah well.

But I didn't lose any fingernails .. go figure!!

So much for getting the fishies moved tonight...

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