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Happy Valentines Day

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And all that guff.
Didn't get any valentines, but then didn't give any either, although I threatened John and Luc heh. Silly "holiday" really.

Had dinner with the parents and friends of theirs at the Tradies for their anniversary. 35 years.

Tasha Yar is in this episode of Crossing Jordan! heh.. Never actually seen an episode.. but it was on after Desperate Housewives.. which I'm not watching either.. really!

Storm Day

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After watching The Day After Tomorrow this afternoon, tonight I'm watching Category 6: Day of Destruction. After reading the reviews on IMDB I decided I could miss the first hour and not miss anything, so watched the English language special on SBS.

I'm guessing Category 6 was made as a cross between some sort of dramatisation of the big blackout in the eastern states the other year, and the day after tomorrow's doomsday predictions. Mix the two together and have a somewhat average tv-mini-series.

But at least it gave me time to try to figure out how to get a currently reading link on my blog...

Blink, two days go by

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Yesterday. What happened yesterday? Marylon and I did a 500 piece jigsaw of Banff at lunch. Dave H came over for a swim (yayyy I finally got to swim in my pool this summer) and a few drinks. Hadn't seen him in a year and a half or so so was good to catch up.

Last night. Well yesterday I'd been catching up on videos, and saw the very end of Getaway, which showed a clip of Lord Howe Island in the credits, so I went to the website, and sure enough they'd had a story on it and I'd missed it, doh! Last night I had a fantastic dream about going there again. This morning I looked up websites about it. I sooooo want to go back there again. Anyone want to go with me?

Lord Howe Island

Today. I had only two jobs I really wanted to get done - water change in the krib tank (check), and swap the ram in my desktop puta and my server (check). My puta now has 256mb ram, and the server 128mb. Seems silly having 256mb in the server when all it does is run backup jobs. I also managed to wash the sheets and towels. Leftover pizza for lunch and my whole afternoon I felt freeeee.

Tonight. Videos to catch up on methinks.

Two at once

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My brother's old video normally doesn't record, but after the last electrical storm and having it disconnected, and after reconnecting and putting a tape in, it decided it'll record for the moment. Not knowing how permanent this arrangement will be I borrowed another video from Luc. But I don't have a proper remote control for it so can't program it. And then I end up going out on a night where I want to watch programs on two channels at once. So I dug out an old aerial cable and hooked the videos up in series. Presto, two videos with aerial input, and the ability to tape two channels at once.

Now I have four hours of videos to catch up on.

Another day

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Another day, another scroll through my humour directory.

20000 steps walked (well, there were 13000 when I took it off tonight, but there was 5000 on it when I looked at lunch, then 4000 later on, so it must have gotten reset. Almost all the 20000 steps in stinking hot weather. Horrible jeans and sore feet to go with it.

Two train trips (actually, four, but two seperate return trips).

Second Microsoft Security Summit attended.

One dozen Krispy Kremes bought.

One cia meeting minuted.

One bookcrossing meeting attended.

One pint of beer drunk.

One very exhausting day. Good night.

Nice going sweetheart

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My absolute favourite line in the whole movie "Airport" is right at the end when Patroni gives the 707 a pat on the rump and says "nice going sweetheart". No idea why that does it for me. Similarly the relationship Ernest Borgnine's character had with Airwolf.

Wanted to go for a swim tonight, but as per usual, noone to go with. Two people working, three people that wouldn't come if you paid them (and they're meant to be my best friends), and one that finally got back to me after I was well and truly over it. So all you can do really is watch dvds.

So much for CDviewer

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So where was I?

Last night. Video night at my place, with pool party beforehand. Except noone turned up until an hour after the pool closed, and then we didn't end up watching anything, but chatted for a few hours. Striker and Adam stayed for an hour or two after Campbell and John left and we went through all the images in my humour directory, as well as a stack on Got to bed at 3am.

Woke up at 8am with the sudden panic of closing all the blinds to block out the summer sun, then went back to bed for another few hours.

The afternoon was spent scanning my parents' USA pics (the ones I didn't get my own of), and sorting everthing out. Pretty happy with the order of things now. Tried using CD Viewer to do an automated slide show cd with captions, however it doesn't seem to cope with the number of photos I have. Even after splitting the files into smaller-numbered directories, it keeps crashing after getting through the first one. Giving up on the whole idea and just going to get it to autoload IrfanView. My next job is doing html for the whole lot and getting it onto the web.

Watching Bedazzled. It's pretty crap. Even with Elizabeth Hurley (sorry Dave).

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