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Shoulda stood in bed

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I had to explain one of my favourite scenes in my favourite book to someone today..

"Spock," McCoy gasped as they half staggered, half ran down the trembling corridor with the bulky sensor, "I know you won't believe this, but ... in a way, I'm gonna miss this."

The Vulcan glanced at him; for an instant McCoy fancied he perceived something very like nostalgia in Spock's eyes. Then Spock lifted a brow, "I suspect you do not refer to this specific situation."

McCoy groaned with fond aggravation. "Bet you wish you'd stood in bed."

The brown arched even higher. "I see no profit in standing in bed, Doctor. Vulcans sleep lying down."

For a moment McCoy didn't follow; and then he realized that the stress had caused him to use an ungrammatical colloquialism, one he hadn't heard since he was a boy. All the kids in his neighborhood had used "stood" to mean "stayed."

Okay, he almost snapped, so I goofed. Do you have to be so damned lit-

And then he saw the glint in the Vulcan's eye.

"Spock," he said, with dawning amazement, "that was actually funny."

"We do sleep lying down," Spock admitted, his expression perfectly deadpan, but the glimmer of humor was unmistakable.

I had one of those days where everything I touched didn't work, so by the afternoon I was reluctant to start anything that could be broken.

Watching the pilot of Desperate Housewives. Dunno if it's really worth watching though. Anyone seen any more of it?


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At least it'll be a short week. Go public holidays!

Has anyone had any experience with digital tuner cards? I imagine an analogue tuner card would work well enough here, but ultimately digital would be better. But being in a flat with a common antenna which has an amplifier, John reckons it may not work. I'd like to borrow his setup at some point to try it out here. Still a toss up between dvd recorder or a puta with a tuner card.

Triple episodes of Nip/Tuck tonight. One more episode left to finish off the season. It just gets worse and worse, descending into incest in the last couple of episodes. Sigh. Must not watch next season. Must not watch next season.


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I swear it felt like a Sunday all day today. Had rather a late one last night. Video night at Striker's. We watched Shaun of the Dead, which was funnier/better than I thought it would be. It's good having a baseline expectation of absolute crap, because anything better than absolute crap is a good thing. I guess it helped being a British film. Then we watched the Incredibles, which was good even in a second time round viewing. Unfortunately the data projector they have is somewhat damaged, meaning lots of red and blue pixels are permanently on. Ok for light parts, but night scenes are very difficult to see. After watching some of "Ghost Rider" we went home, and I got to bed around 3am.

The little brother proceeded to call me up at 8am. Fortunately he had the good sense to offer to call back later (as opposed to my mother who when she did this to me a couple of weeks ago just blabbed on and on even though I wasn't contributing in the slightest).

The rest of the morning was running errands. Lunch was pancakes donated by George, although they were pretty heavy.. homemade ones are betterer. Then it was doing more USA photo sorting before heading off the parents' for dinner. Dropped my VCR off for my dad to have a look at.

It's ridiculously humid. 94% according to my weather pixie. Wet, stormy, horrible basically.

It's almost tomorrow

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Completely nothing day at work today. Needed to work on some servers, but they're busy being backup servers while our tape drives are being repaired, so I don't want to touch them til next week. That and it's more boring stuff I have to work on next.
Nip/Tuck is not as good this season as the first season. First season was hilarious. This one is just debaucherous.


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I realised this morning I completely forgot to post last night I was so tired. The biggest news tonight (other than nude pics of Dave :) ) is that JC and Bren bought a house.. go guys :)

Just downloading latest sun java so I can log into my upses from home and make sure the page I got is just a false alarm.

Then it's to bed I trundle.

It's a known fact that electronic componentry doesn't work without the smoke. Once you let it out, things don't work anymore. Such is the story with my vcr. We had a couple of power outages overnight, and during one of them, presumably at the end of one when the power was restored, my vcr power supply was fried. I didn't actually see the smoke get out, but it sure stinks. Will have to get my daddy to have a look, otherwise it'll be time to invest in that dvd recorder :)

My watch also died on the weekend. Battery replaced today and all is well with the world.

Was going to clean up my puta some more tonight but feeling very unmotivated at the moment.

New drive

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80 gig drive take two.

Let's hope this one lasts a little longer.
Tomorrow I get to try and recover two weeks of files scattered over wherever I could find space.

Host1 pricing updated again. Only took all day. Blah.

Bed time. (after doing the washing up and washing my hair)


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Got the car back yesterday. $519 later. New clutch, much nicerer and don't have to fight to put it into reverse anymore.
Told Jim off. But he still invited me to lunch. Weird.
Spent all day yesterday on usa pics. Spent all tonight on same. Worried how much I still have to do and how much cleaning I have to do before the weekend, given that will probably be out tomorrow night. Leaves me a whole one night to do *everything*

Unconscious mutterings:

  1. Pistol:: smoking
  2. Rick:: shaw
  3. Full circle:: party
  4. I wish:: sigh
  5. Frame:: photo
  6. Adult:: movie
  7. Photography:: i thought that said pornography.. must have been the adult reference above
  8. Stew:: beef
  9. Cheat:: fraud
  10. Brad:: pitt

It opened

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Still alive, oh well.. :)

Now back to reality.. :)


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After not eating dinner at all last night, tonight I had about three dinners worth, plus a tonne of chocolate.

Then we played which I don't know the official name of, it's always been played as the location of when you're playing it. Tonight it was "Ethelville". I won the first game, and came a close third on the second.

I think I should eat nothing but orange juice and water for a day or two .. just to flush everything out. Definitely not eating properly at the moment.

Hoping to jump out of a plane this weekend.

And get to bed before it gets too much later.


Dunno what happened to today. Church as usual, then I blinked and now it's 10pm. I did manage to get the place *slightly* tidier, and the Christmas decorations put away. And Aladdin watched, love that movie, have been waiting for it to come out on dvd for years.

Kicking myself because I missed Close Encounters of the Third Kind on tv this afternoon, which I'm actually reading at the moment. Oh well.

Had to stop myself eating the whole punnett of raspberries. Love those things. Put the other half away for tomorrow :)

Happy New Year

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New Years Eve, 2005

14 hours, two utterly different parties.

Party one was in Potts Point, at a friend of Chris'. What he neglected to tell me was that there was to be a spectacular view of the harbour, so I didn't take my camera, for which I'm still kicking myself. Great time, great company, fantastic view of the fireworks.

We left there quite late, then walked at least half the way from Potts Point to the Gladstone hotel in Regent St before finally finding a cab to take us the rest of the way.

Party two was completely feral. Five rooms, ecclectic mix of techno music. Chris was djing from 4:30, and then we wandered home. Crashed out for a while, then got home at 8am. Even drove past a random breath test, but they didn't stop me, oh well :)

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