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Five to two

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5am. Get up, turn off servers remotely, head into to work to turn off the remaining ones, the upses, the air conditioner, and several other computers around the place run by other people (power outage all day).
6:45am. Go home again and sleep for a couple of hours.
10:00am. Spend a decent chunk of the day cleaning up my hard drive and sorting out backups. Start thinking about the year's final blog entry, then literally half an hour later see Dave has found a meme version.
3:45pm. Head into work to turn everything back on. Ghost a few machines while I have the downtime.
6:45pm. Drop in on Jim and John who are jack hammering Jim's bathroom. Admire the carnage.
7:15pm. Decide the painting we finished yesterday isn't actually finished, and that the cutting in done with the last of the first tin is a different colour to the rollering done with the second tin. Ralph decides to come back down from the central coast to fix it up.
7:30pm. See someone do a u-turn at a traffic light, think "but you can't do that", then feel rather satisfied to see a police car follow them round and pull them over.
7:30pm. Eat dinner and catch up on crap.
9:30pm. Spend the next three hours redoing the cutting in with the correct coloured paint. Decide that the first tin must have been prepared incorrectly, because the new tin matches the kitchen a lot better.
1:20am. Send detailed instructions to the boss on moving some servers, as he wasn't able to make it in today to help me with it.
1:45am. Catch up on blogs. The old fashioned way, since FeedReader lost all it's settings when I moved hard drives.
2:00am. Crash into bed.


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So in between waiting for coats of paint to dry, I installed a new hard drive, copied everything across, and reinstalled windows onto it. The amazing thing was the disk actually worked without a bios upgrade. yayy. Painting finished, rooms we did look good.

Two days

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  • Big(ish) family gathering at the parents yesterday. My uncle's new partner likes the Toohey's ad (the one with the tongue) *and* Dragonheart.. I think I like her.. hehe
  • Painting all day with Ralph today. Much was achieved, at least by him
  • Comment spam has mostly dissipated
  • Downloaded and installed FeedReader to play with reading peoples' blogs by RSS feed (JC I can't seem to find yours and Bren's? and CC I can't find one for you either..)
  • Devastation in South East Asia. When I first heard the reports they were saying only a couple of hundred of people dead, now it's up to 15000 (!!) :(
  • Finally finished categorising my USA pictures. Now I have to decide which of the 3700 photos I want to display publicly

  • Christmas Wrapped Up

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    Somewhat crazy day. Certainly busy. Lots of cooking, lots of eating.

    Headed out to the parents' church first thing. Definitely going to have to get the parents to come to my church next year. Their minister is very wishy-washy, hardly referring directly to the bible at all. And he has this thing for non-traditional Christmas songs, which are nowhere near as good as the classics.

    Raced home to finish cooking lunch. Left the pork on a bit too long (put it on before church), but it was either that or have lunch at 3pm. Aside from that, managed to coordinate everything else and had plenty of yummy veggies, scrummy meat, home-made apple sauce and perfectly crispy crackling. But after all the nibbles we ate before lunch I couldn't finish my lunch and put the leftovers in a doggy bag for later :)

    Also decided that the Christmas present idea I had is just *wrong*, on just about every level. Suggested going back to normal next year. Although I think the mother thinks she can get out of it cheaper by doing it this way, or kris kringle (how do you spell that?). *sigh*

    I was going to watch a dvd tonight, or sort out some of my videos, but a video stopped as the Hunt for Red October was starting and I couldn't seem to tear myself away from it. Love that movie. Will watch the end and crash (not much sleep last night)

    Death match

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    Had a bit of a death match after work today. We played Quake 2 which I haven't played in years.. it was a total blast from the past, remembering maps and weapons not used since Unreal came out. My weapon of choice is the rail gun. We saw a BFG in one map but couldn't remember how to get to it. I used to be much more accurate on the rail gun because it takes so long to reload. The sniper rifle in unreal is much quicker so I've gotten out of practise of shooting accurately. And there's no alternate fire in quake! It's a pity the bots are so bad in quake 2, otherwise I'd probably play it at home by myself, although there's nothing like shooting your work colleagues (even though they shoot me more than I shoot them! - I did win one map tonight though).

    Have been tracing cables and doing pretty pictures of our server room in visio in the winddown to Christmas at work. Trying to get everything organised just so we can muck it up again and play musical servers with DR rooms.

    I have right speaker problems. Both on my computer and attached to the stereo, they're behaving intermittently, and at the moment neither are working. Makes listening to strongly stereo things sound very strange.

    Have also been looking for baked vegetable recipies to try out for Christmas. Aside from my favourite potato dish, I want to try making my own apple sauce for the roast pork, and an eggplant dish.


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    Stayed up to watch the late news cause there was a chance Nina would be on it.. but she wasn't.. oh well.

    Will try to sleep in again tomorrow....


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    I cleaned my shower today. Actually "cleaned" really isn't the word for it. I'm not sure that there is a word for scraping silicone sealant off with a razor.

    The people that lived here before me had a burst pipe, but before they knew that (or perhaps after, judging by the sealant covering the new tiles), they put silicone sealant all over all the grouting, and most of the tiles as well. Which wasn't a problem when it was new, however mould started growing *inside* the silicone. This meant that I couldn't simply scrub it off. The only choice was to scrap off the stuff with a razor. Yayfullness. Needless to say this is a very time consuming occupation, so I only did part of it. *sigh*

    Also watched "Iris" on telly, but it was too disjointed and I couldn't get into it.

    And then the weekend was over.

    Where was I?

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    Never got around to posting last night. Sorry. The only thing to comment on really was that I really wish I'd taken my camera to another work lunch.. much frivolity and there would have been some classic photos.

    Today I spent half the day cleaning the flat, and the other half sorting out the lego I got the other day. Not in that order.

    Watched Carols in the Domain on telly tonight. Can't believe it's been five years since we watched them from the top of Sydney Tower at Luc and Cynthia's wedding. Was somewhat disappointed that they didn't do the Hallelujah chorus tonight. Usually the Melbourne one does that on Christmas Eve though, so will just have to content myself with the mp3 I have of it in the meantime.

    Bludge day

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    So today we had our office Christmas BBQ. Somehow I ended up organising the whole thing.. probably because I'm the only girl around while Jodi's away. blah! Tips for next year: don't forget sauces, nibblies for before lunch, more serving dishes/implements, and containers for leftovers.

    We found a very pleasant spot, although unfortunately the bbqs were a couple of hundred metres away, and being used, so we couldn't keep an eye on them to make sure noone else would come along to use them. So a couple of people went back to work and picked up a bbq to use from there. That worked really well, and we had a great spot with lots of shade, lots of space to play cricket and soccer, and lots of seating. All in all I think the afternoon went fairly well.

    Came home via the post office and picked up a couple of boxes of lego. Gonna have lots of fun building it all :) And going to try and convince the dude that sold it to me that overcharging me $46US on postage is not on.

    Just had dinner. I kinda forgot before because I wasn't hungry after such a big lunch :)

    Shoulda stood in bed

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    Hailing pixie

    I shoulda known when I got up this morning, couldn't keep my eyes open, and had to sleep for another hour that I shoulda just stayed in bed. As it was, today totally sucked ass. Too tired and grumpy to concentrate on anything properly, the boss not helping, and then finding out I'd opened my big mouth and had told someone something I shouldn't have. Not that I knew that at the time - I was under the impression that what I said was a done deal, and she should have known about it, but she hadn't been told and was upset by finding out from me. Complained to the person who should have told her in the first place. Not happy! So today was a complete writeoff.

    My weather pixie was ducking under a tonne of hail this afternoon. Even drove through a bunch of it, although fortunately it wasn't too heavy.

    Had an owners meeting for the flats tonight. Was going ok until one of the owners and her sister came in late, rather angry about a few things. I really didn't think they handled the situation very well. They were agressive and bordering on defamatory. Pretty sad really, because I would have been interested in what they had to say. As it was, the secretary said the meeting was over (it had been declared over half an hour earlier) and we were all free to go, to which I took the opportunity to watch the last episode of Survivor. Pretty funny outcome to Survivor really. Was definitely not expecting a guy to win after how strong the women's alliance had been most of the way. Even after the last tribal council I couldn't pick who'd win.

    Speaking of tv shows.. Nip Tuck is starting again next Monday! A totally ridiculous but amazingly hilarious in places show.

    Bought some raspberries tonight... *love* raspberries :):)

    Nothing to see here

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    Move along.

    Very sleepie day after very late night last night. Note to self: If must stay out til midnight on a school night, sleep in past 6:30am.

    Oh Christmas Tree

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    Christmas Tree

    Finally got around to decorating the Christmas tree tonight, after being home for about five minutes on the weekend.. partying and putting up the parents' Christmas tree among other things.

    I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many fairy lights or too much tinsel. That said, I didn't actually put all the tinsel that I have onto the tree, as I was beginning to not be able to see green :)

    The picture of tree I could use for multiple categories in "26 things" - Tree, Season, Tradition, Light, Reach.. silly really :)

    Will take a small tree to work too.

    Disaster one nearly happened at the old SNASM clan Christmas bbq thingie. They all decided to play Munchkin before lunch, which at the moment is a symbol to me of how few friends I have, and that even then ones I do have I don't get to play games with. You see they all play it often enough to know the rules and what all the cards are, but I have played it about twice in my life, and then years apart, so I just can't play. Nearly lost it, and retired to the computer room for a while to recover. Aside from that, the day was fantastic, and much food was eaten by all. I even managed to get "Lavender's Blue" right repeatedly on the keyboard, which I've been struggling with for weeks. The scary thing is, I've played some of the songs in the book so often that I'm starting to remember the pieces by feel, and can play a couple of them without the music. I guess kids can do that a lot more easily, and it truly is a case of practise makes perfect, or at least better.

    Disaster two had nothing to do with me - kaos karked it in a heap, so I have no mail at the moment :( And I hadn't downloaded my mail since the 1st of December, so if they can't get the disks back I'll have lost three days of mail - doh!!

    She's in shorts!

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    The temperature in Sydney hit 41°C at the airport today, and my weather pixie put on a new outfit. Low humidity though, so going outside at lunch was bearable. Still trying to work out the pixie algorithm. Even at 41°C, my pixie still has several outfits to go. She also sometimes wears different outfits at the same temperature. And I saw one in Vietnam where she was wearing a swimming cossie at a mere 33°C. I'm guessing relative humidity plays a role in what the pixie wears, rather than just temperature.

    Back to looking at replication software today, after procrastinating all I could. Was looking at Double Take today. Expensive, but local support, and fairly good user guides. The alternative is SureSync, which is a lot cheaper, and cheap/easy to configure additional servers, but no local support (although the email support has been fantastic), and the interface isn't quite as nice.

    Urgh 11pm and have to do a load of washing. Yayfullness.

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