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Sydney Bakes

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So today my weather pixie hit 40°C, and put on an outfit I've never seen her in before.

I knew it was going to be hot as soon as I walked out the door this morning. Fortunately the building hasn't heated up for the summer yet, and it was much cooler inside than outside, so I shut up the place to wait it out.

Six o'clock and a lovely southerly change blew through. Time to open up the house again.

Rounding out the weekend with a Jason fix and Chamber of Secrets to finish up the Harry weekend :)

Alan and Harry

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Having a rather Alan Rickman/Harry Potter weekend.. Die Hard on Thursday, Azkaban last night and Philosopher's Stone (on telly) tonight. It's amazing the difference two years makes to all the kids. The TV version of the Philosopher's Stone has a few of the extra scenes put in that I'm not used to seeing on the dvd version. They're buried in the special features, or at least some of them are. Argh they're playing scenes on telly that I'm sure aren't on the dvd at all! Have never seen some of them!

I had a go at making peppermint chocolates today. The problem with adding peppermint essence to molten chocolate is that it makes it go gluggy and you can't pour it into moulds. So I did two separate batches, putting the peppermint essence into only one, then dolloping it into half poured moulds and filling in around with the nicer chocolate, so I'll have peppermint centered chocolate at least. I mixed up all the leftovers which was just runny enough to pour into a remaining mould. Tip: work in direct sunlight on a metal sink - it keeps the chocolate warm and molten while you're fiddling about :)


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Home late, early morning, bed time, sorry..

Fare free day

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Took advantage of the fare free day on the trains today and put my car in for service and caught the train to work. Unfortunately they couldn't finish my car and I have to go back for it tomorrow grrr. Oh well, I still saved probably $5, and I get to sleep in tomorrow.

I'm actually making real progress on my database at work. The workflow and security are working properly, just need to flesh it out a bit and do the other sections. Then it'll be back to replication file servers.. yay.. :/


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There's this point at about 5pm on a Sunday afternoon where I just feel really low. Combination of feeling bored because it's really too late in the weekend to start anything new, and the thought of having to go back to work.

It's not so bad these days as it used to be when I was a student, when there was the added feeling of dread of not having done enough homework.

I think I'll just go to bed.

Spent a goodly amount of today fighting with it. Haven't done much notes programming all year, and now I'm trying to do swishy complicated things with it. Boss to the rescue!

Other than that, it's suddenly 11pm, how did that happen?

Means to an end

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So I wanted to put up fairy lights in my room this weekend.

Firstly I had to finish putting away my lego. So that I could vacuum. So that I could rearrange the boxes. So that I could move the crap in the study into the living room.

I also had to be able to get into the cupboard the lights are in. So I had to put away the washing.

And I had to do a water change in the fish tank, which really needed to be done before it got too dark.

So all weekend to get one task done.

The neighbours across the courtyard put their lights up a couple of days ago too, so if I leave my blinds open I get my own lights and theirs as well. Double bonus points :)


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James and I had fun zooming around a borrowed Scalextric set tonight. And then George and I raced on the xbox. Although I kept winning and George got more and more frustrated so she gave up. So then James and I raced and I beat him. Twice. I couldn't quite fathom that, since it's his xbox and he's had the game for ages.

Also had a bit of fun fiddling with the piano keyboard, putting in a backbeat and changing the instrument sound to a church organ. It was rather more difficult to play the practise music when I had a beat to keep up with! But it sounded a lot better as a church organ, made it actually sound like real music, not just simple little tunes on a piano.

mmm chicken

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Did a roast chicken last night for dinner. First time I've ever done a roast chicken I think. Was lovely. And plenty of leftovers :)

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow.

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