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I'm looking at at least a week and a half before I can come up for air again. Problem after problem with the new file server, and mess upon mess with the host1 pricing. Was feeling utterly miserable and overwhelmed tonight, so vodka and coke to the rescue. Taking the night off and starting again in earnest tomorrow.

"The only thing worse than creating/maintaining documentation is not creating/maintaining documentation"

Tried to match up with actual group membership with documented group membership today. It turned out to be a several hour marathon cleaning up all the mistakes made mostly by other people. But at least I got it done in the end and the main culprit is going to be away for a while so I should be able to completely redo the "system" so that mistakes will be a lot harder to make in the future. Unfortunately I can't think too much about that at this stage - have six days left to get this server ready.

And then Vic decides he wants the Host1 pricing redone by October 1. Arghh! It wouldn't be so bad, except that the directory where all the pricing forms are is full of old crap, old forms, backup forms, old scripts and just crap that I don't know if it's even active or not. So now I essentially have to completely sort through the whole site and try and figure out what's active and what can be "archived".

It's going to be a very long week :/

Damned addictive games

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After not getting to bed til 12:30 and then waking up at 6, not surprisingly I was very tired today. Actually got some stuff done today though. Decided to go ahead with my own plans in my own time. Talked to the boss today and complained about his lack of responses to my emails. Although not in the sort of tone that I've been *feeling* the past couple of days. I don't like confrontations. But at least I went through most of my checklist of what I want to talk to him about, so at least I have a definite direction for the next week or so.


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Well the boss never answered the emails I sent him yesterday, so I didn't get anything done today. I sat there wondering most of the time what I should do first. Did a couple of little things, but overall just a frustrating day. Not happy Jan!

Then found out the post office had been sitting on a package from England for a week. Yay. Thanks guys.

On a lighter note I finished the third board of my mosaic, although I'm going to run out of yellow and dark grey on the last board.

Now to hang out the washing.


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I was stunned this morning to find that our file server has over a million files on it. Was very happy that it at least managed to back itself up after yesterday's crash. Also got one of our two dead tape drives back so hopefully our mail server will back itself up tonight for the first time in a week. yay.

Very long week. Crashed out with vodka and contreau and a dvd etc.

I hate computers

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Got in early to have another go at the pdu. Found the file server had hung. It was actually still working and serving files no problems, but the backup had died halfway through and we couldn't log onto the console. I probably should have rebooted it on the spot, but instead stayed back late to do it. So was at work for over eleven hours. yay. At least I finally got the new pdu installed.

10pm and I can think of nothing but going to bed. Sad really.


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Got a thorough workout today. Am going to hurt tomorrow for sure!

Ric called me up to see if I wanted to go rollerblading, so we did for an hour or so, then we had a go on the bunjee trampolines at Fox Studios. Never done it before, it was a blast. Was thoroughly worn out though, going rollerblading beforehand didn't help! Even managed to find two "frequent flier" cards from the trampoline lying around the carpark - one of them had four on it! Only two more to go and then I can get a free jump :):)

Ric also weirded me out by saying he didn't read this blog because he thought it was too personal !? That's the strangest reaction I've ever had to this blog. You see everyone else I know in real life that knows about this blog doesn't actually bother to read it (except Yvonne), which is why it does tend to have "everything" in it. Silly really.

Anyways, a couple of glasses of wine later and I'm ready for sleepie.

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