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Man I was so wrecked today. Even though I had 7.5 hours sleep last night, the 4 hours on Saturday night hit hard today. It's always the day after the day after a late night that you suffer most.

Watched the only ten minutes I've seen this season of Big Brother to find out who won. Trevor apparently.

Have also been reading the website of this dude who's a paraplegic after the car he was a passenger in ran off the road due to excessive speed (it was on A Current Affair and they were interviewing him). Site is

And finally I've decided to go on somewhat of a health kick. Mainly cutting down on mail sizes and fatty/sugary snack foods. This of course will be as soon as I've finished all the food I have. I still have chocolate in the house from Christmas! And Easter. And some wonderful Fruit Parfaits that Dave gave me that I've been munching on :)


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Sitting at Striker's computer for this. The others have done a shop run, and with four people in the car I decided not to make it five :)

The subject of skiing came up at lunch today. Now you see before I went away I asked John if he was going skiing this year and if I could go with him. At the time he said yes. But today he said he was too exhausted to organise a trip and someone else would have to do it. This is where panic sets in, cause would leave it up to me or Jim, and we haven't discussed this at all. I have this horrible feeling that Jim will question the appropriateness of it all and won't want me to come. So now I have this scared feeling I won't get to go skiing this year after all :(:(

I saw Nina again this afternoon - she's very big now (8 months) and very cute, although seemingly not very happy. Took much effort to get any sort of smile out of her. Got some very cute movies though.

I'm also looking for someone to see I, Robot with me on Monday the 19th (won a free double pass on TripleM). Three people have already rejected me for varying reasons. I once had a similar problem getting rid of a free movie ticket. You'd never think it'd be so hard to get rid of a free movie ticket, but for me it is.

Well that was all very depressing. Hope this is not a trend. Silly because I was actually in such a good mood tonight. Maybe it was the fact that John (different John) had the music up so loud in the car on the way here that we couldn't talk. Very antisocial IMO. But anyhoo. The guys are going to be back soon, should run.

I've already put an order in to my boss - I want a better day tomorrow. After a gentle transition back to work, and a couple of big successes on Friday, today was a dismal failure. It all started outside of work, with the Greeks celebrating and causing havoc on the roads.

Got to work and sorted out the list of users to delete and disable. We do this every three months. But it seems that 95/98/macintosh users that don't actually log onto the domain when they logon, but merely log on locally then access network resources, do not have their lastLogon field set in Active Directory (or even lastLogonTimestamp). What this means is, when you check to see if an account has been used in the past three months, AD says it hasn't, yet the user will tell you otherwise. I even went and saw one to confirm it. So spent most of the rest of the day trying to find out if there's actually any way to find out whether domain accounts get used or not. As a consequence, I emailed 200 people, and a bunch of them whinged, and I'm too scared to actually disable the accounts because I'm not sure who I'll disconnect :(


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Dad and I created a whole new vocabulary while we were away.. well at least a different way of pronouncing things. One of the things was bow-ats. :) Well I went and saw John's bow-at today. It's very swishy. We didn't get to take it for a cruise though because it was so windy John was worried we'd never be able to moor it again. So we just installed an aerial and I lazed about while John cleaned the carpets. He said he'll be selling tickets for New Years on the harbour, and I think I'll be in line for one :)

I mentioned yesterday that George found my blog by entering Cory Cats .. well tonight Merv asked what a blog was, and she mentioned to the whole family at dinner that she'd found it.. could be scary if anyone goes looking for it. Some of these people I haven't told about this blog, and they may get a bit miffed if they know it's been around for a year and a half and i haven't told them. Oh well, can't be helped :)

And who put the ED toll up to $4.00 ??? What the hell is that? It cost me $7 to get to and from Mosman today. And they're talking about taking away the cash lanes altogether and just having e-tag, which is a pain considering how rarely I would use it. Might have to detour through the city next time I head out that way to avoid the $4 toll.

Much fizzling tonight, time for sleepie.

Today felt so like a Sunday it was ridiculous. I guess that's because I went to the parents' for a roast pork lunch. Badger badger badger badger.. ;)

I also started getting prices for Azkaban Harry Potter Lego. Kmart sells it at the RRP that the Lego store online sells it for. BigW is 5-10% cheaper all round, although not if Kmart or Grace Bros have a 20% off sale. So I'll just have to keep an eye on the sales. Bought two today though - the Shrieking Shack and the Knight Bus.

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